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How Realync Helped a Leasing Associate Score Four Leases in Just One Week

“Realync has shown us what we've been missing all along! With The Vue in need of immediate leasing momentum, the platform's exceptional capacity to engage both potential and current residents has been truly remarkable."

Heather Sapp

Senior Regional Manager, JVM Realty

The Trailer

Following up with prospective renters is no easy task. It involves remembering key details about the prospect, personalizing the email, and promoting your property, all within a single message.

So how can you make your email stand out among the flood of messages filling your prospect’s inbox? Leigh Lyman–a Leasing and Marketing Associate with JVM Realty–has the answer.

Leigh used Realync videos in her email follow-ups to stand out from competitors, engage prospects at the right time, and close leases quickly.

Keep reading to learn about Leigh’s innovative email approach, which secured four leases in one week, and how you can replicate similar efforts at your property.

The Challenge

Leigh believes there’s so much to love about living at The Vue, from its spacious apartment homes to its resort-living ambiance.

However, Leigh faced an issue when she couldn’t showcase her beautiful property in person to prospective renters due to location and schedules. On top of that, she couldn’t get responses to her emails.

That’s when Leigh’s corporate team began searching for solutions to virtually showcase their space in an engaging way, leading them to discover Realync.

“Realync has shown us what we’ve been missing all along! With The Vue in need of immediate leasing momentum, the platform’s exceptional capacity to engage both potential and current residents has been truly remarkable,” said Heather Sapp, a Senior Regional Manager for JVM Realty.

It’s even more remarkable what Leigh was able to do…

The Outcome

Facing challenges in grabbing prospect attention, Leigh realized she needed to think outside the box.

“My prospects weren’t responding to my emails. So I had this idea of sending them follow-up emails with videos to give them a ‘sneak peek’ of their potential floorplans,” Leigh said.

The outcome? This personalized approach paid off. Leigh’s prospects responded positively, with four of them signing leases in the same week.

Heather said, “Rather than just confirming appointments over the phone, Leigh took it a step further by using Realync to send videos of our homes, sparking excitement ahead of their visit.”

“It’s an innovative tactic that goes beyond the industry norm for engaging prospects, and I’m thrilled that we’re setting the standard in our market by leveraging Realync,” Heather continued.

Results from using Realync innovatively have led the JVM team to invest heavily in the partnership and go full portfolio with Realync.

In fact, each JVM property added an ‘after-hours’ video journey to its websites to keep showcasing its spaces and engaging prospects at the right time.

By incorporating video throughout the renter lifecycle, JVM will consistently offer touring options, prompt answers, and enhanced satisfaction to renters—a win-win.

“I love how easy it is to use Realync! I will continue to use Realync videos for all of my prospects in hopes of getting them to lease.”

Leigh Lyman

Leasing and Marketing Associate, JVM Realty

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About Realync

Realync is a complete virtual touring solution for multifamily teams. Realync’s all-in-one video solution enables multifamily teams to create memorable experiences, lease efficiently, and communicate effectively with current and prospective residents. To learn more, please visit us at

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