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What Is The Top Virtual Tour Software For Multifamily?

The best virtual tour software will have a combination of video tour options, multifamily-specific features, integrations, analytics and insights, and training and support.

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Top Virtual Tour Software

The world of real estate has changed significantly during the past few years. In the past, prospects looking for a new home or apartment would visit the property in person. Now, thanks to digital advancements, individuals and families who are looking for a new home often begin, and sometimes even end, their search on the internet. For this reason, it is critical for multifamily communities to invest in tools, such as virtual tour software, to make connections with prospective residents in order to sign leases.

Today, there are many video leasing and virtual leasing solutions that range in price, effectiveness, and functionality. Property managers and leasing agents need to invest in the top virtual tour software on the market. Outstanding virtual tour software helps leasing agents make a personalized connection with prospective residents that will expedite the leasing process. While some software boasts virtual tour functionality, including some free options, very few software packages enable leasing agents to develop a strong, personal connection with prospective residents which is crucial to increase conversion rates and occupancy rates to above 90 percent. Invest wisely, but never skimp on the personal relationship that the right virtual tour software brings.

Once property managers determine and implement a virtual tour software, it is important to know how to make a virtual tour for real estate. There are some virtual tour software packages that will require advanced technology professionals to leverage these tools efficiently; however, there are virtual tour software packages, such as Realync, that allow property managers to make a professional tour with just an iPhone and application. From the Realync app, leasing agents take and edit video footage then post it directly to the website, social media account, or send directly to a prospect. It is even possible to add captions and subtitles. With the growing ease and flexibility, virtual tour software has risen in popularity, allowing leasing agents to expand their pools of prospective residents and fill vacancies much more quickly.

Best Virtual Tour Software

For the best virtual tour software, leasing agents initially look for a free virtual tour software. While there are some free alternatives, these rarely provide leasing agents and property managers with a tool built specifically for real estate. As a result, team members will have a hard time leveraging this virtual tour software to meet their needs. Furthermore, the free trial version rarely provides an accurate feel for what the premium version is like. Most high-quality virtual tour software options eventually ask users to pay to access the entire package. Bottom line? Implementing a premium virtual tour software will require an investment from the property and its team.

When looking for the best virtual tour software, there are a few factors to keep in mind. First, look for virtual tour software that does not require the user to have any advanced computer knowledge, coding knowledge, or editing experience. The virtual leasing software should be intuitive to use and produce high-quality footage. Second, look for virtual tour software tailored specifically to the multifamily community industry. Finally, look for video leasing software that provides a free virtual tour app and cloud storage. This app will allow users to shoot high-quality video tours with their phones and post them to the website with ease while maintaining security and a traceable record.

3D Virtual Tour

Besides virtual tour software, 3d virtual tour software platforms have also grown in popularity. 3D virtual tour software is designed to provide viewers with a 3D representation of what their vacant unit may look like. While this technology has proven successful in the video game industry, there is doubt around whether or not 3D virtual tours real estate are a strong way to convert leases. In general, a 3D virtual tour camera is great for providing videos that target those at the top of the sales funnel and increase website traffic for the multifamily property. On the other hand, they are not great for converting prospective residents at the bottom of the sales funnel.

Once prospective residents are at the bottom of the sales funnel, they look for more personalization than what 3D virtual tour software provides. 3D virtual tour software only provides a 3D representation of a vacant unit. When prospective residents are trying to make that final decision, they aren’t looking for a 3D representation of what their apartment or condo might look like. Instead, they are looking for the actual unit. They want to see what it looks like for themselves to make sure that is where they want to live. In this manner, 3D virtual tour services might not be the best choice for those who are closer to the bottom of the funnel.

360 Virtual Tour

360 virtual tour software is another popular software option in today’s world. 360 virtual technology has been made popular among countless new video games and is now making waves in multiple industries. Because of this, many wonder if 360 virtual tour software is going to make waves in the real estate industry as well. Similar to 3D virtual tours, a 360 tour creator is great for prospective residents who are still at the top of the sales funnel. This is ideal for situations where individuals and families are trying to figure out if they want to learn more about the multifamily living community. And similar to 3D virtual tours, when families are trying to decide if they want to sign a lease, they are looking for something more personal.

A 360 virtual tour creator only provides a 360-degree representation of a vacant unit. While helpful for top of the funnel, it is not going to provide prospective residents with images and video footage of the actual unit itself. Because of this, it might not be the right option to convince prospective residents at the bottom of the sales funnel to sign a lease. It is better to implement a live, native, virtual leasing or video leasing solution. Leveraging one of these solutions, property agents and leasing agents can boost their conversion rates and get more leases signed, driving up the occupancy rate of the building.

Virtual Tour Creator

The first step after implementing a video leasing and virtual leasing software solution is to learn how to use the virtual tour creator. A virtual tour creator can be used in multiple ways and there are several virtual tour creator software packages that provide a virtual tour creator app. There are two separate, common ways that virtual tour creator software can be used. First, leasing agents can host a live tour for an individual or family who is looking to learn more about a specific vacancy in the building. Alternatively leveraging the same functionality, a property team can host a live open house leveraging a virtual tour creator. This live option enables a team to reach a broad group of people at the same time. Secondly, a leasing agent can create pre-recorded video tours for prospective residents with a virtual tour creator. These videos are multifunctional as they can be published on the website as well as sent to prospective residents.

Virtual Tour Creator Free Option

Like any software need, property teams often look for a virtual tour creator free option. While it is possible to find free versions out there, these are rarely designed specifically for the real estate industry. This could result in leasing agents and property managers using virtual tour creator software that simply isn’t right for their needs. For this reason, it is always better to use virtual tour creator software that has been designed specifically for the real estate industry – ideally specifically for multifamily communities. That way, leasing agents and property managers generate a strong return on their investments.

Virtual Tour Software

In the end, virtual tour software is changing the way many leasing agents and property managers reach prospective residents. Realync is a prime example of a property virtual tour software causing a paradigm shift in the way property managers market. While there is virtual tour software for museums available, it is always better to rely on virtual tour software that has been designed specifically for multifamily communities. And while many packages offer a virtual tour software for real estate free trial, the watered-down version of the actual product will not provide leasing agents with an accurate feel for the total package.

With leasing and resident satisfaction at stake, It is always better to invest in high-quality virtual tour software designed specifically for multifamily communities. Leveraging Realync makes a difference. Realync helps property managers develop a raw, personal connection with prospective residents that will result in more leases — faster. Virtual tour software, such as Realync, is an invaluable tool for multifamily real estate professionals and will only continue to grow in its importance.

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