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What Is Virtual Tour Software for Real Estate in Multifamily?

Virtual tour software for real estate makes it easy for leasing teams to facilitate more qualified leads, reduce in-person tours, blend in-person tours with virtual tours, and save leasing teams time.

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Virtual Tour Software For Real Estate

It is important for multifamily communities, including apartment buildings to make sure they keep their occupancy rates high. One of the ways to do this is to make sure the vacant units are filled quickly. This is where virtual tour software for real estate can come in handy. This is advanced software that can be used to create virtual leasing solutions with an iPhone, iPad, or tablet. The major advantage of using this video leasing solution is that it gives apartment communities the ability to connect with residents virtually. This can be done using both live and pre-recorded tours. The ability to connect with prospective residents in a human, personal way can drive up the conversion rate from tours to leases.

One of the major concerns property managers tend to have is the element of real estate virtual tour pricing. A quick search will reveal that there are free options available; however, the quality tends to suffer. It can be harder to use free software to create a solid virtual tour. In addition, free options might not offer live touring capabilities, which can impact the ability of property managers to connect with residents. Finally, free touring software videos might also need to be edited extensively before they can be posted. This is one way that free virtual tour software could force people to pay for the entire package.

For these reasons, it is critical for property managers to evaluate all aspects of real estate virtual touring software. These video leasing solutions are powerful and while property managers might think they need to hire IT professionals to help them edit and release the final version of the video, this is not always the case. There are software options that will allow managers to handle both pre-recorded and live tours from their mobile devices before posting them to social media platforms, their websites, or inviting someone to attend a live tour of a potential unit. Virtual tour software for real estate is a powerful tool that all apartment managers must consider.

Virtual Tour Software

When it comes to virtual tour software, it is important to note that there are alternatives available. Furthermore, property managers might have come across them at some point. One of the most popular options is called 360 virtual tour software. 360 virtual tour real estate is used to create a 360-degree representation of what a unit might look like.

There is even a 360 virtual tour software free download available. This technology has been popular among various web browsers that like to create a panoramic view; however, in the world of real estate, its applications are limited. This is a top-of-funnel option for the sales team, meaning it works great for getting people interested in learning more about the community; however, it is unlikely to help someone sign on the dotted line. If an individual or family is actually considering living in a certain place, they want to see what the unit actually looks like. 360-degree touring software doesn’t provide this same human element.

The same can be said of 3D virtual tours real estate. 3D software has been great for video games, spawning an entirely new genre of games; however, this is still reserved for top-of-funnel real estate tours. This video might be great at showing someone what a virtual representation of their unit might entail; however, when it comes to signing a lease, prospective residents want an organic, native view of what the unit is. This is where a video leasing solution is simply more applicable.

Virtual Tour App

One of the major advances in the world of video leasing solutions for real estate is the growth of a virtual tour app. Many of the top video leasing solutions have an app that can be used to make a virtual tour with an iPhone. For those wondering how to make a virtual tour with iPhone, there are a few steps to follow. First, it is important to download the app and become familiar with its features. Some video leasing solutions might even have an automatic virtual tour option through the app. In many cases, the best virtual tour camera is right there on the phone.

Many video leasing solutions have two options for creating a tour. The first is to create a live tour with the prospective resident on the other end of the line. The other is to make a pre-recorded tour that might serve as a “stock” video for prospective residents or that a specific resident can watch later. In many cases, the virtual tour app is relatively straightforward; simply hit the record button, point the camera, and record the video; however, in order to get the most out of the video leasing solution app, there are a few additional points to keep in mind.

Virtual Tour Creator

A virtual tour creator is a powerful tool that can be used to help property managers make great virtual tours for real estate. For those who are wondering how to make a 360 virtual tour free, there are trial versions available; however, any software that is truly free has to cut corners on quality somewhere. Therefore, it is better to invest in high-quality virtual tour software now. Furthermore, for many real estate virtual tours, all that is needed is a camera.

How to make a virtual tour for real estate starts by understanding who is on the other end of the camera. Remember that this is a prospective resident who could be interested in signing a lease in your community. Therefore, talk slowly and pan slowly. Give the other person (or family) time to absorb all of the information that is being thrown at them in the video. Arrive at the tour location ahead of time and make sure the lighting appears appropriate in the camera. Consider turning the ceiling fans on low as this will give the appearance of motion in the room. This helps the room feel bigger. These simple tips will automatically improve the quality of any virtual tour for real estate.

Virtual Tour Video

When the virtual tour video begins, make sure to go through the unit in a logical manner. Start with the entryway and be sure to highlight any unique features of the room. This might include storage spaces, recently upgraded floors, new lighting fixtures, and even upgraded appliances. In addition, be sure the speech matches whatever is being shown on the video camera. This will prevent the prospective resident from getting lost or confused.

Furthermore, if this is a live tour, remember to pause between sentences. This will give the prospective resident time to ask questions.

Now, it could be tempting to buy a 360 camera. A 360 camera for real estate might feel necessary; however, remember that a 360 tour can best benefit top of funnel individuals. Anyone who wants to actually take a tour is further down the sales funnel. This is why a video leasing solution will show the right space at the right time.

Virtual Tour Editor

Once the video is done, it is time to edit the video. Some people might be tempted to contact IT professionals to help them with the editing process. This can get expensive. Fortunately, there is an alternative. Many video leasing solutions have the ability to complete the virtual tour editor process right from their smartphone device! One of the first virtual tour tips that people need to note is that they need to actually watch the video. Some people don’t like the way they look or sound. So, they might be reluctant to watch it; however, this is important as you will want to make sure it is the authentic experience you want your prospective resident to have

Some of the aspects of the virtual tour that might require editing include the flow of the video, the lighting in the room, the text captions, the speed of certain sections, and the possibility of adding music to create a bit of personality and flair. The good news is that it is possible to edit virtual videos right from a smartphone. While virtual reality tours might feel like an alternative, it is better to go with actual video leasing solutions.

Virtual Tour Player

One of the other factors that property managers need to consider is the virtual tour player. Many people have experience with both the worst and best virtual tours. The quality of the virtual tour is going to be a direct reflection of the multifamily apartment community. Therefore, it is important to find a virtual tour player that will present the best side of the apartment building. This player could impact the flow of the video, the overall definition of the video, and how the prospective resident sees the vacant unit. While it might be helpful to search how to make Google virtual tour, investing in the right software will help property managers end up with the right virtual tour player. While it might be tempting to turn to a 360 virtual tour, keep in mind that this doesn’t work as well at the bottom of the sales funnel when it is time to sign the lease.

Virtual Tour Hosting

It is also prudent to consider virtual tour hosting options. Virtual tour hosting is a place where videos and live products are shared. Some of the options that people might come across include 360 photo hosting and 360 virtual tour hosting. While there are free virtual tour hosting options out there, this could significantly reduce the quality of the video itself.

Instead, it is better for property managers to go with professional video leasing solutions that have been designed for real estate. This will lead to higher conversion rates, helping to keep occupancy rates high and residents satisfied.

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