How 360 Virtual Tour Software Compares to Video Tour Experiences

360 virtual tour software showcase a space’s depth and is made by piecing together multiple panoramic photos of a space. A video tour experience is an authentic look into the entire space via video. Video experiences continue to grow in multifamily as prospective renters demand touring options.

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360 Virtual Tour Company

It may be time to think about other ways to enhance the touring experience for prospective residents. If you are looking for a way to maximize your occupancy rate, develop a strong multifamily community, and connect with your prospective residents, it’s good to re-evaluate the touring experience every so often. There will likely always be a place for in-person touring, but many renters are interested in touring virtually in addition. A 360 virtual tour is just one option, but what is it and how can this be helpful?

A 360 virtual tour is designed to give prospective residents a complete, 360-degree view of what a potential unit in a specific multifamily community may look like. When this tour has been finished, it may look like a virtual reality video game, as there are going to be powerful CGI graphics that are involved in creating a virtual rendering of a potential open unit.

Multifamily communities have already found that 360 virtual tours can be successful on the front page of a website as they may get prospects interested in learning more about what they have to offer. These virtual tours tend to work well at the top of the sales funnel, but they are not guaranteed to be the best tools for getting someone to sign on the dotted line. When someone is deciding to sign a lease, they usually want to see what the actual unit they are going to be moving into will look like.

360 Virtual Tour Website

It is common to start with a 360 panorama viewer online for free, as this is a great way to explore everything that a 360 virtual tour website might have to offer. You can play with the virtual renderings, the power of the graphics, the length of the video, and the layout of the graphics. Then, you can use a 360 virtual tour to set up your 360 websites.

If you would like to place a 360 virtual tour on your website, then you need to learn more about how to make a 360 virtual tour for free.

If you are using a 360 virtual tour as one of the pillar pages of your website, you may want to have multiple options available for people to look at. For example, you may have studio, one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom apartments at your community. It is helpful to have a separate 360 virtual tour for each floor plan type. That way, people can understand the difference between each individual unit type.

Depending on where these apartments are located in your building, they may be laid out differently. This is the biggest reason why most people will want to see an actual unit before they decide to move in. Providing virtual tours in addition will help move leads down the sales funnel, even if you don’t have the apartment available to show at the moment. By showcasing your property ins a way that meets the prospects’ wants and needs, they are bound to ask additional questions. So it’s imperative for leasing teams to be equipped to personalize the touring experience to that prospect for when that time comes.

360 Virtual Tour Real Estate

In the real estate industry, virtual tours have been growing rapidly. Now, there are numerous Matterport competitors, driving up the value of a 360 virtual tour solution.

Similar to 3D virtual tours, a 360 virtual tour can be used in a variety of situations. In addition to being popular among multifamily communities, luxury home 360 virtual tours are becoming popular.

Sometimes, people are looking to learn more about a potential luxury home that is on the other side of the country. They may not be able to fly out there and take a look at the luxury home in person. Or, they might be looking to learn more about the home before they decide to make the investment to fly across the country. This is another area where a 360 virtual tour can be helpful. A 360 virtual tour can help someone increase their potential catchment area, getting more people interested in a potential property.

After someone takes a closer look at a 360 virtual tour, they may want to learn more about the property. That is where a virtual leasing solution (either live or pre-recorded) can be helpful. Virtual leasing software can help assist leasing teams to answer those specific questions a prospect may have. Ultimately, that one-on-one time a leasing professional spends with a prospect, assisted through a virtual tour solution, can help seal the deal every time.

Virtual Tour Provider

When selecting a virtual tour provider, make sure that your solution can solve for all needs at the top, middle, AND bottom of the sales funnel. A 3D virtual tour is likely not the best option if you are already at the bottom of the sales funnel. A complete solution will offer a 3D or 360 virtual tour, the ability to share pre-recorded content, and a live feature so that your prospect can get a robust leasing experience that meets their housing needs. A 360 virtual tour may get someone interested, but probably won’t be enough for the prospect to sign the lease.

For example, you may start with a 3D or 360 virtual tour on your website but will want to supplement the conversation with a pre-recorded tour of the actual unit available to send to the prospective resident. The option for a live virtual tour takes it a step further and allows your renter to ask questions as you show them various aspects of the unit. Keep in mind that the other person may be seeing the unit for the first time. Therefore, you want to move slowly when you are giving a virtual tour. Give the other person time to take in the entire unit. That way, they have time to envision themselves living there!

3D Virtual Tour

You may have also heard about a 3D virtual tour. During your virtual tour search, you may have noticed that 3D virtual tour software from professional virtual tour companies can be expensive. Fortunately, there are ways you can make this process easier. Even though there are free 3D virtual tour options, you might be able to use this with other types of virtual tour solutions as well.

A 3D virtual tour sounds fancy. It does a great job sitting on your website and getting people to call your property manager or leasing agent to learn more. After someone has already seen a 3D virtual tour, they will probably be interested in seeing a live tour as well. That is where an engaging, real, and transparent virtual tour can be helpful. If you really want to maximize your occupancy rate, then you need to take advantage of live virtual tours. This will delight prospective residents and help them decide if they’ve found the right place. The right virtual tour software will also give you valuable insights and reporting.

Matterport Alternative

If you are looking for ways to conduct an effective virtual tour, you may have heard about Matterport. Even though this is one of the biggest names in the industry, there are other options available. You should compare the benefits and drawbacks of each individual option before you make a decision. That way, you can find the best one to meet your individual needs. For example, you may be familiar with Google Street View. A lot of people envision this when they are discussing a virtual tour. Even though taking advantage of a street view camera can be impressive, there are better ways to improve your virtual tours. There are advanced programs such as Kuula that can walk you through the process from start to finish.

Ultimately, if you are looking for a way to seal the deal, then you should take advantage of Realync. Realync and Real360 make it easy to produce a 360 virtual tour, pre-recorded content for specific apartments that can be shared repeatedly, and host live virtual tours. Our complete virtual touring suite offers prospective residents a raw and transparent look at what their actual unit may look like, even if they can’t tour it in person!

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