How Do I Make an Android Apartment Video Tour?

To become an expert virtual tour creator, you need to choose a virtual tour software that’s easy to use and produces quality videos (and, you should be able to download it on any device).

Next, you’ll want to ensure you stage the unit and check that you have good lighting in the unit. Pro tip: Open the curtains to get more natural light. Lastly, use a stabilizer or wide-angle lens, so you’re video doesn’t turn out shaky!

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Android Apartment Video Tour

When you create an Android apartment video tour, it gives prospective residents a way to explore different floor plans, see apartment amenities, and take a virtual stroll around your community grounds. Depending on how comprehensive you want your virtual tour marketing strategy to be, you can choose a virtual tour platform, and use your Android to record from different angles and multiple perspectives.

Leasing professionals close more deals when prospective renters can see the beautiful flooring and the incredible view from their balcony. Or, you can focus your video message on how secure and convenient your property is by simulating a walk from the parking lot, through the hallways, and into the vacant apartment home.

While there are virtual tour iPhone apps, you will find many people looking for apartments have an Android smartphone. But, that’s not a problem today because Android phones now have some of the best camera features available along with an easy-to-use video production process. You can grow your prospective renters base organically using one of the best ways to generate leads and close deals. That is with digital marketing tools like an Android apartment video tour to showcase available apartment units.

Now more than ever, people are watching online videos as part of the buyer’s journey. This applies even more to the real estate market, where seeing is believing! If video tours are not a part of your real estate marketing strategy, then your property is missing out on a large sector of your target demographics. Across the board, families, singles, retired baby-boomers, Millennials, and Gen Z’ers – they all rely on smartphones to research a listing or investigate a neighborhood before scheduling an appointment to view an apartment for rent.

Here we will explain why an Android apartment video tour is so visually engaging that potential customers may not even need a physical walk-through of the apartment complex. This saves your management staff time, money and hassles.

Benefits of a 360 Virtual Tour

One of the best ways to showcase available apartment units is by using a 360 virtual tour real estate app.

Modernize your marketing strategies with virtual reality which can transform how you do business. A 360 virtual tour is a great way to engage prospects. And, when you leverage the power of real estate video technology, prospective renters get a more personalized apartment tour experience.

A 360 virtual tour of real estate is created by stitching together a sequence of photo images that you can take using your Android. The result is a panoramic view that captures a wider view of the property area you are photographing. These panoramic images are distinguished by their elongated horizontal view that is at an aspect ratio of 2:1 or larger.

And, when you add sound effects such as a property managers’ narration or music, your virtual tour is taken to the next level. A 360 or panoramic virtual tour simulates a prospective renter that is standing within the room and pans their vision in a sweeping motion across all four walls. Here are some benefits of offering a 360 virtual tour:

  • The viewer can control the navigation for their own unique experience.
  • Offers a more in-depth view of interiors and simulates the person is on-site.
  • Professional results can be accomplished with the right real estate virtual tour software.
  • Saves your staff the time it takes to show available units to multiple prospects.
  • Cuts your operating costs on scheduling appointments, travel time, and gas.
  • A 360 degree virtual tour is also known as a walk-through where the prospect feels as if they are truly immersed within the space. They can move around, turn their view, and zoom in to get a unique 360 degree perspective of each room.

Choosing the Best Virtual Tour Software

If you want to lower your net operating expenses and increase the number of sight-unseen leases, we’ll explain how to choose the best virtual tour software to meet all your multifamily apartment tour needs.

Open source virtual tour software may have limitations and will lack many of the features that are useful and are found on proprietary virtual tour software.

Here are some features to look for when choosing the best virtual tour software:

  • Never worry about losing content with the ability to save your videos to the cloud and view them at any time, on any device.
  • Cloud-based apps allow you to quickly share rental videos by text, email, and social media – all at the touch of a button.
  • The best virtual tour software will include analytics to gauge tour usage and lead conversion statistics.
  • Many ways to customize videos with voiceovers, text messaging, or music to create a personalized video tour experience.
  • Save time by hosting live video tours and virtual open houses to give prospective renters the look and feel of an in-person tour.
  • Create a secure audit trail to minimize your risk of Fair Housing compliance complaints.
  • Tailor your virtual tours to highlight the local neighborhood and the property’s lifestyle amenities with an interactive map feature.
  • Don’t make the mistake of confusing a virtual tour with traditional real estate video tours. Video tours are created by shooting a video with the standard single point-of-view. On the other hand, a virtual tour gives the prospective renter the ability to zoom in and out for a closer look at the apartment details.
  • Also, panoramic scenes and 360 virtual tours are included in this higher class of apartment video tours.

When choosing the best virtual tour software, make sure the app includes the features you desire, so you don’t have to worry about upgrading later.

How To Make A 360 Virtual Tour Free

If you want to know how to create a virtual tour for free, then partner with a service provider like Realync which offers a free toolkit on how to make a 360 virtual tour. Realync will show you a step-by-step process for recording the best apartment tours that are proven to convert. The beauty of today’s 360 virtual tour iPhone app and Android is that you don’t need a production company and lots of advanced equipment. All you need is the right software, your Android smartphone with a great camera and audio – then point and shoot.

Some best practices include preplanning the scenes you will shoot and in what order you want the apartment unit video tour to run. Some ideas include uploading different videos on a variety of apartment interiors along with a separate video that highlights the community amenities and showcases your management staff and maintenance crew.

Or, you can opt to create one virtual tour video that walks the prospect through the entire process of meeting the property manager, walking through the community, then entering the available apartment unit.

And finally, the choice is yours on how creative you want to be. Maybe you want to create a visually dazzling apartment tour or a more subtle virtual tour. Match the video tour with your community’s culture, which may be urban sophistication, family comfort and safety, or a quiet and reserved place for seniors.

Real Estate Virtual Tour Pricing

You will have a range of real estate virtual tour pricing options, including free virtual tour software that have limited features or a limited time-frame for usage. The benefit of using a virtual tour real estate free trial is that you have the opportunity to test the virtual tour app to see if it fits your needs. On the other extreme, if you hire a real estate photographer, you may pay from $100 and $300 per shoot for photos only – this does not include videos.

When you partner with an internet-based service provider, the real estate virtual tour pricing will be much more flexible and more budget-friendly. For instance, you may pay a low, monthly fee for continued access to the platform. But, you’ll gain access to informative content like best practices for making real estate videos, case studies, and downloadable webinars and white papers to maximize your digital sales and leasing.

For instance, Realync offers different packages to fit your real estate Android apartment video tour needs. Some examples of feature-packed solutions include real estate virtual tour, drone footage for real estate, real estate 360 photography, and 3D real estate photography.

Key Real Estate Virtual Tour Services

The best real estate virtual tour services will offer you a turnkey experience – meaning that it is ready for immediate use to support the efforts of multifamily property rentals. This would include how to make a virtual tour with your phone, no matter if it is an Android smartphone or an iPhone. You can expect that real estate virtual tour services will help prospects see what all your community has to offer. But you need to consider our best practices on how to make a virtual tour for real estate that we’ve outlined above.

Other key real estate virtual tour services include cloud-hosting, live panoramas, hotspot navigation, virtual reality (VR) compatibility, integration with Google Street View, comprehensive tutorials, and a Facebook support group.

Again we stress, don’t pay for features or options that you really don’t need, or won’t use to their full benefit. Maybe a more streamlined real estate virtual tour service is all that you need in order to lease your apartments. Whatever service provider you choose, make sure you have access to an online support team. They can make your video tour creation much easier.

Realync is a great virtual tour app iPhone or Android because it’s user-friendly and easy to set up. Furthermore, Realync has a support team ready to offer video suggestions and help with any questions you may have. The key features to look for in a virtual tour app are those things that will streamline your efforts instead of creating more hassles when producing video tours of apartment units. A virtual tour app is designed to make your marketing efforts more effective by allowing you to engage with future and current residents more easily.

Also, look for a provider of real estate virtual tours that offers a video tour app demo, so you can see first-hand how the product is used and how it can help. To learn more about Realync’s virtual tour app for iPhone or for our Android Apartment Video Tours, visit Realync online today.

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