Virtual Tour Software Reviews

“There’s so much content that can be created through Realync. For example, we’ve created resident testimonials, and we’ve sent personalized follow-up videos to our prospects after they’ve toured in person.” – Brittany Farber, Community Manager, BH Management.

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Virtual Tour Software Reviews

Perception is reality, even in multifamily communities. For this reason, all multifamily communities need to make sure they put their best foot forward when attracting prospective residents. Virtual tour software assists in crafting a realistic experience for the prospect. The best virtual tour software showcases to prospective residents what living in a multifamily community looks like. With the rise in virtual technology offerings, there are multiple virtual tour software options. How can multifamily communities, leasing agents, and property managers find the best virtual tour software for their needs?

To choose the best software to implement, multifamily community managers should read virtual tour software reviews. Virtual reality, 360 technology, and generalized virtual technology have been hot topics in the tech world which have given rise to numerous options for virtual touring. However, it is important to note that not all virtual technology caters to the real estate industry. Furthermore, not all real estate virtual touring options are built for multifamily communities. As such, it is increasingly important to vet any potential virtual touring technologies.

When analyzing software reviews, leasing agents and property managers need to focus on reviews regarding a specific virtual tour software package. For example, some packages may be best for commercial purposes while others might be better for single-family homes. By reading reviews, property team members can receive an insider’s glimpse into the user experience with each virtual tour option. From these reviews, decide what option fits your multifamily community needs best. In an era of virtual and distance touring, all leasing agents must leverage virtual tour software to help them reach more prospective residents, help residents find a home, and maintain, and even increase occupancy rates.

360 Virtual Tour

Oftentimes, 360 virtual tour software comes to mind first for property managers and leasing agents.

More well-known and commonplace in the market, there are several 360 virtual tour software free download options available. These free software versions provide users with the opportunity to try the software for themselves. Before deciding to invest in a specific tool, leasing agents and property managers will want to familiarize themselves with the different features of the 360 virtual tour software packages.

Keep in mind that free versions are limited, tend to be generic, and are not often specific to the real estate industry, let alone multifamily communities. 360 virtual tour software is helpful for prospects at the top of the sales funnel but is best leveraged for creating pillar videos for the multifamily community’s website. These videos help get people interested in learning more about the community, however, they aren’t going to develop the personal connection that is needed to convert prospects into a signed lease. While 360 virtual tour software may convince people to sign up for a tour, it is important to connect with prospective residents on a personal level, show off the unique features of vacant homes or condos, and show them how that vacancy is going to meet their needs in order to close a lease. To do so, you will need a combination of features throughout the leasing funnel. Make sure that whatever you’re sourcing isn’t just a one-trick pony!

3D Virtual Tour

A 3D virtual tour generates a three-dimensional view of vacant apartments in multifamily communities.

These 3D virtual tour services may be helpful but are typically only for prospective residents at the top of the sales funnel.

Similar to 360-degree virtual tour software, 3D virtual tours may be used to develop pillar videos that might spend most of their time on the front page of the website. 3D virtual tour services can be used to get prospective residents interested in learning more about the multifamily community. However, when trying to have prospective residents sign a lease, it is important to show the prospect the actual home, which requires leveraging other software.

A 3D tour has its place; however, it remains at the top of the sales funnel as a pillar video instead of a conversion tool. 3D virtual tours can help convince prospective residents to reach out and learn more about a vacant home, but leasing agents need to find other ways to develop a strong personal connection that is going to help them close the deal.

Virtual Tour Video

One of the most powerful tools in the world of real estate is virtual tour videos. In a virtual world when it is difficult to meet prospective residents in person, it is increasingly important to find other ways to develop a personal relationship with individuals and families who are interested in a multifamily community. A virtual tour video creator is very helpful in creating these connections. Using a virtual tour, leasing agents are able to show prospective residents the exact unit, whether or not the renter can physically meet in person.

Leveraging virtual tour video services brings many benefits. First, the multifamily community is able to cast a wider net of prospective residents. More leads translate into more conversions, which increases occupancy. Second, virtual tour videos provide the actual view from available units instead of CGI-generated graphics, which allows for a greater emotional connection between the prospect and the community. Finally, using a virtual tour creator, it is possible for leasing agents and property managers to tailor their videos to meet the prospect’s particular needs. Virtual tour videos are a powerful tool for a multifamily community.

How To Make A Virtual Tour For Real Estate

For multifamily communities who are wondering how to make a virtual tour for real estate, there are a few key points to keep in mind. While there are some free virtual tour hosting solutions that may sound appealing, in reality, there are no sufficient free virtual tour software packages on the market. These trials are likely watered-down versions of the product and are rarely tailored to the real estate industry, let alone multifamily communities. Instead, leasing teams should focus on trying to find software that actually addresses their needs instead of a freemium alternative.

Virtual tours of real estate are divided into two broad categories: live video and pre-recorded video. Live video is helpful to create open houses or for taking individuals and families on a tour of an open unit, even if they aren’t able to be there in person. When giving a live video tour, the tour guide is able to pause and give prospective residents a chance to ask questions. Pre-recorded video lets leasing teams leverage their camera work over and over for various prospects or for a larger marketing initiative such as social media or an embedded website video. Before recording the tour, the apartment should be “sparkled” just like it would be before any in-person tour. Always check to make sure that there is sufficient lighting, ensure fans are on to show movement, and record a few practice shots to ensure the apartment looks its best. Leveraging the correct video styles for various needs enables easing agents to develop strong, personal connections with prospective residents, and ultimately, sign more leases.

Real Estate Virtual Tour Software

In a growing industry, it is increasingly important for leasing agents and property managers to evaluate different types of real estate virtual tour software. When evaluating real estate virtual tour software, it is important to take a look at the features provided and make sure they are tailored to multifamily communities. For example, virtual tour software for museums might be helpful to film exhibits, but might not be great for connecting with prospective residents. While property virtual tour software may be helpful in showing commercial real estate, it is ineffective for multifamily communities.

Realync virtual tour software is built specifically for the multifamily industry. As multifamily’s complete virtual solution, Realync allows property managers and leasing agents to shoot virtual tours simply using their smartphones. With a cloud-based application, the user simply points the camera and records the tour with guidance throughout. From the app, the user is then able to edit the video directly from their mobile device. Realync provides everyone with the ability to use virtual tour software to develop high-quality videos for both leasing and resident engagement. If your team needs additional services, Realync also provides Realync Services, our studios team that can record content for you, Real360 click-through-videos for top-of-funnel content needs, and Real360 video that lets viewers take control of their touring experience. Your team’s active participation on the Realync platform will result in more signed leases,  increased occupancy rates, and more informed and engaged residents.

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