Why a Virtual Tour App Closes Leases Quicker

Prospects today want to see your community quickly and hear more about the deeper meaning of what makes your property special. Leasing teams can act fast and do this through virtual tours. Prospects demands are evolving–you need to keep up!

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Virtual Tour App

When managing a multifamily property, it may feel like technology is evolving every day. While that can improve marketing results and occupancy rates, the rate at which technology changes can also be hard to stay on top of. What might have been advanced a few years ago may now be seen as outdated. This is exactly what happened to the idea of touring an apartment using a virtual tour app.

A virtual tour app allows people the ability to tour a new property virtually. There are many types of virtual tours in multifamily like CGI virtual tours. VR technology is even gaining popularity in other marketers. Who’s to say virtual reality won’t make its way into multifamily for good? While a virtual reality device is unique, prospective renters still need a good look at their actual apartment unit.

Did you know Realync launched its Real360 Virtual Tour Suite? It combines 360 videos and 360 click-through tour technology. It gives prospective renters a real look at the apartment. It give you a chance to set the right expectations during the apartment hunt for prospective renters. After all, renters don’t want to move in and realize their home looks nothing like what was shown!

There are alternatives on the market alongside Realync. But keep in mind our tool gives multifamily communities the opportunity to provide a remote touring option like no other. Plus, Realync allows people to host either a live or a pre-recorded video tour that is going to show people what it’s really like to live in your multifamily community. In addition to providing both live and pre-recorded options, these virtual tours are going to feel much less photoshopped, staged, and CGI than other virtual tour software using Realync. In the end, what residents want is to see what it is truly going to be like living in a multifamily property.

For this reason, it is important for multifamily property and leasing managers to think carefully about how they want to showcase everything their building has to offer. First impressions matter and it is critical for multifamily properties to place their best foot forward by providing everyone who is interested in renting a unit with the best experience possible. This is going to translate into higher conversion rates and a higher occupancy rate.

How To Create a Virtual Tour

One of the best ways to show a unit to a prospective renter is with an in-person tour; however, this isn’t always possible.

People might be looking at an apartment community from across the country or they might be in a hurry to lease an apartment and might not be able to get there, physically. In this situation, it is important for everyone to know how to make a virtual tour, including how to make a virtual tour with an iPhone. When it comes to making a virtual tour, there are a few important points to keep in mind.

First, all-in-one virtual tours are often going to require someone to look for a virtual tour photographer near me. Then, consider how the units are going to be brought to life using this virtual tour. The proportions need to be right, the creativity needs to be there, and it will be important to highlight aspects that a prospective resident might be interested in. Then, try to use the virtual tour to show some of the community amenities as well.

At the same time, there are some other options as well. For example, there are virtual reality options as well as 360 tours. With Realync, the only hardware someone is going to need to create a virtual tour is a smartphone or device. This type of versatility and simplicity is simply unrivaled. When it comes to saving money while increasing occupancy rates, there really isn’t any other comparison. Because everything can be done with an iOS device, multifamily buildings are not going to have to spend money consulting professionals or buying expensive equipment. People can also save time without having to worry about learning new, complicated software programs or editing apps.

Virtual Tour Software

In the world of virtual tour software, there used to be a number of different requirements that were needed to ensure this virtual tour creator was used to the best of its ability.

For example, virtual tour software offline would require expensive 3D cameras, a tremendous amount of editing time, challenges involved in scheduling a time to create the tour, and the specialists who would be needed to bring virtual reality tours to life. As a result, multifamily buildings would end up spending a tremendous amount of money on these virtual tours before a single prospective resident ever saw it. All of this work would simply provide someone with a virtual representation of what it would potentially be like to live in that unit. Now, there is a better option than virtual tour.

Thanks to Realync, it is far easier for apartment communities to provide a 1:1 real, authentic view of what it is going to be like to live inside an actual unit. Plus, Realync provides 360 click-through tours to give prospective renters more options to tour their exact unit and property. Using either live tours, pre-recorded videos, or 360 video, Realync has a number of key features that set it apart from other options.

First, people can film or provide a tour through Realync with nothing but an iPhone, iTouch or iPad. This means that people will not have to worry about downloading any special software or working with expensive specialists that might be required to make older software more functional. Next, Realync is also far easier to use. With less equipment and better software, Realync is a far more intuitive option for people who are looking to provide someone with a representative view of what it might be like to live in a multifamily community. It shows someone the concrete, physical, functional living space of the specific unit and property. This is what sets Realync apart from the other options on the market today.

Best Virtual Tour Software 2020

When someone is looking to purchase touring software in the modern era, there are lots of options from which to choose. This can make it hard for someone to settle on the best virtual tour software 2020. First, they need to look for software that is easy to use. If a software program claims it can do everything at once but someone can’t use it, this is not going to help someone create a virtual tour. Next, people who are looking for the best virtual tour software 2020 also need to look for a solution that is scalable to the needs of the building. Some software programs specialize in only a narrow set of tasks; however, software programs need to be versatile. Finally, these software programs also need to have a strong customer support department that can answer people’s questions.

This is ultimately where Realync sets itself apart. The true value of these software programs lies not in the coding of the software but the people who power it. Realync is always there to help property managers and leasing agents in any way they can. This type of compassion is rare in this industry. When someone invests in software to power such an important function, such as video tours for the function of leasing, it is important to make sure the people who are behind the software program are a match of the needs of the company.

Free Virtual Tour App

Of course, multifamily buildings are always looking for ways to save money. For this reason, it might be tempting to turn to a free virtual tour app or an option that provides free virtual tour hosting. It is important for everyone to remember that nothing is ever truly free. There is always a price, even when it comes to using open-source virtual tour software.

It might be a good idea to start with something that is free. The Google VR tour creator provides someone with a great way to learn about what their needs truly are; however, the quality of the software is going to matter in the end. There are different options available but a licensed software package is simply going to provide a multifamily unit with more functionality and a wider array of tools that can be used to tailor the tour to meet the needs of the prospective resident. If the ultimate goal is to find more residents and attract high-quality individuals and families, then it is important to invest in advanced tour software that is going to meet or exceed their expectations.

360 Tour

360-degree technology is another great type of virtual tour. It’s why we added a 360 feature to the Realync platform making our tool the first-of-its-kid 360 video suite. 360 virtual tour software is still important for multifamily teams to leverage in today’s day and age. It sounds shiny to invest in a 360-degree virtual tour; however, it’s not when you pair it with video. That’s the beauty of partnering with an all-in-one virtual tour solution like Realync.

A 360 tour creator can show people everything they need to see in an apartment. Prospective renters can click through the property while stopping to watch more in-depth video tours. With 360 virtual tour hosting, individuals have the power to tour on their own time. At the end of the day, you want to give prospective renters an authentic touring experience whenever, wherever via multiple touring options. With Realync, it is easy to create those virtual tours that show people your beautiful space.

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