Close More Site-Unseen Leases

Accelerate Leasing

Speed up lease-up

by providing construction updates and showcase your space without having to do hard hat tours.

Pre-lease occupied units

by ‘showing’ them without having to physically tour the space by sending pre-recorded videos.

Convert a higher percentage of your leads into leases

when you receive notifications when prospects are viewing videos to cater your follow up.

Spend less time to close each lease

by removing roadblocks and barriers in the leasing process.

Increase sight-unseen leasing

by making it a breeze for out-of-market leads to choose your community.

Improve Community Engagement

Promote your programs better

via pre-recorded videos by linking via social media or internal apps

Decrease maintenance key-ins and requests

by creating maintenance videos

Reinforce community rules

by receiving notifications when residents are viewing videos to know who has seen a message and who hasn’t

Reduce repetitive questions

because consumers retain 10% of a message when reading it via text, but 90% of a message when viewed in a video

Improve Community Engagement

Promote your programs better

via pre-recorded videos by linking via social media or internal apps

Decrease maintenance key-ins and requests

by creating maintenance videos

Reinforce community rules

by receiving notifications when residents are viewing videos to know who has seen a message and who hasn’t

Reduce repetitive questions

because consumers retain 10% of a message when reading it via text, but 90% of a message when viewed in a video

More Than Software

On-site training

for every property Realync is implemented at

Stop the ad hoc video efforts

going on at properties with one set, standardized process and platform

Track usage, engagement, content

being created, and more from the corporate level

Work with the Realync team

to create the training program to be rolled out across all properties

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The real estate market has changed significantly during the past few months and there has been a massive shift from in-person touring to virtual tours. Because of the requirements of social distancing, apartment and multifamily communities had to shift to virtual touring. In order to do so, these communities needed apartment virtual tour software.

When it comes to providing virtual tours, there are two broad categories. The first is a pre-recorded video tour. These videos are recorded in advance for either a specific prospective resident or a group of prospective residents. Onsite teams should record a variety of videos including videos of the units, amenities, neighborhood, and different community events. To increase exposure, the videos can also be leveraged on the property website and social media pages. During the pre-recorded video tour with the prospective resident, the leasing agent shares their screen and talks through the videos that are relevant to the prospect. By using pre-recorded videos, the leasing agent minimizes internet connectivity issues and saves time from walking to different locations.

Apartment virtual tour software also should enable live video tours – the second type of video tours. Live video tours are streamed in real-time. In some use cases, a leasing agent may leverage a live tour for someone who is interested in a specific, vacant unit. Other times, the onsite team may leverage live video as a virtual open house for a community.

Regardless, there has been a tremendous amount of growth in the field of virtual leasing software. Live video tours have increased by over 8000% since March 2020. Apartment virtual tour software allows apartment communities to reach more prospective residents, casting a wider net without compromising social distancing. Therefore, it is important for every multifamily community to take full advantage of these advanced technological capabilities to market more effectively, increase leasing and occupancy rates, and communicate with residents.

It is important for multifamily teams to understand how real estate virtual tour software works.

When it comes to virtual tour real estate, it is always important to keep the audience in mind. Even if a prospect is able to physically tour a property (as in an in-person tour), virtual tours are still impactful and important. Videos are an effective followup for an in person tour,and live tours are much more effective than in person if a prospect wants to look at multiple floor plans and units.

When creating a video tour for real estate, remember that someone is actually watching! Match your speech with what is being shown on screen. Pan slowly so the prospect has a chance to fully view the entire area. Furthermore, when using real estate virtual tour software to make a live tour, pause between sentences, and allow the prospective resident to ask questions. This helps the leasing agent or property manager develop a strong, real, transparent connection with the prospect and build a relationship This will help leasing agents and property managers get the most out of their real estate virtual tour software. When used correctly, virtual apartment tour software is a major asset to multifamily living communities.

The future is now and with our captions and translations, you can reach out to any audience, anywhere in the world. Every experience you create is saved to the cloud instantly so you can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you’ll always have access to the materials you require.

Virtual Tour Software

When thinking about virtual tour software, there are a few key points to keep in mind.

Of course, multifamily teams want to leverage the best virtual tour software on the market while also keeping costs low. While relatively expensive, many teams begin with 3D virtual tours, Google virtual tour software, or 360 virtual tour software. While effective for top of the sales funnel initial interest, these tools are not effective for closing a lease. A 360 video tour is helpful for prospects viewing a property website, helping prospects who are just starting their search become more interested in the community; however, they are not able to convert signed leases.

While many virtual tour software programs offer a free trial, they always come with limited features, reduced quality, and require a subscription to truly allow a team to take advantage of the software. When it comes to using virtual tour software for signing leases, Realync stands out. Realync’s software enables multifamily teams to create high-quality videos on a simple phone while helping leasing agents develop a strong personal connection that is required to sign the lease.

The real estate industry was once reliant on photos and stale, overpriced videos. In a climate where the buyer is going to make a more educated decision than ever before, Realync provides the tools necessary to create the authentic experience today’s market is looking for.

As mentioned above, Realync can be used to make a virtual tour with a camera phone. When determining how to make a virtual tour with a phone, the video producer must first understand how the software works. For those who have never leveraged virtual tour software to shoot videos on a phone, they need to make sure the software has the appropriate training capability. This is another area where Realync stands out. Using Realync’s intuitive platform and training team, property managers, and leasing agents simply download the application on their phones and use the program to make a gorgeous video.

When evaluating how to make a virtual tour with the iPhone, it is important to take a look at how the unit looks through the lens of the camera. Ensure the lighting is right and fans are on and at an appropriate speed. (The illusion of motion in the room makes the space look larger!) Then, point the camera, shoot the video, and play it back. Add captions and make sure the text matches the voiceover. Highlight major benefits and unique features of living in that unit. Edit as needed and then publish the video!

Some virtual tour programs even have virtual tour apps. Virtual tour apps for real estate are great because they provide leasing agents and property managers with the ability and flexibility to record, edit, and publish videos right from their phones. For example, the person creating the video can adjust the lighting on the phone and even add subtitles and captions. This type of flexibility is one of the most important features of virtual tour apps for real estate. Finally, many virtual tour apps let users publish them to their social media accounts or websites right from their phones.

When thinking about the best virtual tour app for the iPhone, there are a few important factors to consider. First, make sure the app is easy to use. If there is a steep learning curve, it might be too hard to access all of the app’s features. Second, make sure you have a smartphone or smart device. There are lots of options for phones and out there and everyone has to make sure the app is going to work for their phone or device. Finally, make sure the app has the same functionality as the desktop software and integrates seamlessly. Remember, it should be easy to edit and publish videos from the app itself – a key feature of the Realync virtual tour app. The Realync app is easy to use: point, record, edit, and publish videos with ease.

Make sure to evaluate several factors when determining which virtual tour creator to use. Virtual tour creator software has evolved immensely and many platforms provide a virtual tour creator app. Many leasing agents and property managers look for virtual tour creator free options. While it is nice to be able to try something for free, the reality is effective software that provides ROI costs money.

The goal of using a virtual tour creator is to create a real, raw, and transparent connection with prospective residents. The reality is that free virtual tour creator options are not going to provide this type of quality. In order to boost leasing rates, it is important to create a relationship with the prospective residents. This is the true value of a virtual tour creator instead of a static 360 tour software. Realync’s virtual video leasing platform is unique in the market in that it’s real and authentic, enabling the human connection.

Property Virtual Tour Software

Video leasing and virtual leasing solutions are integral to multifamily teams and communities. In the current environment, leasing agents have to provide prospective residents with adequate information while still maintaining social distancing. Property virtual tour software fills this gap. Property teams need to find the right video leasing solution for their specific needs. While it might be tempting to look for free virtual tour hosting options, they are insufficient overtime.

Find a high-quality video touring and virtual leasing option. Realync is a powerful, simple, intuitive, and personalized virtual leasing platform. With an app that is easy to use, there is no need for leasing agents and property managers to hire an advanced production team to produce the videos. With Realync’s video leasing option, everything can be done right from the phone using the app. Realync enables live and pre-recorded videos, providing a tremendous amount of flexibility and versatility. With Realync, leasing agents and property managers are enabled to create a powerful connection with prospective residents, to sign more leases, and to maintain or increase occupancy rates.