Let’s face it, if you are running the show at your property, no two days are the same. Property and leasing managers are accountable for everything and everyone in their apartment community. Duties and responsibilities range from accounting and operational reports, to creating daily marketing materials to executing community resident engagement activities to showing apartments to prospective residents and more. The list is never ending!

You are a rock star to have sales, marketing, resident experience, management and more under your belt! But, how do you do it all without getting burned out? There are not enough hours in the day for a team to be producing the content needed while keeping residents happy and trying to lease new apartments. The multifamily industry has one of the biggest employee turnover rates because responsibilities continue to increase while resources remain constrained.

So let us help you get some time back by streamlining your processes! Well, some of them at least. Here’s how:

Start with Video

The opportunities for incorporating video into your communications throughout the entire resident lifecycle are limitless. Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to just 10% when reading it in text. So the real question is, why not video? Imagine the impact that a single piece of content, consumed at 9.5 times the rate of retention, has on your day-to-day. Don’t overthink it either. Video can be as simple as a 30 second update or announcement shot on your iPhone.

Creating Your Library 

So where do you get started with video? To help ease the stress of trying to answer that question, we’ve created the following calendar of videos to help you get started creating and utilizing your DIY video library. We thoughtfully put specific videos in months that make sense based on leasing activity and resident communications, and have really taken the thinking out of it for you. Once you have your videos recorded and edited with the Realync platform, all videos are saved and categorized by type on the cloud. This way you can filter through your phone or computer to send specific units, amenities, neighborhood videos and more with ease. No more scrolling through your camera roll on your phone and mixing business with personal life!

A Year of Video Ideas

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As Easy as That

Today’s consumers understand video – it’s everywhere. So it’s not hard to grasp just how impactful it can be for your marketing, leasing, and resident engagement efforts. The hard part though is coming up with the video ideas because you’re always too strapped for time to ever take a step back and strategically plan. So we have done the planning for you! Now you just have to execute. Grab your iPhone, iTouch, or iPad, download Realync, and hit the ground running. Start with a goal of carving out just one hour of one day to shoot three videos for the month. Camera shy? All of your residents have to interact with you at some point, so just take a deep breath and act like you are having a genuine, in-person conversation. Take the opportunity to let your personality shine through via video and help your residents connect with you more easily.


Want to download and print the year of video ideas? Download the free calendar to get started today!