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Video Leasing

Technology has impacted every industry — including real estate. For leasing agents and property managers for multifamily communities, it is important to develop a well-rounded marketing strategy that will target as many prospective residents as possible in order to increase occupancy rates. In today’s virtual world, leasing agents need to incorporate video leasing in their strategy. Apartment leasing videos can be an effective tool for connecting with prospective residents quickly, while developing the personalized connection that is required to get leases signed.

Virtual leasing has increased in popularity due to many prospective residents not able to physically travel to the building for an in-person tour. In an era of social distancing, this tool is particularly important. However, at the same time, prospective residents are often reluctant to sign a lease on a unit that they have not actually seen.

Video leasing software is a type of virtual leasing. Video leasing bridges the gap between not being able to tour the apartment in person but still wanting to view the actual unit. Virtual leasing by leveraging a video leasing solution allows prospective residents with the opportunity to see their unit of interest without having to travel.

At the same time, video leasing also provides property managers with an array of other benefits. Video leasing software allows multifamily communities to expand their pool of potential residents by leveraging apartment leasing videos on other platforms such as websites, social media, and other platforms. The more video views, the more generated leads, resulting in more conversions. Therefore, property managers should leverage video leasing software to increase occupancy rates, drive revenue, and grow the multifamily community.

Apartment Leasing Agent Training

It is important to make sure that leasing agents are properly trained. Leasing agents need to be able to effectively leverage the programs as well as answer prospective residents’ questions and concerns. Apartment leasing agent training is all the more important.

For leasing agent training, it is important to standardize the training by leveraging a leasing agent training checklist. The checklist should include key points of interest that leasing agents need to know in order to effectively communicate with potential clients while showcasing the multi-family community in the best light possible.

Therefore, apartment leasing agent training classes should focus on teaching leasing agents about the unique benefits and highlights of the multifamily community. Classes should include information on recent renovations, upgraded appliances, new floors, and added amenities. Training teams should provide a leasing agent training manual that addresses common questions and concerns of prospective residents. Topics might include questions about parking, security, or deposits. When leasing agents are able to anticipate questions ahead of time, they will be prepared with answers and be proactive in sharing helpful information.

Furthermore, holistic apartment leasing agent training classes have to address all technologies used by the community in order for the leasing agent to be able to do his or her job effectively. Tools CRM software programs, social media accounts, and virtual leasing software — especially video leasing software.

Certified Leasing Specialist

In the world of apartment leasing, there are a number of specialists and consultants that help multifamily communities improve their occupancy rates. A certified leasing consultant is one such type. A certified leasing specialist has additional training that allows him or her to help property managers and leasing agents improve their occupancy rates. As one of the top apartment leasing agent jobs, a leasing specialist is able to take a look at the current occupancy rate, analyze who is currently leasing from the community, and help the multifamily communities expand their target market of prospective residents.

In addition to analyzing the current population of the multifamily community, a certified leasing specialist takes a look at the current marketing strategy of the multifamily community. Then, the certified leasing consultant adjusts the marketing strategy of the multifamily community to ensure that property managers and leasing agents are able to develop strong, personalized connections with prospective residents. By tactfully analyzing and adjusting strategies, certified leasing specialists and consultants are able to help improve the community conversion rate.

How To Lease Apartments

Multifamily communities want to make sure that their occupancy rates are kept as high as possible. In order to do so, apartments need to be leased quickly. But how to lease apartments quickly? There are a few key points to keep in mind.

First, leasing agents need to make sure that they are proactive with their current residents as much as possible. It is good practice to reach out to current residents 90 days prior to lease expiration. Then, ask the resident if they are planning on staying an extra year. Being proactive can improve current resident retention rates, improving occupancy rates overall.

Next, property managers need to make sure they understand the current market climate. At the very least, a multifamily community should analyze not only their community but other multifamily communities in the local area as well. For example, new communities developing in the area may make it harder to attract new residents who are going to be more interested in a new building. Thus, a community should update their strategy to differentiate themselves from the new competition.

Finally, all property managers need to evaluate their advertising strategies. It is important to implement a well-rounded marketing strategy that includes direct mail marketing, email marketing, and social media marketing. Video leasing programs can play an important role in showcasing the unique highlights and benefits of living in that multifamily community, helping to develop strong, personalized connections with prospective residents. These elements all play a crucial role in how to lease apartments.

How To Rent Out An Apartment

It’s a topic property managers always discuss: how to rent out an apartment. While often complicated, the first step is simple. Property managers need to understand the target audience. For example, some multifamily communities might be targeting potential residents who are wondering how to rent an apartment for the first time. Leasing agents who are targeting 18 years old potential residents need to understand what it is like to rent an apartment at 18.

Prospective residents who are wondering how to rent an apartment at 18 are going to look for the best deal possible. Because of this, multifamily communities that target this age range should consider offering discounts on the security deposit or a free month of rent. By offering discounts, the multifamily community will be able to attract the younger demographic.

After understanding who to target, the next step is to determine where to connect with the prospective residents. Younger prospective residents are incredibly active on social media, including (but not limited to!) Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and Twitter. Developing a well-rounded marketing strategy that includes social media, updated graphics, and high-definition videos that showcase the highlights of the multifamily community will help property managers target younger residents.

Leasing Agent Requirements

To increase productivity, leasing agents should create a list of everything that has to be done on a daily basis. To do so, leverage or create a leasing agent daily checklist and easing agent manual. Be sure to include the following key items in your list.

First, leasing agent requirements need to include a marketing plan in order to reach prospective residents. It is critical to develop a well-rounded marketing plan that includes virtual leasing options such as video leasing software, social media, email marketing, and advertising through business partners. It is also important for leasing agents to consider print advertising options such as publications, banners, and direct mail advertising.

When developing the marketing strategy, it is important to include a strategy for each stage of the renter’s journey. From discovery to consideration to retention, it is important to be consistent in showcasing the benefits of your community. Additionally, remember to incorporate the 4P’s of marketing: place, price, promotion, and product into your strategy.

Finally, leasing agents also need to establish a leasing qualification method with potential residents. Standard items include credit checks, criminal background checks, and thorough rental applications. All communication with prospective residents needs to be documented so that leaves can be nurtured and conversion rates can be maximized.

Leasing Consultant

For multifamily communities that are looking for ways to maximize their occupancy rates, it may be wise to work with a leasing consultant. These consultants go through specialized leasing consultant training programs to learn how to quickly evaluate a community’s strategy and determine ways for a community to improve their conversion rates.

A leasing consultant daily checklist is going to include a lot of items that are commonly found in a leasing consultant training manual. For example, a leasing consultant might take a look at the current advertising strategy, the budget, and how resources are being allocated. Then, they can compare these platforms to the current demographics of individuals living in the community to figure out how resources can be shifted to reach a greater pool of prospective residents and improve conversion rates.

Leasing consultant training also includes resident retention. In this manner, a leasing consultant evaluates the current retention rates in the community, compares it to other multifamily communities in the area, and determines if what can be done to improve resident retention rates. These suggestions are often as simple as communicating with current residents earlier or more complicated initiatives such as offering specials or improving amenities. After all, in the end, retaining current residents is just as important as acquiring new residents.

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