What Is a Virtual Tour in Multifamily?

A virtual tour is a person(s) observing, participating, or encountering facts, dialogue, or events through a digital exchange. It’s important to offer virtual tours of your community to prospective renters as their demands have changed!

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Virtual Tour

Technology has impacted just about every industry and this includes the world of multifamily communities. In the past, virtual tour real estate used to focus on slideshows that were stitched together or stock photos that displayed units in a certain light. Now, this has all changed. Virtual reality tours have grown immensely and now include 360 tours, 3D tours, and even live and pre-recorded video tours of an actual unit, such as those provided by Realync.

There are numerous benefits that come with using virtual property tours. These tours provide prospective renters with the ability to see what a potential living area is going to include without having to physically travel there. Because many people are having to find housing opportunities from across the country, they need to be able to find a way to see what it is truly going to be like to live in that multifamily community without having to travel across the country. This provides a transparent, personalized video opportunity for prospective renters to get a raw feel for a unit before signing a lease. When it comes to making a virtual tour, there are a few important points to keep in mind.

How To Make a Virtual Tour

When it comes to making a virtual tour, it is important to keep the target audience in mind. How to make a virtual tour must focus on prospective renters.

How to make a virtual tour for real estate includes two separate types of videos. The first is a pre-recorded video that is available for people to watch at any time. This is a bit different than how to make a virtual tour in photoshop because people can now make a virtual tour with their iPhone. All they need is a smart device and they can make a beautiful, pre-recorded video that anyone can visit at any time to see what the exact unit they are going to get looks like.

The other type of video is a live virtual tour for someone on the other end. Remember that this is about human-to-human interaction. When making a video for prospective renters, keep the prospective renter in mind. This is a new place for the individual on the other end of the video. Pan slowly. Speak slowly. Make sure the lighting is right. Turn on the fan to create a bit of motion in the living area, which will make the room feel bigger. Furthermore, give the prospective renter time to ask questions. Highlight the unique features of the living area. This will present the multifamily community in the best light possible.

Virtual Tour Software

One of the most important considerations when it comes to a virtual tour is the type of software that will be used.

There are free virtual tour software options that will allow multifamily property managers to get their feet wet in the world of apartment virtual tour software. Some people might even want to use a free virtual tour app to see what this software can do; however, for those who want to put together the best virtual tour, trust the virtual tour software from Realync.

Virtual tour technology has come a long way and now people can shoot a beautiful apartment video with the smart device they hold in their hands. With a virtual apartment tour app from Realync, it is possible to edit the video, add captions, and post it to the website with a few button clicks. This can be used to speed the process of lease-up, pre-lease occupied units, and even convert a higher percentage of leads into leases. Thanks to virtual tour software, this process is more convenient than ever.

Virtual Tour Video

When making a virtual tour video for apartment buildings, it is important to make sure these videos are transparent, real, and unit-specific. The prospective renter has to feel like the video is really speaking to him or her, particularly in the world of multifamily virtual tours. While virtual real estate photography has come a long way, there is nothing like an apartment video tour. Therefore, it is important to get this video right.

When it comes to how to take a video of an apartment, this doesn’t have to be a complicated process. Think about how the tour would go if the person was with you in-person. This will streamline the entire process; however, keep in mind that the camera is going to impact the lighting situation. Therefore, take the time to see what the video is going to look like on the camera beforehand. Then, figure out what the unique features of the apartment are that set it apart from other options. This will go a long way toward helping your multifamily community stand out. Remember not to talk too quickly as the other person might be taking notes. It could also be a good idea to add captions to the video to make it easier to understand. This way the prospective renter can go back and reference parts of the video again.

Real Estate Virtual Tour Pricing

One of the factors that many people are concerned about when it comes to real estate virtual tours is the pricing. When people hear about real estate virtual tour services, they often think that this is going to be a grand production that requires editing services, software experts, and a video crew. The good news is that this is not necessarily the case as there are more real estate virtual tour hosting options than ever before.

In fact, there are free virtual tour hosting options for property managers who want to try this out for themselves first. Free virtual tours are a great place to start so that multifamily communities can figure out what works for them. Every community is different so their needs when it comes to tours are different as well. Overall, there are software options available that allow leasing agents to shoot gorgeous real estate videos with a smart device. They can even edit the video within the app before posting it.

Apartment Virtual Tour

When it comes to an apartment virtual tour, this is a powerful tool that broadens the pool of prospective renters for multifamily communities because this allows people to visit the apartment without having to physically travel there. This can save prospective renters time and money, which already makes the multifamily community look better.

At the same time, virtual tours of luxury apartments need to go further. A modern apartment virtual tour really needs to focus on the features that make the building a luxury living community. This could include chrome appliances, vaulted ceilings, brand new features, and exceptional floors and counters. This might even include the amenities in the building that set it apart. It is critical to think about what prospective renters want to see in their apartment building. This is what property managers need to focus on during virtual reality apartment tours.

Best Practices for Virtual Apartment Tours

When it comes to the best practices for virtual apartment tours, there are a few apartment tour tips that should be kept in mind. First, visualize the tour path ahead of time. Always take an apartment tour checklist and make sure there is a solid schedule for the tour that will ensure nothing is missed or overlooked. Check out the lighting ahead of time and ensure the details show up well on the camera. Then, try to turn the ceiling fans on low. This is helpful for a small apartment tour because it will make the space look a little larger. Then, during a luxury apartment tour, talk slowly. This will give the prospective renters time to assess the area and take everything in. Also, pause during the conversation to allow the prospective renters to ask questions. Make sure they know that they are a part of the tour as well (if it is a live tour).

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