Why You Need a Virtual Tour Software in Multifamily

Prospects today want to see your community quickly and hear more about the deeper meaning of what makes your property so special. Leasing teams can act fast and do this through video. Prospects demands are evolving–you need to keep up!

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Virtual Tour Software

Virtual tours have been in existence for nearly 25 years now. Those of us who remember the three-dimensional reconstruction of England’s Dudley Castle that functioned as the first virtual tour have been following real estate virtual tour hosting from the very beginning. Now that real estate tour software is outdated, it’s time to rethink the virtual tour platform.

A virtual tour for real estate in the present day needs to avoid the typical pitfall of appearing to be inauthentic. In other words, we must rethink the way we lease to promote a more authentic representation of the units our prospects are interested in. We need to rethink what we look for in a virtual tour creator so that we can push ahead of our competition who are only going to continue to fall further behind the times.

Fortunately, the problem of inauthenticity comes with some rather simple solutions. While virtual tour software for real estate has lost its appeal and effectiveness, live video tour software is taking its place. Simple apps like Realync that allow for authenticity through live video must be used to create the tours that are going to provide the desired results of faster and more efficient leasing.

Realync’s Live Tour Software is Making a Difference

Realync is here to turn the leasing tide for all of their users. They are making serious inroads in the industry and are shaking up the world with proven numbers. Whether you’re looking to create a live tour or you’re more interested in a pre-recorded tour, Realync has you covered.

This live tour software is revolutionizing the way real estate video is shared. With the real estate video software that Realync has to offer, real estate professionals are connected to their prospects in a whole new way.

Our real estate video software is fully up to date and will keep clients from experiencing any of the usual issues that have been known to take place with virtual tours, like wondering if the tour someone just experienced is a fair reflection of the actual unit they will be renting. It allows you to take advantage of the shift to live video in ways other tour software providers are not, such as being the only video touring platform that’s compliant with Fair Housing laws.

Notifications are offered in real time, video interaction is default, photos are captured, notes are taken, and there is even a helpful chat function. These are just a few of the features offered to those who use our live tour software.

We understand there are some who might need a video that’s already been recorded in advance, though, depending on the situation. With our software, touring videos can be recorded ahead of time and shared with ease. Videos can be searched for and shared. Plus, they are easier to find, thanks to our video titling function. If the clips need to be edited, reordered or deleted, Realync offers the capability to do so.

No Virtual Tour Company Required

Prior to Realync, it was a smart move to hire the best virtual tour company with specialized talent who could create virtual tours and videos that offered the highest possible level of impact. Realync believes in allowing our clients to truly experience a space. The most important factor in an authentic experience is that it’s live, so there is clearly no video editing magic happening to disguise hidden issues.

This was a necessary step that had to be taken because there was no cheaper or live alternative. These requirements no longer exist because Realync’s software provides you with the tools to level the playing field.

We offer the best live tour company because of our ability to simplify the process. There’s no need to spend big on specialized talent when everything you need can be found right in your pocket. Using our software combined with a smartphone, you have everything you need to create more effective video tours.

Second, the leasing agent or property manager providing the tour is there to answer any questions the prospective renter has and can tailor the experience to their specific interests. Seeing a live video tour is the next best thing to actually being there, which is why we see so many sight-unseen leases take place with the properties that leverage Realync.

How to Use Realync and Your Phone as Your Tour Camera

Our live tour camera app is extremely easy to use. If you can take a selfie, you can create a live video tour. With the camera already built into your smartphone, you can use it as a real estate virtual tour camera. The process is very rudimentary, just start by downloading our app, whether you have an iPhone or an Android device.

We’re often asked how to shoot real estate video, so here are a few tips we recommend implementing into your live tour process for improved quality:

  • Add an additional wide angle lens to your phone to help you capture more of the room you’re in within each frame.
  • Walk slower than your normal pace or use a lightweight gimbal to help prevent shaking.
  • Remove your shoes when entering the unit so that audio quality is maintained.
  • When panning, move slowly to make sure your prospects get all the detail they’re looking for.
  • Open the blinds to ensure proper lighting.
  • Update your device regularly to keep up with app improvements.
  • Last but certainly not least, practice. Before you start your first tour, do a few dry runs with co-workers to make sure you’re comfortable with the app and know how to operate it efficiently.

The Hunt for the Best Virtual Tour Software

While there are many who will begin the hunt for the best virtual tour software, this is not the right pursuit.

The best virtual tour software for real estate is not going to provide the same impact as live tour software. Anyone who’s taken the time to experience real estate virtual tour software knows that it’s simply outdated.

Real estate virtual tour software reviews let users know more about what to expect from the process. Live tour software by Realync is able to provide the sort of experience that even the best virtual tour camera app cannot hope to match. Those who are still using outdated software are willfully allowing themselves to fall behind the times.

Some may still utilize virtual tour software but to anyone who is on the cutting edge?

It’s a thing of the past. Every experience that reflects the outdated past of real estate tour technology is another moment that allows the competition to pull further and further ahead.

Making up this type of ground is tough. If you’re still engaged in the hunt for the best virtual software, we urge you to stop and begin your hunt for live tour software. It’s here to stay and before long, it will become the default expectation of any target audience you’re attempting to engage with, if it’s not already.

How to Make a Real Estate Video Tour

The process of hosting a live video tour with Realync is extremely easy. All you need is a smartphone or tablet and our helpful app. Just download it, connect with your clients, and be as transparent and real as possible.

Since the technical side of creating a video is made easy for the host, you have the ability to focus on some of the ambient aspects that are necessary for a successful live video tour like making sure the space is tidy, presented well, and that the lighting is adequate for a good tour experience. Even something as simple as taking the time to turn on the ceiling fans can make a world of difference. This creates a perception that someone’s living in the space, rather than it remaining stale and stagnant.

To make a tour even better, augment your smartphone or tablet with these four modifications:

  • Device Stabilizer: When you’re showing an apartment unit, the last thing you want is for your prospective renters to feel queasy from your tour. Add a device stabilizer to your smartphone to take your video from upset stomach to signed lease. It will smooth out the jerky motions you make with your hand without realizing it and will reduce the distraction caused by those shaky moments. We recommend the Smooth-Q 3-axis stabilizer.
  • Wide-angle Lens: You can easily enhance your phone’s field of vision by adding a pocket-sized photo lens. They clip on the front or back cameras of any device you’re using. The various lenses can be used for different visual results, but we typically recommend using a wide-angle lens during live tours to capture more of the space you’re touring in each frame. We recommend the Wide Angle Pro lens by Pixter.
  • External Mic: Similar to the device stabilizer above, having distractions in your video can cause your prospective renter to lose focus on the unit. Sometimes that distraction comes in the form of sound. By adding a directional microphone to your smartphone, you eliminate those annoying ambient noises leaving you in control of what’s heard on the other end. We recommend the VideoMicro mic made by Rode.
  • Lighting: Window placements vary by the apartment and depending on when you host a tour, the time of day may make adequate light inside the unit simply impossible. Don’t leave the results of your tour up to the sun though, add an external light to your smartphone instead. With today’s LED lighting technology, add-on lights are lighter, brighter, and more compact than ever before. We recommend the 96 LED light from Ulanzi.

Why Free Virtual Tour Software is so Costly

Learning how to create a virtual tour for free might seem like the best choice because of the price tag. In reality, you get exactly what you pay for. If the visual tour software is free, these free virtual tour apps and free virtual tour makers do not provide the same level of assistance as Realync.

And, there are many legal considerations that are simply ignored by other tools, leaving you exposed. In fact, using open source virtual tour software or a virtual tour software free download can actually land you in hot water from a legal standpoint. Realync is the only tour software that’s compliant with Fair Housing laws. Free virtual tour software may not be costly in the short term but the costs that take place if legal action is taken over non-compliance can be incredibly harmful to your company’s bottom line. Don’t make the mistake of relying on free virtual tour software that cannot compete with the benefits and compliance that Realync has to offer.

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