Free Toolkit: How to Make a Real Estate Video Tour

Inside the toolkit:

  • Learn how to record an apartment video tour that converts.
  • Watch our step-by-step unit recording best practices video.
  • Download our 9-point cheatsheet for future reference.

About the Guide

Marketing your properties in the modern leasing landscape presents some unique challenges. Prospective renters are busier than ever meaning, they aren’t able to travel to the property prior to leasing. Or, they could be looking for a more convenient touring experience such as a virtual tour. There is more noise from competition in the market than ever before. So how do you stand out from the crowd and make your leasing life easier?

Turn to video! Using this toolkit, you’ll learn how to use live or pre-recorded video to overcome the problems of geographical distance, busy schedules, and a lack of easy, transparent communication with your online audience. Afterward, you’ll be able to create a truly authentic experience that will make your videos and community stand out.

How to Make a Real Estate Video Tour

For those who lack experience in video, don’t fret! Making a virtual tour or hosting a live video tour may be intimidating at first, but this is why we’ve put together this step-by-step guide to help you through the entire process of creating video tours of a multifamily community.

When you download our toolkit above, you’ll learn:

  • How to make a real estate video tour that will stand out from the crowd
  • Video tips, tricks, and best practices for smooth recording
  • How to shoot real estate video with your smartphone and make it feel professional
  • How to make real estate video tours personalized to your prospect’s needs
  • Guidance on how to best record or showcase a multifamily unit on video
  • How to make a property video show off local amenities
  • How to shoot virtual tours with intentionality on every shot

In the toolkit, we lay out an organic step-by-step approach to record or host a video tour. You will begin, just as you would in real life, with the entryway. Then you will move through the various spaces, moving the eye of the camera just as you would scan a space naturally—panning the camera slowly and methodically to give the audience a complete, transparent tour experience.

As you go, you can describe the space as you would in a live, face-to-face tour. With pre-recorded video tours, you may need to be more thorough than you normally would in order to cover any questions your prospective renters might possibly have. However, with pre-recorded video tours, additional audio can be added at a later time via voice-over when created on Realync’s video leasing platform.

With our time-tested apartment video flow-through instruction guide, you’ll be able to create a video tour that feels organic and is as inviting as a traditional face-to-face tour.

Real Estate Video Ideas

Once you catch the bug to start making videos to promote your multifamily community, your mind may begin to explode with creative real estate video ideas.

You want to make the best real estate videos you can, but there are a number of real estate video techniques that you should learn to create in order to make your real estate video marketing campaign effective.

Here is just a sampling of the creative ways we’ve seen multifamily professionals at communities all around the world find success with video tours:

  • Real estate intro video showcasing the exterior of the building and signage.
  • Real estate intro video part 2—introducing the team members and explaining everyone’s role at the community.
  • Apartment community clubhouse video displaying the common areas of the community, the clubhouse, and its related perks in detail.
  • Apartment amenities video showcasing all that the community has to offer outside of just the units themselves.
  • Floor plan or unit-specific videos showcasing the various units offered and differences between each interior real estate video.
  • Neighborhood tour videos showcasing the area surrounding your community, the local shops, parks, and all that they have to offer.
  • Move-in videos welcoming new residents to the community and walking them through move-in instructions and managing expectations for a typically stressful day.
  • Maintenance how-to videos instructing residents on care tips or instructional videos for various items throughout their unit to help cut down on maintenance requests and key-ins.

Our advice is to think big when it comes to your video efforts for your community. Not big in terms of budget, but big in terms of scale and reach. Think what a video of every single floor plan, or even better, every single unit could do for your leasing efforts. Or how powerful it’d be to be able to showcase all of your amenities with the few clicks of a button. Have a prospect asking about the surrounding area? Show, don’t tell them by quickly sending a video or two showcasing all the area has to offer.

To make all of this happen though, you’ll need to learn to operate a camera like a professional. Don’t worry, it’s not as hard as it sounds. In the toolkit above, you’ll learn to apply simple tips like keeping pan and zoom motions natural for your viewers and pacing your narrative to match your camera movements.

Other important tips include setting up adequate lighting for video tours, turning on ceiling fans for a sensation of movement in the space, incorporating all of the necessary address and contact information when editing videos, including Fair Housing logos and disclaimers, and much, much more.

Real Estate Video Marketing

By now your head may be swimming with all of this information about making real estate videos. But now it’s time to talk a little bit about marketing.

You may make great videos for your properties, but if you don’t share them effectively, no one will see them. Not to worry, with Realync, we make it super easy to share your real estate videos to anyone on any device via the most popular social media networks, email, text, and more. Need to send videos internationally? Do so with ease using WeChat or WhatsApp.

With Realync’s on-site training, you’ll learn to do effective real estate marketing with video, how to create real estate videos for marketing, how to post videos, where to post videos, and the best ways to engage with your audience online. Realync makes it so easy to create polished real estate videos, that you can even use them for real estate video ads that will bring customers right to the tours you make.

We’ll help you use your natural, preferred presentation style to create videos that match you, your property, and your location perfectly. You’ll learn to make real estate video marketing scripts, get tips on how to leverage your funny real estate ideas including funny real estate ads.

Running a marketing campaign online and through social media can be a full-time job. But with Realync, you get all the tools and guidance you’ll need to make it easy and fun.

Real Estate Video Equipment

A lot of people think that making professional quality videos means acquiring loads of expensive film equipment, learning to use it, and then worrying about maintaining it.

You might start Googling “real estate video equipment,” “canon t3i real estate photography,” and “best camera for real estate video 2018” as many people commonly do. But with Realync, you don’t need any of that stuff to make great real estate videos. All you need is our easy-to-use, comprehensive app, your phone, and a little creativity.

Beyond using Realync, we recommend adding a device stabilizer, wide-angle lens, external mic, and external lighting to your smartphone to make sure that your real estate video appears to be filmed on much more professional equipment than a phone.

Real Estate Drone Video

Drone footage is a great asset for any real estate video package. Drone footage gives you an easy way to create exciting overview shots of your property, the surrounding area, and any hard-to-reach spots that you want to show prospective tenants.

Drone footage can:

  • Create dynamic outdoor scene shots
  • Display hard-to-reach areas
  • Serve as engaging intro and outro material

Most people can learn the basics of flying a drone in a few minutes. However, you should take the time to learn how to compensate for the wind while flying outdoors, among other risks. You’ll also need to find out whether or not you need a license to fly a drone for real estate in your location. Real estate drone jobs and real estate drone businesses are taking off because of the complexity that can come with operating drones. But, they’re in high demand because drone footage can be a great addition to real estate sales videos.

Real Estate Video Software

In traditional video production, filming and editing are separate jobs. That’s because the technology simply did not exist to make editing a simple and intuitive process. Digital video editing is still a complex discipline, but Realync’s real estate video editing software makes it easy and intuitive to edit your real estate footage into compelling, professional quality real estate video packages.

Our real estate video maker makes it easy to:

  • Record individual video clips
  • Trim and alter footage
  • Add title overlays, captioning, and other text
  • Layer in audio tracks for music or voice-overs
  • Automatically add the Fair Housing and ADA logo and disclaimer
  • Stitch it all together seamlessly with the touch of a button

With just a little practice and inspiration, you’ll be producing professional-quality video tours and marketing spots in no time.

Real Estate Photography

While videos are key to marketing and displaying your properties, high-quality photography is still very important. You should research and practice framing, lighting, and composition. It’s critical to find the best real estate photography camera app for your specific phone, and research “real estate video exposure” tips for smartphones.

High-quality images relate information in a different way than video by allowing the viewer to study a single frame. This can be helpful when your buyer is focused on details and wants to really study each part of a real estate photo.

Real Estate Videography Tips

While the art of videography has been around for some time, it is not a science. However, here are some best practices to keep in mind when shooting real estate tour and promotional footage:

  • Your face adds value. Prospective renters want to see the property, but they also need to get a feeling for the people they will be renting from. It’s a good idea to incorporate your face and voice into your videos.
  • Master timing. You can fix a lot in the editing phase, but recording using compelling timing is key to keeping viewers engaged. This takes practice and some intuition from experience.
  • Brevity is better. Cover all the shots, angles, and information that needs to be covered, but be respectful of the viewer’s time. Find the balance between concise and thorough.
  • Use adequate lighting. When planning a tour, be sure your interiors are well-lit when shooting. Consider exterior light available, and bring along an external light source just in case.

Virtual Tours for Real Estate

360 virtual tours is another type of tour in real estate. And like we mentioned before, unit-level video tours are other options you’ll see. Time and practice have proven that a live or recorded human-hosted video tour is essential in the apartment search for prospective renters. With 3D virtual tours, if you struggle to learn how to make a virtual tour video, then look to Realync’s Real360.

With Realync Studios, we can create your videos for you. Or show you how to make a video tour and virtual tour for real estate using our DIY video tour app. A virtual tour app makes the apartment search authentic and makes prospective renters feel like they are really there.

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