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Free Video Apartment Tour Tips

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About the Toolkit

Just about every apartment available for rent these days offers a virtual tour to prospective tenants. But these impersonal tours often aren’t able to capture the true charm of a unit, and renters may feel as though they still need an in-person visit before they commit.

This downloadable resource will explain exactly how you can use pre-recorded video tours to promote your property. It includes a step-by-step guide to get you started on using video to advertise your properties, as well as some of the market research supporting this approach.

Apartment Tour

In today’s world, people are not content to just stay in one place their whole lives. Moving across the country is no longer a unique life choice and many people are choosing to make a big move at some point in their lives. Because of this, it can be hard to look at apartments for rent in a new city before officially moving there, but we’re all skeptical of what we see on the internet, too. That’s where Realync comes in. Realync’s video leasing solution allows leasing agents to easily host live or pre-recorded apartment tours of their community and share them with anyone, anywhere, anytime, on any device!

By creating a virtual apartment tour, your prospective residents are able to view your property and available units at a time that’s convenient for them. So if they’re currently in Seattle and are apartment hunting at 9 pm, that’s the middle of the night in New York and not the best time to call for more information. By viewing apartments for rent online, the apartment search is much more manageable and provides touring hours beyond when leasing teams are physically in the office.

Another great benefit of an online apartment tour is the ability to really showcase your community at its best. It can be difficult to create an apartment tour, especially for a small apartment, that really “wows” people. But Realync makes it easy to put your best foot forward online and attract preferred residents.

Apartment Video

So, how does realync work? Well, it starts with you! Create pre-recorded apartment videos using just your iPhone or iPad and a DJI Osmo anti-shake gimbal.

The Realync video leasing platform allows you to easily record, import, and edit video clips right on your mobile device as well as add voice-overs or captions to customize the video for each individual prospect. You can then share your apartment video on social media, via text message, email, and more.

Realync even allows onsite teams to host live video tours if needed. Using Realync, leasing agents are able to connect live with prospective residents to walk them through the property, show them exactly what they want to see, and answer their questions, all in real-time. While touring, prospects can also view an interactive map of the area where you can highlight the important areas in your neighborhood including grocery stores, shopping malls, schools, dog parks, and more. Prospects are also able to capture photos and take notes during the tour. And all of that gets saved and recorded to the cloud to be shared or reviewed following the tour.

Realync also allows onsite teams to keep an eye on how well their videos are working with prospective residents by viewing engagement data and analytics. Realync’s unique link sharing empowers onsite teams to know exactly who is watching what video, when, how many times, and more. No longer get ghosted by prospects and know exactly how and when you should follow up with the powerful leasing data you can garner from Realync videos.

An apartment video can be a total game-changer when it comes to actually leasing available units. When a prospect can see the actual unit they’ll be living in, not just pictures of a staged one, they get a real feeling of the place and have more trust in you. One reason why Realync is called a video leasing solution is because video converts. Realync’s platform is helping leasing agents connect with prospects sooner, show them what they want and need to see quicker, and, because of the trust and transparency that Realync video tours instill, are closing deals much quicker and at a higher conversion rate as well. Videos provide more detail than photos and you can show how the floor plan actually flows from one room to the next. And, at the end of the day, seeing is believing. Showing your prospective residents exactly what they want to see will be the ultimate decision-maker that can take them from moving on to the next community to leasing with you…

The use of video in marketing campaigns and for leasing has skyrocketed over the past few years. In fact, 81% of businesses use video in their marketing communication, which is a 63% increase over last year. Did you know, that 55% of people watch videos online every day and 72% of customers prefer to learn more about a product or service with videos?

With all of that being said, if you’re not using apartment video tours, you could be missing out on a lot of great residents.

Tiny Apartment

Today’s renters are predominantly post-grad millennials with massive amounts of student loan debt.

Despite that debt, they still want modern luxuries and to stay in the nice(r) multifamily communities being offered in a specific market. Because of this, they tend to rent smaller one-bedroom or studio apartments to save money where they can. This provides a unique challenge for property managers to showcase their smaller units while still making them look spacious and desirable.

While being real and transparent is always the top priority, using proper video techniques can help to show off a tiny apartment in its best light. It can be hard to tell what a space looks like with just photos or a 2D floor plan, but video allows you to explore the space in a more meaningful way.

Tiny apartment living is also popular with the minimalist crowd and those who want to live in the big city, but are on a budget. One of the benefits of using video to capture and showcase your tiny apartments is that you can strategically stage them to make a tiny apartment feel bigger. One such tip? Set a large mirror opposite a window. When the light comes in, it will be reflected in all corners of the room making the space seem larger. You can also highlight storage options in a small apartment tour and point out the cabinets and their depth, the closets with shelving, and how high the ceilings are.

As we mentioned earlier though, one thing to keep in mind is authenticity when hosting a cozy apartment tour. It’s important to describe apartments in an appealing way, but don’t set the expectations for your prospective residents too high or too low. Be cautious by shaping the words you use in your tiny apartment videos.

College Apartment Checklist

Choosing your first-ever apartment is very exciting, but it can also be overwhelming. If you are a leasing agent helping to guide the younger generation through their leasing process, keep in mind that they likely are not thinking through everything that they should be and will likely need more guidance throughout the process.

One way that you can be a true partner with college students through their leasing process is to put together a college apartment checklist to run through with them and make sure they’re getting the right space for them / their roommates:

  • Make a list of features and amenities that are desired, then prioritize them based on must-haves, nice to haves, and dream apartment features. By writing it all down, you’ll know what to look for and where to compromise.
  • Pay attention to the timeline. Most apartment communities will not be able to tell what’s available until 30-60 days before an expected move-in day. Manage expectations here, but also help them know that many apartments have a move-in day on the first of the month, but this can vary.
  • Make sure that the student understands that there is more than just rent needing to be paid. Help prospective residents to know that there will be a deposit required and any additional fees for utilities, parking, amenities, pets, etc. They may need to consider having a guarantor sign the lease as well if they don’t meet the income requirements.

One of the best pieces of advice that we can offer to a leasing agent focused on student living is to go on a college apartment tour themselves. Try to put yourself in the shoes of a new college student going through the leasing process for the first time. Look for what may be confusing, what could be scary, and ways that you can make the student living leasing process more streamlined and comfortable for everyone involved.

While it will always be preferred to schedule an in-person tour for a first-time college apartment tour, consider having all of the videos and live tour options available as well. College students are typically moving from out-of-market and international students from out-of-country. Be prepared to connect with them to showcase your student living property videos and make accommodations for anyone moving from afar. Students (and their parents) will want to make sure that what they see online is what they get when they’re on campus and moving in. So cover all of the bases and make sure to over-communicate whenever possible. Today’s younger generation sees through fake, photoshopped experiences, so make sure to go beyond the 3D rendering of an apartment and offer the real, transparent experience with Realync.

Apartment Tour Questions

When going on an apartment tour, the prospective resident will likely come prepared with a list of questions to ask about the unit, the property, and the management company.

Which is great! An engaged prospect is an ideal resident. But did you know it’s also a good idea to have questions prepared as the apartment guide and expert as well? A tour, whether virtual or in-person, is a great time to get to know your prospective resident and vet out whether they will be a good resident as well.

So what should be on your resident screening checklist?

  1. Ask about their current living situation. See if they’re already renting and if so, where. Ask how long they’ve lived there, why they’re moving, and when they’d like to move in. You can even see if their current landlord or property managers know that they’re thinking of moving and if they’ll provide a favorable reference. Most importantly, try to see if they’ve ever been evicted before as this is a huge red flag.
  2. Ask about their income. See what they do for a living and roughly how much they make. You can also ask if anyone else will be living with them that will contribute financially. This can also determine how many parking spaces they will need. While financial questions can be a touchy subject, they’re necessary ones that can be a quick excluding factor.
  3. Ask about their lifestyle. Do they smoke? Do they have pets? Children? Do they work the overnight shift at work or get up early for a long commute? Get to know them as much as you can in the short time that you’ll likely have together. Figuring out what they’re into, passionate about, and what their general lifestyle choices are will not only give you insight into them as a resident but help you cater your follow-up accordingly as well.

Asking these important questions ahead of time will help you better understand the future resident’s situation and determine if they will be a quality resident in your community. It can help you avoid late or missed rent payments, complaints from neighbors, and potentially having to evict a resident. This not only makes for a happier, safer, community but will hopefully lead to a higher renewal rate and resident retention rate as well.

Apartment Checklist

Just as you should expect a potential resident to ask loads of questions, you should also expect them to check out not just the unit while on an apartment tour, but the entire community.

Because of this, you’ll want to take yourself on a pre-tour of the unit you are planning to show and record that tour to use as a preview or follow on to an in-person tour. Doing this can not only help answer some questions people may have before coming in person but can also help remind them of certain things following the tour to cut down on follow on questions or repeat showings.

In order to be very effective with your apartment touring, it can be beneficial to build an apartment tour checklist that you can go through during each pre-tour or when creating video tours of your units.

With this apartment tour checklist, it will (or should) likely depend slightly based on the floor plan that you’re recording, but as a broad sweep, here are some of the top things to include:

  • Open all blinds on the windows
  • Turn on all of the lights and ceiling fans
  • Make sure toilet sheets are closed and shower curtains are pulled back
  • Turn on faucets to wash down any debris that may have gathered in the sinks
  • Make sure all of the appliances have the time set and are clean of fingerprints
  • Look at the floors and walls for scuffs or touch-ups needed
  • Confirm that all doors are open to allow free flow from room to room when touring
  • If you have connected devices or smart home technology, ensure it’s connected and set up to be demoed during the tour
  • If there’s a fireplace, turn it on — even if it’s the middle of summer

Ultimately, you’ll want to make sure everything is in great working order and that everything shows well before bringing a prospective resident through the space. And this list goes for in-person tours as well as live video tours and pre-recorded video tours. No matter how you’re showing your apartment units, you want them to show well. These items aren’t rocket science but can go a long way in ensuring that every prospective resident has the same, quality experience.

Don’t expect everything to go perfectly either though. Be real with your prospects. If a prospective resident finds an issue in a unit, don’t overreact or underreact. Make a note of it and ensure that your team will be right on top of getting that resolved.

At the end of the day, apartment leasingapartment marketing, and apartment touring are changing! Prospective residents are increasingly nomadic and transient, so being equipped with the latest technology that will take your tours to them is of the utmost importance. Stay on top of showcasing your space in the most real way possible, make the leasing process easy for your prospects, and you’ll find that leasing doesn’t need to be a complicated thing.

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