Receive Real-Time Analytics on All Video Experiences.

Gain clear visibility into your teams’ video usage, engagement, and insights derived from Realync’s Analytics Suite.

Easily Measure Video Effectiveness and Discover Trends

At both the corporate and property level, measuring your team’s effectiveness is often limited to very basic data, especially when using a platform that isn’t built for multifamily. This leads to a lack of visibility into what truly closes leases and retains residents. In one centralized location, corporate teams gain insight into all video content and engagement. See and approve video content, review leasing team performance and collect prospect and resident sentiment, all from one dashboard.

Drive Better Business Outcomes Backed by Data

You can make informed decisions about which video experiences are resonating with your current and prospective residents. With Realync’s real-time notifications, you gain insight into which videos your prospects view, when they view them, and how often. This way, you can follow-up with the right people at the right time and make smarter marketing decisions based on which video experiences are resonating with your target market.

Analyze Resident Sentiment and Feedback

By leveraging video in email, you can increase resident engagement by 300%! There’s always more to be done with maintenance requests, property updates, and keeping residents happy—video will help support you in providing the best resident experience while streamlining your operations. Easily stay on top of video usage and effectiveness with analytics.

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