What Is The Best Real Estate Virtual Tour Software in Multifamily?

The best virtual tour software will have a combination of video tour options, multifamily-specific features, integrations, analytics and insights, and training and support.

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Best Virtual Tour Software For Real Estate

The world of real estate is changing quickly. In the past, people used to have to physically show up at an apartment community, ask for a tour, hope there was an opening on the schedule, and then decide if they want to sign a lease or not. Multifamily communities were limited by geography. Now, this is no longer the case. Today, a virtual tour software can be used to markedly increase the reach of a multifamily community. Both live and pre-recorded tours have their place in the world of virtual leasing software and it is important for property managers and leasing agents to know how to find the right software to meet their needs.

When it comes to the best virtual tour software for real estate, there are a few criteria that all real estate professionals should look for. First, the virtual tour software should allow leasing agents to do the tour themselves. The software is not going to be helpful if it requires an entire IT team and production crew to use effectively. Next, the software should also be built to showcase the features of the potential living space to help convert leads into signed leases. Today’s prospective residents want to see exactly where they may be living. Not something that looks somewhat like the unit they may be living in. In addition, the top virtual tour software options should also be Fair Housing Compliant (FHCA). Finally, virtual tour software should also help the leasing agent build a strong personal connection with each prospective resident. Residents want to see what living in the multifamily community is actually going to be like and building a relationship with the leasing/management team is a big part of that. This is the power of virtual tour software.

There has been a tremendous amount of growth during the past few years in the world of real estate software. Therefore, it is important for all property managers and leasing agents to know how to use virtual tour software effectively in the world of multifamily leasing. With this in mind, there are a few points to know when it comes to virtual tour software.

How To Make a Virtual Tour for Real Estate

One of the biggest questions that many multifamily property managers and leasing agents have when it comes to virtual tour software is, “how do I make a virtual tour for free?”

The good news is that there are a few options to choose from. When it comes to how to make a virtual tour for free, many platforms offer a free trial version of their software. This is usually a limited-functionality package that provides users with the opportunity to play around with the software before they decide whether or not they want to buy it. For example, the software should be able to make a few tours, provide editing options, and might even allow the user to publish and share the tour; however, the premium version will improve the definition, add more features, or increase storage space, add enterprise functionality, multifamily platform integrations, and much, much more.

When it comes to how to make a virtual tour for real estate, free versions will only go so far. There is a lot of competition in the world of multifamily communities so it is important for all owners and managers to put their best foot forward. This means coming up with the best virtual tour software options available. The reality is that paying for a virtual leasing software package is going to lead to better results. Therefore, once leasing agents find virtual tour software that works for them, it is time to invest in the whole package. This is one of the ways that multifamily communities can maintain an edge on the competition.

Real Estate Virtual Tour Software

When it comes to real estate virtual tour software, there are a lot of common misconceptions that people have.

First, 360 virtual tour software free download is not the same as a live tour. Using just a 360 camera for real estate is better for top of funnel marketing purposes. 360 technology has come a long way and this has had a major impact on the video game industry. Now, some people are bringing this to the world of real estate. This is a great way to get people interested in the community; however, when someone is thinking about signing a lease, the prospective resident will want to see the actual unit they are interested in versus a 360-degree representation of their model unit.

This is where real estate virtual tour software is critical. It is important to find virtual tour software that can actually be used to provide a tour of the physical location. In some cases, a pre-recorded video tour is all that’s needed. In other cases, a live virtual tour might be better. Regardless, an actual tour of the specific unit is what is going to get leases signed. 360 tour options are useful at the beginning of the process where personalized virtual tours help seal the deal.

The Best Virtual Tour Software for Real Estate 2020

There are many property managers and leasing agents who are looking for the best virtual tour software for real estate 2020. While there are some similarities to the best virtual tour software 2019, technology improves every year. There are numerous virtual tour solutions and it is important for leasing agents to find the right virtual tour software option to meet their needs.

Therefore, there are a few factors that leasing agents need to consider as they look for the best virtual tour software for their multifamily communities. While the price is going to play a factor, most virtual tour software platforms will offer a demo or some sort of limited trial before they ask the user to make a purchase. Figure out what your team’s virtual leasing needs are and try a few things out. Play around with creating pre-recorded videos on your own. Take a look at the quality your team can produce and then the quality that they could potentially get with a high-quality virtual tour creator. See if the virtual leasing software will work on multiple platforms including mobile devices, tablets, and computers. Does it offer the integrations needed to integrate into your systems and processes? Analyze the features to see how the videos and tours show your space. Is there an option to export the videos to social media or the website? Does the software require an IT professional or is it too complex for your team? These are a few of the considerations when it comes to finding the best virtual leasing software for real estate 2020.

Best Virtual Tour App

One of the major considerations when it comes to virtual tour software for real estate is the presence of an app. Now, it is possible for leasing agents to figure out how to make a virtual tour with iPhone free. The ability to put together a virtual tour with a smartphone makes the process much easier and affordable. The best virtual tour app for Android should allow the user to simply point the camera phone and shoot. While there are plenty of virtual tour apps from which to choose, the best virtual tour app should also allow the user to edit the video right there on the phone. This is one of the reasons why it is important to play with the virtual tour app Android before making a decision.

This is one of the ways that Realync sets itself apart. With Realync, the only thing that is needed is the Realync app and a smartphone or tablet. Leasing agents can simply point the camera and put together a pre-recorded tour or host a live video tour for prospective residents using what is always in their purse or pocket. This type of virtual leasing solution provides users with an unparalleled amount of both versatility and flexibility when it comes to real estate tours. This can help leasing agents increase their conversion rates, boost their occupancy rates, and get leases signed.

Virtual Tour Editor

It is also important to explore options when it comes to free virtual tour hosting. One of the most important factors to consider during this process is the virtual tour editor. Virtual tours are great; however, for those who are shooting pre-recorded tours that will go up on the website, it is important to make them look as good as possible. This is where editing and hosting is key. While 360 software will provide some editing capabilities, only using a 360-degree click-through technology is typically reserved for the start of the leasing process.

With this in mind, there are a few ways that video editing can be helpful. Using a virtual leasing solution, editing real estate tour videos can be done to cut out transit time throughout the building, add captions, add custom branding, music or a voice-over, and more to the video. The goal of every virtual tour is to present the multifamily community in the best light possible to all prospective residents. The right virtual tour software should provide a host of editing options to do just that.

Real Estate Virtual Tour Pricing

Finally, it is time to consider real estate virtual tour pricing. The good news is that most virtual tour video prices can be tailored to meet the needs of the leasing agent. For example, some people might only need a portion of the package while some people might want the entire thing, including an automatic virtual tour. This means that virtual tours in the world of real estate and multifamily communities can be tailored to meet the needs of the agent.

This is another area where live virtual tour options simply separate themselves from other options on the market, such as 3D virtual tours real estate. 3D technology is new, advanced, and expensive. As a result, using only 3D tours might actually cost more than live virtual tours in real estate even though actual virtual tours are more effective at getting leases signed. Therefore, leasing agents and property managers should take the time to check out a few options and see which virtual tour software provides the best value. Virtual tours in the world of real estate have come a long way and can help multifamily communities cast a wider net and boost their occupancy rates.

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