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Real Estate Virtual Tour Pricing

The real estate and property management industries haven’t always been at the cutting edge of technology. However, the good news for multifamily professionals is that ‘cutting edge’ no longer means high-tech, complicated, and expensive. What’s the new future of showcasing and touring multifamily properties to interested and curious prospective residents? Believe it or not, it is do-it-yourself, raw, transparent video recordings and live video. When combined with leasing agents on hand to answer questions, this medium of communication creates a highly effective strategy for onsite teams.

So what’s behind the ‘real,’ ‘raw,’ and ‘live’ trend? The real estate market has been flooded with waves of trendy technology from 360 tours to 3D tours to drone tours and more. The problem with this is that, although the tech creates buzz, it doesn’t translate into customer engagement or conversion. The market has spoken. Customers are burned out on static images and flashy tech. They respond to the personal touch and a more interactive experience while exploring properties.

Realync is designed to take advantage of these timeless real estate trends with showcasing properties, but is built to meet the market needs of today and give people what they want. This is in contrast to fancy gadgets that make a splash and then sink immediately due to poor sales. At Realync, we focus on streamlining the user experience for the leasing agents as well as the prospects receiving the tours.

When you are using Realync’s products, technology, and services, you will immediately notice a number of differences and benefits. Your communities will likely reach their desired occupancy much faster than when you use outdated strategies and overpriced tech. You will likely also see a higher percentage of your leads actually converting and a higher percentage converting without stepping foot on the property beforehand. Because of Realync’s mix of seamless, new technology and tried-and-true methods, we create a highly effective property viewing experience. We stand by our methods; our stats prove their effectiveness.

One recurring headache in the real estate market is the age-old question of how much to charge for a virtual tour. In the rest of this article, we will discuss how our technology will keep your costs down while improving prospect interaction. This is in contrast with other technologies which are expensive, oftentimes confusing and complex to operate, and worst of all: ineffective.

Real Estate Photography Packages

Still photography is a vital part of any marketing and leasing strategy for multifamily communities. In many cases, buyers and renters are first attracted due to an appealing image. These photos may be on a flier, in a magazine, an online ad, or run across while browsing online listings.

Considering this is the first impression that many prospective residents may have of the property, it’s worthwhile to invest a little here. Make sure you get real estate photography packages from an experienced source! Commercial real estate photography pricing often comes in several tiers depending on the number of images and complexity of the job. This lets you choose what you need for a price you can typically live with.

Once upon a time, clients might only have had these images to go on. Over the years, photos have become higher resolution and more sophisticated. This progress was reflected in real estate photography pricing in 2019. However, photographs have specific limitations. They are not interactive, so if a client wants more information or a closer look at something, they are out of luck.

Virtual tours claimed to solve this problem by letting people zoom in and out and virtually ‘walk’ around the unit or property. However, traditional virtual tours fall short in several ways. Even expensive technology cannot provide a lot of detail. Unique features and other quality information about the property may not be represented and the little details of being able to see in the closet or look left off the balcony to experience the view are still gaps.

A live video conducted by a leasing agent can solve this problem. It encourages interaction as prospective residents ask their questions and to see the details that they care about in real-time. This interactivity can not only build excitement and interest with prospective residents, but allows the leasing agent hosting it to establish a relationship in the process as well. Live video is also reassuring. It lets people know that they’re seeing the real deal, no careful angles or Photoshop involved.

So what about real estate photography near me? If you’re considering professional-grade images of the property, look for an experienced agency that can provide you with a real estate photography template or pricing list. Many of the larger industry photography companies have a network of localized photographers that can save your community money by removing big travel costs or pushing out timelines trying to coordinate.

The future is now and with our captions and translations, you can reach out to any audience, anywhere in the world. Every experience you create is saved to the cloud instantly so you can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you’ll always have access to the materials you require.

Real Estate Videography Pricing

Are you considering adding real estate video packages to your virtual tour experience? You probably have some questions before making the investment. Or should have some questions! First one being, how much do real estate videos cost?

That is not an easy answer! A number of factors go into commercial real estate video pricing. These range from quickly you need the real estate video to the quality of the production to the length of the video, the need for actors, how many units, and more. With so many open questions and variables for real estate video packages, make sure you discuss in detail with your provider to find the best options for your property’s needs.

In general, you may not want really high fidelity video of the property. Sure, it can sound attractive on the surface and you always want to showcase your community in its best light, but high fidelity videos bring several problems. First of all, the equipment to capture these images is more expensive. This will be reflected in your real estate video price list. Another issue with high fidelity is that it is not necessarily helpful in connecting prospective residents to the right property. High fidelity video of the area may be a great marketing piece sitting on your property website, but will likely be just that…an attractive property video that sits on the website.

Fortunately, there is another solution: DIY video walkthroughs. The keyword with those video walkthroughs is DIY or do-it-yourself. DIY video walkthrough real estate pricing is not just a fraction of the cost of high-quality production videos but is also just as, if not more, effective and appealing to a wide range of prospective residents.

Unlike unnecessarily expensive and complicated high production video, live and DIY video lets buyers and renters focus on the areas they are interested in and see the full story. If this video is associated with a leasing agent at the property, they will be able to answer any questions that the prospect may have, personalize the videos to that prospect’s needs and desires, and do it all via a cloud-based, Fair Housing compliant platform. This type of real estate video content lets your onsite team seize the moment of a prospective buyer or renter’s interest and streamline the entire touring process. Interactivity can go a long way to closing a prospect and improving confidence in the leasing agent and property manager at the same time.

The property video cost goes well beyond the creation of the content as well. Video is about building a connection between prospect and property. Video is about staying compliant with local and national fair housing laws. Video is about showcasing your space in a real, raw, transparent way. Video is a critical part of reaching the widest possible customer base. At Realync, we offer competitive real estate videography pricing with our cloud-based, DIY video leasing solution. This lets you leverage video at your properties inexpensively and effectively, and compliantly.

Like we said earlier, it isn’t about the shiniest and most expensive new technology anymore. It’s about the technology that customers connect with. And in today’s market, nothing is connecting more than ‘real’.

The real estate industry was once reliant on photos and stale, overpriced videos. In a climate where the buyer is going to make a more educated decision than ever before, Realync provides the tools necessary to create the authentic experience today’s market is looking for.

Drone Real Estate Packages

What else can you do to make your community stand out? Real estate drone photography is trendy, but often not used properly. Drone real estate packages vary depending on the property. They often include video and static shots from a variety of angles and heights.

At its best, searching for real estate drone photography near me will allow you to find a local professional that will be able to show off your property in a new light and, literally, from a new angle. One nice thing about drone images or video is that it also showcases the property in its surroundings. This is useful if you have attractive features such as parks nearby. However, drone photography is ineffective as a primary selling strategy. It is best used in addition to other, proven strategies such as live or DIY videography.

Real Estate 360 Photography Pricing

360 technology was hot starting about a decade ago, with many a 360 virtual tour company jumping on the trend.

However, don’t overestimate how effective 360 real estate photography is. This technology, despite the hype, effectively creates a still image. It has all the limitations of still photography that we’ve already discussed with no additional benefits outside of flashy point-in-time excitement.

Furthermore, people don’t encounter 360 images in their day to day life. These photos may be more disorienting than informative or appealing. If you want to include this trend in your overall strategy, look for 360 photography pricing that’s on the lower side. There are some DIY camera options that now work with smartphones or tablets, and it’s unlikely that 360 photography will have as much ROI potential as other strategies.

One thing to consider if you are going to invest in 360 real estate photography is Google 360. The integration to Google Earth and Google indoor street view makes using Google’s 360 photo services the most integrated and realistic experience for prospective residents. The experience still can only go so far ‘into’ your community but is at least proven to be valuable if you have retail space or commercial spaces as part of your mixed-use development.

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3D Real Estate Photography

What about 3D real estate photography? This is another high tech real estate trend that may not be worth a large investment. 3D real estate photography promises to immerse customers in the property and it does to a certain extent. Buyers or renters may be able to ‘walk around’ the property and see it in three dimensions instead of flat images, but consumers have long pegged 3D tours as disorienting, confusing, and fabricated.

While we don’t discourage them as a great marketing tool to sit on your website or listing and get people interested in your community, your results may not justify the 3D real estate photography prices. Nothing beats the personal touch of an agent on hand during a live video tour and nothing has come close to proving as ‘real’ and ‘transparent’ as live video tours either. If you want to experiment with this strategy, use it in addition to a more proven tactic like DIY or live videography.

Cost Of Virtual Reality Production

Virtual reality has been promised as the future of entertainment and information for decades now.

The technology is here, and finally usable, but it is not necessarily affordable or widespread. The cost of virtual reality production varies depending on the company you work with but includes expensive equipment to map the property and more equipment required for the prospective resident to experience it.

The virtual reality real estate cost may have a lot of hype and excitement, but will also likely not provide the results you’re looking for. People live in reality and want to experience the real thing. Virtual reality commercial real estate is still in its infancy and virtual reality real estate statistics are very hard to come by. That means that at this time, virtual reality software for real estate can be a risky investment if over-invested in.