What Is The Best Virtual Tour Software in Multifamily?

The best virtual tour software will have a combination of virtual tour options, multifamily-specific features, integrations, analytics and insights, and training and support.

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Best Virtual Tour Software

A virtual tour for real estate can mean various things these days. From providing a full 3D video or click-through experience for prospective renters and buyers, to simply being a video shot on an iPhone, these real estate virtual tours allow consumers to tour a property remotely.

Virtual tours and drone tours have been available for several years and revolutionized the real estate industry by giving clients a way to show and see properties of interest. Many tours are a sequence of still shots and/or video clips with wayfinding and highlight captions. Despite all of the benefits of today’s virtual touring technology, there continues to be something missing from the end product.

What’s missing? Transparency! New technology has made it possible for real estate professionals to walk through a property using nothing more than their smartphones to perform live video tours. Why is live important? You can’t photoshop a live video and nothing is more transparent than that. That’s why Realync was not only the best virtual software tour 2018 had to offer — it’s maintained that position as one of the top names in multifamily video touring technology.

Realync is the only Fair Housing compliant all-in-one virtual leasing solution that allows multifamily professionals to make and edit videos on their own while also connecting live with prospective residents. This cloud-based leasing and resident engagement platform lets leasing agents and property management teams easily share recorded videos and create new ones with ease from their iPhone or iPad. Plus, Realync has added 360 video and 360 click-through tours to it’s suite of touring options. Those are just some of the reasons it’s the best virtual tour software of 2019 now as well.

In today’s digital age, it’s important to provide as many options for busy clients as possible. Give people the opportunity to view your apartment community without being there. Virtual tour software does just that. It doesn’t matter if your client is an overseas investor taking the tour from a boardroom or a family across the country crowded around an iPad to view their potential dream home. With Realync, they’ll be transported into each room you walk through.

For property managers and leasing agents, the best virtual tour software has tons of features to bring something extra to the showing. When looking for a tool to highlight your property, look for one that lets you effortlessly edit clips by adding captions, voiceovers, and other features that create a customized experience for each viewer. Using Realync, you can share your videos via the cloud with the click of a button and send videos through social media, via text, or email.

Live Tour Software

With the power of today’s mobile technology, it’s now possible to get great video clips from your iPhone or iPad. Gone are the days when you need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a digital camera or video recorder. You don’t need additional equipment to perform a live video tour of your multifamily or other real estate property.

In fact, a polished, overly produced video may actually turn off Millennial and Gen Z prospective renters that crave authenticity. The new future is “real” — live, lo-fi video with minor flaws and background noises provide a personalized touch and instill a certain trust factor. Realync live tour virtual tour technology combines video tours and 3D/360 tours—providing plenty of options for prospective renters.. Prospective residents want to know if the property is right for them. Giving them a true taste of where they’ll live results in fast affirmatives to a leasing contract. In fact, many people sign up for an apartment without even seeing it in person after a Realync tour.

For multifamily professionals, virtual tours are one of the quickest ways to show a property, even if your clients are under a time constraint. Remote clients need more to go on than marketing photos that lack the ability to get a true feel for an apartment complex’s amenities and the space they may decide to live in. Even if a client is stuck in traffic or your schedule runs tight, you can fit in a Realync showing or send a video playlist of the available one-bedroom units. Imagine the possibilities.

Realync software isn’t another gimmick. Find out what a difference it makes to host a live tour of an apartment and other multifamily assets. Deliver an authentic experience that speaks to the modern generation.

How To Make A Virtual Tour With Your iPhone

Use Realync’s virtual tour camera app to turn your iPhone or iPad into a true leasing production tool. When you download Realync’s video toolkit, you get detailed instructions on how to create a virtual tour for free.

In the toolkit, you learn more than how to use the product to your advantage. Beginning at the entryway, just like on a real tour, you walk through each room of the property. When you shoot the video, move your camera naturally, just the way you would scan a space on entering a unit for the first time. Pan the camera methodically for an authentic experience that doesn’t just show the major features. People want to know what it feels like to live there.

Besides detailed instructions on how to make a virtual tour with iphone, Realync also has add-on devices to improve the quality of your audio and video.

A battery-operated anti-shake gimbal for your smartphone upgrades your videos from upset stomach shakiness to wow-factor viewing to signed lease. It smoothes out jerky motions and gives recordings that drone-like floating look and feel so that clients can view the property clearly.

A clip-on wide-angle lens lets you capture more space in each shot. Our wide-angle lens will help better portray the actual dimensions of the space and minimize the overall amount of panning that it takes to capture it.
Capturing audio in your multifamily video or live video tour? Use a multi-directional microphone to focus the audio on your conversation with clients. It eliminates wind noise and those ambient noises that impact communication and guarantees a clearer message.

Virtual Tour Camera

The savviest leasing agents utilize video tours and 3D or 360 virtual tours to showcase a property. However, making these tours individual is cost-prohibitive. First, you would have to purchase special lenses to capture panoramic views and purchase different software. That means budgeting for tripods and other accessories as well as the care and maintenance of sensitive equipment. It might also mean hiring someone to operate the equipment, scheduling time to meet and doing several takes to produce a professional video.

With Realync, none of that is necessary. Want to sow 360 virtual tours for all of your high-end properties? Realync equips your team with 360 virtual tours alongside unit-level video tours. Learn how to make a 360 virtual tour quickly and easily with Realync—turn your phone into the best 360 camera for real estate virtual tours.

It can be effective to add a 360 degree or wide-angle lens to your smartphone to create a professional-looking shot and it doesn’t cost as much as it would to hire that work out. What Realync adds and what leasing professionals have found is that no amount of editing and fancy photography will increase conversion. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Keeping things real, raw and transparent wins. By using Realync to conduct a live, personalized tour for a prospect, you add the missing authenticity component. You’re also talking to a person and answering their questions in real-time, which provides invaluable insight should they revisit the tour again and again and share it with friends.

Give your clients a unique experience that also allows them to be part of the final product. Realync has the technology and philosophy to help you turn your phone into the best 360 camera for real estate in 2019 and beyond.

Free Virtual Tour Hosting

You can get a free virtual tour app, such as Paneek or Lapentor, but the features included are very limited. There’s also a very true saying that states you get what you pay for. Open source virtual tour software that offers free virtual tour hosting is a great example of the phenomenon.

With Realync, you get a licensed and maintained product with robust customer service. It’s fine to start out with free and open-source virtual tour software. It gives you an idea of what’s available out there and can even help you practice making your first videos. This will help you appreciate what Realync has to offer all the more.

Realync hosts your videos, tracks how many times clients view and share them, and provides intuitive tools to let you manage, edit and share your recorded live tours. By providing free virtual tour hosting, Realync gives you the means to build a library of leasing properties to show potential residents or prospective owner/manager clients.

Utilizing virtual tour software for free may sound enticing at first, but Realync gives you the functionality you need to get people excited about your properties.

And the big differentiator? Realync can provide onsite training for every single multifamily property that rolls out their platform.

VR Tour

A virtual tour is a digital re-creation of a physical location. You can create a VR tour by using several videos and still shots pieced together. These productions are cool and admittedly impressive, but they can take a long time to put together and may also become expensive if you have to hire someone to do the shooting and editing.

At the end of the day, after the initial surprise wears off, VR tours are just another sleek marketing tool that every other apartment complex is using to attract residents. Since you can’t really do a VR live tour, it lacks the personal touch that every leasing agent strives to provide to connect with their clients.

Realync provides the best of both worlds. Since you record the video from your phone, you can make comments and carry on a conversation with your clients at the same time. No matter how professional a list or video is, it lacks the one thing that you bring to the table — the knowledge and expertise to connect properties and renters that were meant to be together. Give your clients real life, not a Photoshopped promotion that doesn’t take their specific needs into account.

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