Today’s leasing agents need to be able to be real time and adaptive. They must create and personalize content and experiences to their prospects. In today’s environment, that means leasing professionals need to be virtual tour creators if they want to best serve prospective residents.

To turn your leasing agents into effective virtual tour creators, you ultimately need to focus on three things:

  • The right technology
  • The right training
  • The right application

The Right Technology

For a leasing agent to become a virtual tour creator in real estate, they need the right technology platform. That platform must be a do-it-yourself solution that won’t add additional time or strain on an already stretched thin agent. In addition, they should provide training or video creation services. Basically, there are already too few resources, including time, money and energy, so don’t invest in something that will further drain your leasing teams. As part of that, the platform must be simple, easy to both understand and use. Leasing agents must be able to quickly knock out a personalized virtual tour on their own. 360 virtual tour and 3D virtual tour software should be recorded by experts—consider Realync Studios.

When looking for the right virtual tour software, look for a platform that is built for multifamily real estate. Plus, find technology that is built to use on mobile or other devices that your team already has, like smartphones and tablets. If you want a leasing agent to be a successful virtual tour creator, find them the right technology. They must be able to easily understand it, use it and apply it.

The Right Training

So, that “use and apply it” part of the above? That’s a little tricky. Most leasing agents don’t come into the field knowing all about how to create a virtual tour. Or, if they do know how to make a virtual tour for real estate, they may not know your specific virtual leasing platform. That’s where the right training is key. As you’ve likely learned with other new processes, procedures, and technology, you can’t exactly roll something out and expect your leasing team to immediately and effectively use it without the proper training.

The key is when you’re looking for and evaluating a virtual leasing platform or virtual tour, look at the training the company provides. Consider these questions:

  1. Is it robust and catered to multifamily real estate?
  2. How hands on are the virtual leasing partners and platforms with the training and utilization?
  3. Since multifamily leasing is a higher turnover industry, what does training look like on an ongoing basis?

The training component is key, even if your agents feel comfortable knowing how to make a virtual tour with a phone or other mobile device. Knowing how to use your specific platform, and having the company provide proper training alongside it, is critical to your success with any virtual tour or virtual leasing platform.

Did you know Realync has a client success team dedicated to training and answering all your leasing teams’ questions and concerns? Well, now you do!

The Right Application

So, now that the right technology is in place, and the training on how to use this virtual touring platform is there. Now what? Well, even the best virtual tour software or virtual tour apps don’t provide a lot of value if the leasing agent doesn’t know how to apply it. To become a successful virtual tour creator, leasing agents need to know how to personalize these tours.

Leasing professionals must know how to use these personalized tours to guide their prospects through the lead-to-lease funnel. Luckily, there are plenty of great resources and how-to guides to help. With a virtual leasing platform such as Realync, not only is the technology and training there, resources ranging from case studies to blog posts, like this one, can help leasing agents learn everything they need to know to be successful. It’s all readily available from how to shoot a virtual tour to how to personalize them to how to conduct live virtual tours.

In the end, to make a leasing agent an effective virtual tour creator, they need the support necessary to make sure it’s a DIY solution that can be fully integrated. They need to be trained and they need to know how to best use their new skills. It’s an art and science and in the end, it’s all worth it.

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