Consolidate Your Everyday To-Dos with Realync Pre-Recorded Videos.

Communicate with current and prospective residents through authentic, personalized pre-recorded video experiences.

Customize Videos to Your Prospective Residents’ Precise Needs

The leasing landscape has never been more competitive. Use pre-recorded videos as a way to cut through the noise and communicate with your prospective residents in the way they want to connect. Personalize your videos with captions, voiceovers, music, accessibility features, call-to-actions and more, to create a memorable experience tailored to each prospective resident.

Capture Residents’ Attention and Empower Residents to Resolve Simple Tasks Themselves

Your residents receive countless emails every day from people and companies trying to get a slice of their time. Use video to grab their attention to promote community events or provide updates needed for them to have an exceptional resident experience. Your maintenance staff is pulled in a million directions—save time and energy by decreasing the number of work orders submitted by as much as 50% for recurring issues by using Realync Pre-Recorded Videos to educate and empower your residents.

Use Pre-Recorded Videos as a Follow-Up Tool after In-Person or Video Tours

Connect with prospects before and after tours by sending catered videos as a sneak peek and/or follow-up. You can engage with prospects when your property is top of mind and, in turn, streamline the efficiency of their search process before, during, and after tour time. Personalized responses that greet a prospect by name and recall specific details of your conversation(s) will help you and your property stand out in even a crowded marketplace.

Realync Journeys: Bring Your Community to Life with Guided Video Tours Hosted on Your Website

In the fast-paced world of multifamily leasing, time and energy are more valuable than ever. Host a customizable journey of pre-recorded videos available 24/7 to website visitors that will increase average time on site for website visitors, website click-through rates, quality of leads, and lead conversion.

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