We’ve all seen them. Sweeping video views of multifamily properties with perfectly curated lighting and images photoshopped to perfection. If that’s what you’re looking at, it can be easy to think you will never have the time, talent, or energy to learn how to shoot real estate video on your own.

Want some good news? Those expensive videos produced by professionals aren’t giving prospects what they want. And may not be what your leasing team actually needs. It’s a lot of flash but no real substance. In other words, prospects aren’t getting the real, authentic view they need and desire from a leasing standpoint. And that difference between the professional video and DIY, transparent, personalized apartments videos could be the difference between a leasing agent closing the deal or not closing the deal.

Even better news? You can learn how to shoot real estate video that closes deals without expensive real estate video gear or a degree in real estate videography. If you’re looking for how to shoot real estate video like a closer, look no further! We’re here to help you out with some great tips.


Stop looking for the best camera setup for real estate photography or video. You don’t need it. In fact, all you need is likely already in your purse or pocket. That’s right – your mobile device.  You don’t need expensive cameras or lighting setups. With a few quick add-ons to your mobile device, any multifamily professional can produce a quality video, whether live or recorded. When it comes to learning how to shoot and edit real estate videos that can close deals with prospects, a mobile device, the right video platform, and the desire to experiment is all you’ll need.

Practice Your “Craft”

There is no substitute for practice. If you want to know how to shoot real estate video well, you simply need to practice. Whether you are trying to learn how to make a real estate video with an iPhone or with the best camera on the market, learning what works and what doesn’t take practice. What works for one community may not work for another as well. It’s up to you to find your personal style, brand, and way for shooting that clicks with your prospective residents and gives them what they’re looking for. By spending time practicing and honing your video style, you’ll be able to learn the best way to optimize real estate video lighting in your units, the best frame rate for real estate video, and so much more. We’ve offered a few tips and tricks in the past you can revisit.

Practice more than just the nuts and bolts of shooting. Practice the various types of content you’ll want to create as well. Take some real estate walkthrough video tutorials and have your coworker play the part of a prospect. See what you may have missed or what questions you should be prepared for in a live tour. Similarly, you’ll learn what you need to spend more time on and what showcases your space in its best, most transparent way. There are plenty of real estate video courses out there. Take a class, grab your mobile device and start shooting!

Use Your People

There are tons of great real estate video ideas out there. One thing the most creative real estate videos have in common is involving people! A community is bigger than just the structure. Use your teams to help shape the property personality. Knowing how to make a real estate drone video is fun, and can be differentiating. But so can having interviews or testimonials from your current team and residents. For instance, have one of your best leasing agents guide a real estate walk through video through one of the more popular units. The agent can call out all the great features that may have gone overlooked with a self-guided virtual tour. The human factor can make all the difference in video for real estate

Make it Real and Personalized

Now that we know what to use, have practiced how to use it and know how important the human factor is, let’s take things further. Think about what works for today’s prospective residents. What will get them from lead to lease? What is really going to close the deal? For the most part, that’s raw, real, transparent video tours. When you’re thinking about how to shoot a real estate video, keep in mind those aspects that will build the trust and transparency needed to close a deal.

Showing a prospect the exact unit they could be living in and being there to answer their questions? There’s nothing closer to an in-person experience. It will give prospects exactly what they need to feel comfortable signing on the dotted line, even if they never set foot on the property before. In addition, if you need to pre-record a video instead of connecting via live video tour, that’s fine. But, being able to personalize the video for a specific prospect based on their needs? That’s what is going to set your community apart and what is going to make a prospect take notice.

Set your community apart with personalized real estate video software

And there you have it! Video leasing really does not have to be complicated in order to be successful! With a few quick equipment upgrades and some recording tips, you’ll know how to shoot real estate video and will be closing more leases in no time.  And if you’re looking to make the process even simpler, Realync if your answer.

Why? With the Realync platform, leasing professionals can have it all. Realync allows onsite teams to create and host high quality, authentic videos that can be personalized and shared…all with just a mobile device. These tips + Realync mean you can easily create something meaningful and impactful for your property and connect with prospective residents to instill that all important trust factor.

If you’d like to learn more about virtual leasing, video leasing, or multifamily video for marketing, resident engagement, maintenance, and more, please do reach out! Our team is here to help.

Until next time…keep it real!