Close More Site-Unseen Leases

Accelerate Leasing

Speed up lease-up

by providing construction updates and showcase your space without having to do hard hat tours.

Pre-lease occupied units

by ‘showing’ them without having to physically tour the space by sending pre-recorded videos.

Convert a higher percentage of your leads into leases

when you receive notifications when prospects are viewing videos to cater your follow up.

Spend less time to close each lease

by removing roadblocks and barriers in the leasing process.

Increase sight-unseen leasing

by making it a breeze for out-of-market leads to choose your community.

Improve Community Engagement

Promote your programs better

via pre-recorded videos by linking via social media or internal apps

Decrease maintenance key-ins and requests

by creating maintenance videos

Reinforce community rules

by receiving notifications when residents are viewing videos to know who has seen a message and who hasn’t

Reduce repetitive questions

because consumers retain 10% of a message when reading it via text, but 90% of a message when viewed in a video

Improve Community Engagement

Promote your programs better

via pre-recorded videos by linking via social media or internal apps

Decrease maintenance key-ins and requests

by creating maintenance videos

Reinforce community rules

by receiving notifications when residents are viewing videos to know who has seen a message and who hasn’t

Reduce repetitive questions

because consumers retain 10% of a message when reading it via text, but 90% of a message when viewed in a video

More Than Software

On-site training

for every property Realync is implemented at

Stop the ad hoc video efforts

going on at properties with one set, standardized process and platform

Track usage, engagement, content

being created, and more from the corporate level

Work with the Realync team

to create the training program to be rolled out across all properties

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360 Virtual Tour Software

Today, when it comes to securing leases, it is important to leverage the latest technological tools on the market. This includes taking advantage of virtual touring and virtual leasing software opportunities. When multifamily living communities broaden their target audience and reach more prospective and potential residents, they are able to increase and maintain occupancy rates. In the past, prospects would almost always ask to take a physical tour of the community before they signed a lease; however, given the rapid pace of technological advancement, it is now possible to take a virtual tour of a multifamily community and make a decision — sight unseen. With this shift, 360 virtual tour software has become increasingly popular.

A 360 tour creator is a software program that is able to provide a virtual representation of what life might be like to live in a certain community. A 360 virtual tour usually leverages a model unit, leveraged by the software program, allowing prospective residents to see what a vacant unit might look like. When it comes to the utilization of 360 virtual tours, this software program is great for producing pillar videos to leverage on a website, raising interest for the multifamily living community. After raising top-of-the-funnel awareness, these videos are also often quite successful in convincing potential residents to inquire further about the community.

On the other hand, 360 virtual tours rarely convince a prospective resident alone to sign a lease. While helpful for top-of-the funnel, 360 virtual tour doesn’t provide a prospect with what the actual unit looks like. Therefore, most prospective residents are going to be hesitant to sign a lease without seeing the actual unit for which they are signing. For converting leases, it is better to leverage a live virtual tour program instead of a 360 virtual tour. While a 360 virtual tour can move people down the sales funnel, it is most successful at the top of the sales funnel.

3D Virtual Tour

Similar to a 360 virtual tour, a 3D virtual tour is also a popular software option right now.

With options such as a Google virtual tour, there are lots of multifamily communities that are leveraging 3D virtual tour software programs to help them show countless prospective residents what some of the vacant units look like. With advanced technology, it is possible to take model units, superimpose them in the 360 virtual tour software program, and create videos that can raise interest to further explore a multifamily community.

However, 3D virtual tour software will have some of the same limitations as 360 virtual tour software. While both are great programs for designing videos that can provide the website with videos to draw in more leads, 3D virtual tours are better at the top of the sales funnel. When a leasing agent focuses on converting a signed lease, 3D virtual tours are not sufficient as 3D virtual tours do not provide the raw, transparent connection that is needed to convince someone to sign on the dotted line. Therefore, it is critical for leasing agents and property managers to think about other options they can use to finally convince someone to sign their lease.

The future is now and with our captions and translations, you can reach out to any audience, anywhere in the world. Every experience you create is saved to the cloud instantly so you can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you’ll always have access to the materials you require.

How To Make A Virtual Tour For Real Estate

For property managers and leasing agents who are wondering how to make a virtual tour for real estate, the answer is going to depend on the software program.

For example, some leasing agents might be wondering how to make a virtual tour with iPhone. The good news is that some virtual touring software programs, such as Realync, allow leasing agents to make a tour with nothing except an iPhone or tablet and app. It is as easy as pointing the camera and recording the video. At the same time, when it comes to how to make a 360 virtual tour free or how to make a live video, it is important to keep a few techniques in mind.

First, make sure the lighting is right. Do a dry run through the room and think about how each shot is going to look given the current lighting. If necessary, open a few windows to show off the view and let a little bit more natural light in. Then, make sure to turn the ceiling fans on low. This is going to give the illusion of motion, making the room feel bigger. Finally, when shooting the video, be sure that the speech matches what is actually being shown on the screen. Remember that the viewer will not have seen the unit before, so they need to know what is being discussed on the screen.

The real estate industry was once reliant on photos and stale, overpriced videos. In a climate where the buyer is going to make a more educated decision than ever before, Realync provides the tools necessary to create the authentic experience today’s market is looking for.

Virtual Tour Apps

When looking for virtual leasing and virtual touring software, it is important to think about virtual tour apps. There are numerous virtual tour apps for Android and virtual tour apps for iPhone that can make it significantly easier to make a video for a multifamily community. When looking at virtual tour apps for real estate, it is a good idea to find apps that allow leasing agents and property managers to edit the video right from within the app. Then, the video can be exported in an email, posted to the website, or even shared on social media accounts. Even though many property teams look for virtual tour apps free, these apps are never going to compare to the well-designed, premium apps and will always leave the community lagging behind the competition. Instead, invest in an app that has been designed specifically for virtual leasing in real estate.

Virtual Tour Creator

When it comes to videos in the real estate industry, virtual tour creator software has improved greatly. Now, there are virtual tour creator app options that allow leasing agents to shoot a video with nothing but an iPhone. At the same time, there are lots of virtual tour creator options, so property managers need to find the right one for their communities. When looking for a virtual tour creator for real estate, it is true that there are virtual tour creator free and virtual tour creator online choices.

While these free options are good for letting people get their feet wet, these free options are always going to provide watered-down features that are not going to be able to provide someone with the true virtual tour creator software experience. Instead, it is better to invest in a premium option. These advanced software programs have been tailored to make amazing videos that are going to provide property managers with the personal connections they need to increase their occupancy rates and boost their conversion rates.

Virtual Tour Real Estate

In the end, virtual tour real estate is a great way for multifamily communities to broaden their reach and expand their target reach. With the right virtual tour software, leasing agents can develop strong, transparent, real connections with potential residents, allowing them to increase their conversion rates and sign more leases.

At the same time, it is also important to think carefully about which property virtual tour software option to choose. While 360 virtual tour software can be effective up to a certain point, it is not going to work well at the bottom of the sales funnel when those personal connections are important for completing the conversion. On the other hand, leasing agents do not necessarily require advanced virtual tour equipment and software to develop those connections. There are software programs available today that allow property managers to shoot and edit amazing, high-quality videos right from their smartphone camera. Then, this video can be conducted live with a prospective resident or shared as a pre-recorded tour. In order to compete effectively today, multifamily communities have to be able to leverage this technology to reach as many prospective residents as possible.