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Free Toolkit: Creative Real Estate Video Ideas for Touring a Property

Inside the toolkit:

  • Learn how to record an apartment video tour that converts.
  • Watch our step-by-step unit recording best practices video.
  • Download our 9-point cheatsheet for future reference.

About the Resource

Next time you go to purchase an item or lease a car, think about the entire experience. Experiencing firsthand the number of options throughout a purchasing decision will help you see the value in providing an array of touring options for your community! Not sure how to get started with virtual tours?

This downloadable resource will explain exactly how you can use pre-recorded video tours to promote your property. It includes a step-by-step guide to get you started on using video to advertise your properties, as well as some of the market research supporting this approach.

Creative Real Estate Videos

f you want to grab the attention of today’s apartment renters and close more deals faster – it will take powerful and creative real estate videos that show a realistic image of apartments and a creative view of what the community offers. Here you will discover the power of Realync to create do-it-yourself multifamily videos that will give your prospective residents a fresh, transparent way to see your property.

Dynamic and rich media is the type of content today that immerses the viewer right in the environment you are promoting, and is exactly what it takes to convert potential renters into signed leases.

While technically anyone can pull out their phone and start recording or hosting a video, there are many tips that can take videos of your multifamily community and units to another level. Along with key video tips and best practices, using the proper video leasing platform, like Realync, will help streamline the process and take a lot of the burden off your staff. And the results? Buckle up because the best multifamily videos are not only helping increase conversion rates with inbound leads, but is also helping to increase sight-unseen leasing and decrease overall sales cycles with prospective residents as well. Making creative real estate videos is what will truly set your apartment community apart from the competition, and these videos can prove significantly more impactful than a staged virtual reality tour.

The best real estate videos 2018 will offer renters more than a 3D animated version of the unit. Other real estate video platforms will often stitch together several photographs of a singular, staged apartment unit and that’s it. The problem with these types of marketing tools is that they don’t instill trust into the process leaving the prospective resident still needing to see the actual available unit in person. You’ve virtually gained nothing using these outdated video platforms outside of another in person tour request.

Residents want to see more. They want to see the exact unit they will be renting, an overview of the community, a tour of the neighborhood, or at the very least, a walk-through of the floor plan they are interested in. And that’s the power of real estate videos – maximizing your time with polished, pre-recorded real estate video tours that are created using just your iPhone or iPad.

Funny Real Estate Videos

One of the best ways to make people comfortable can be the use of comedy. Laughter has long been known to break down walls and barriers and make people comfortable in various scenarios. One such scenario is working on getting someone to sign a lease at your multifamily property.

Funny real estate videos can take a bit of imagination, like this real estate video, ‘Drussel the Real Estate Muscle’, that was showcased on The Jimmy Fallon Show. So maybe you can’t get clips of Tom Hanks in the movie ‘The Money Pit’, but you can use parody (deliberate exaggeration for comic effect) by reenacting scenes from a well-known movie as a fun way to show off your community!

Some of the most creative real estate videos will use costumed onsite staff members to add comic relief as they discuss the benefits of your community, talk through a maintenance issue, or a pertinent topic like picking up after your pet. The only thing serious about these types of funny real estate video ideas should be ‘truth in advertising’. Show your community, without embellishment, and don’t be afraid to make light fun of your community or the scenario that you’re covering.

To get more real estate video ideas, simply talk to your residents or think through some of the real issues or concerns that your residents and prospective residents are dealing with. Some of the best apartment video ideas that we have seen have addressed picking up after your pets, covering the ins and outs of the move-in process, and making announcements to your residents about special events or amenities.

These apartment video ideas may seem simple and that’s actually the point. Your real estate videos don’t need to be developed by million-dollar advertising agencies. Your onsite team is all you need. They’re the ones that are closest to the pain points and issues with prospective and current residents, and are the ones that know what could connect with those audiences. Consider having a brainstorming session with your team to throw any and all ideas out there and create your own funny real estate videos 2019 that will catch the consumer’s attention by showcasing your community and floor plans without boring the viewer.

How To Shoot Real Estate Video

The best video app for leasing agents will allow you to do several key things. The best apartment video app will allow onsite teams to create their own apartment videos as well as personalize their videos using free real estate video templates and tools.

By empowering onsite teams to create their own real estate videos, they’ll be able to create the content that will be most valuable to their audiences and most beneficial to their needs and roles. Imagine the time onsite teams will gain when they can instantly record vacant units and have apartment unit videos instantly ready to list, promote, and lease.

DIY apartment video can be intimidating, but it doesn’t need to be. Here are some tips on how to shoot real estate video for both large and small apartment units alike:

  • Start your video outside the unit, then open / walk through the door to showcase what it feels like to enter their future home.
  • Once inside the unit, shoot your shots using slow pans from side to side when recording room by room. Our tip, stand & pan. Minimize walking and just find your pan point.
  • Move through the unit in a logical way when creating your apartment unit video. You know how people walk through the space, so follow that logical flow when creating your videos as well.
  • Turn all lights on, open all window blinds, turn on ceiling fans, close toilet seats, and make sure that the unit is prepared to be shown before recording your video.
  • Don’t forget about the storage. Record all closets and make sure to pan them thoroughly from top to bottom or side to side to showcase the full detail of the space.
  • If there are outdoor spaces, make sure to walk outside and through any outdoor patio or balcony areas.

As you discover how to make real estate videos, it is critical to consider the experience of the person watching the video. Viewers desire a realistic representation of the entire living area and want a ‘real’ look into the space. By making your videos transparent and real, it will help prospective residents make the best decision on whether a specific unit or floor plan is large enough for them and fits their needs. Simulated and animated 3D videos and virtual reality representations lack the realism of a DIY apartment video recorded on just your iPhone or iPad.

If you’re an apartment leasing professional, making video a leasing tool in your arsenal can be one of your best and highest converting assets, when done right. You want your real estate video to be as close to a live walkthrough as possible to win the trust of prospective residents and overcome the challenge of your busy staff trying to show each unit that may come available.

If you want to learn more about how to best record a DIY apartment video, you can view even more tips and tricks here.

Real Estate Intro Video

If you are actively using video marketing or video leasing for your multifamily community, then it is important to have an introduction video that highlights you or your team and your community and leasing process. Often, a real estate intro video is the best first touchpoint for communicating information, establishing a connection, and outlining the next steps from that point forward.

A quality real estate lifestyle video can be a highly converting video on your website or in the hands of leasing agents, but ensuring that it’s properly introduced so that people can quickly understand all that they’re seeing is very important for the overall effectiveness of it.

While many people are attracted to multifamily communities as a lifestyle choice, another great way to use apartment videos is to record a real estate welcome video. Welcome videos are your chance to add value to your apartment community by introducing the management staff and property maintenance teams. These videos can give the viewer an instant sense of familiarity when they do visit your property in person as well as very easily communicate community policies and more.

Leasing agent introduction scripts for these sort of intro or welcome videos should be a priority to ensure your recording goes smoothly and everything is effectively communicated. Make sure that your video scripts are original and unique, avoiding a cookie-cutter video for all staff member introductions. A good tip is to have each staff member ask a question in the video, then answer it as a way to describe what their job entails. It is important to keep the focus on the apartment community and not the individual personalities though.

Larger communities might need a series of short, informative videos, all geared towards making a new resident more comfortable with community rules, amenities, and repairs or complaints. The beauty of real estate intro videos is that you can put a face with a name, which is the first step to breaking down barriers and fostering great relationships between the staff and new residents.

Real Estate Video Marketing

Real estate video marketing should be unique to each property, as each community will have its own features that make it a unique, desirable place to live for any given group of people. Focus your marketing strategy to highlight those features that set your community apart. The best way to fill vacancies quickly is to market your community in multiple ways including real estate video marketing on social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

When it comes to marketing with real estate promo videos that target a specific demographic, partnering with a marketing agency could prove very beneficial, but very pricey. The thing that an agency would help you do is identifying your target audience and target demographics, then build out the strategic plans on how to reach and where to reach those audiences. If your team can set these on your own though, it can save lots of time and money in pursuing your apartment marketing strategy.

One key thing to consider when building out your apartment marketing strategy is how video plays into that. Times are changing, and using real estate video software is one of the best ways to keep up with a mobile-first consumer. The complexities about an apartment video strategy is all of the different ways and places that video could and should be used for promoting your apartment community. Social media continues to dominate targeting and advertising, so be sure to include Instagram real estate videos or real estate videos for Facebook in your strategies. Focus on equipping your target audience with the information and tools they need to understand whether your apartment community is the one for them quickly and easily.

Real Estate Video Software

To create amazing real estate videos, it will take more than a camera and an internet connection. However, it doesn’t require much more than that. Today’s consumer desires a DIY feel on their videos as it instills a certain level of trust and transparency into the process. In order to equip your onsite team to create this sort of video content, consider the real estate video software provided by Realync.

The best apartment video software will not only be built for apartment leasing, but will be a simple platform that integrates and makes video a true enterprise strategy for the entire onsite team. Here are just a few of the many benefits that Realync’s video leasing solution offers:

  • Create pre-recorded videos using an iPhone or iPad
  • Easily customize video clips with captions and voice-overs
  • Share videos via text message or use the cloud for social media posts
  • Host a live, in-person tour that is broadcast in real-time
  • Control interactive maps to highlight neighborhood attractions
  • Receive analytical feedback that measures client engagement
  • Integrate into your lead management platform, community website, and more

Realync is multifamily’s only Fair Housing compliant video leasing solution that is purpose built for multifamily communities. With Realync video tours, your prospective residents will get the next best thing to a real, in person tour of your community and available units.The result? Increased conversion, decreased sales cycles, increased sight-unseen leasing, and more.

Real Estate Coaching Videos

If you’re just getting into DIY real estate video for your apartment community, take baby steps and learn from others first. The number one thing that we recommend is to jump in and learn as you do. Figure out your voice, your recording style, and make subtle, small changes as you learn along the way.

One pro tip is to understand what real estate video equipment you may want to invest in. At a minimum, consider investing in an anti-shake gimbal like the DJI Osmo. If you’re looking to really take your skills to the next level, also consider going through real estate coaching videos.There are a number of real estate video tips that can help improve your recording, editing, and your messaging. Consider the Realync free toolkit that teaches you how to shoot real estate videos, including:

  • Step-by-step recording instruction
  • Discussion of video best practices
  • 9 point cheat sheet for future reference

This real estate videography course can cut your learning curve drastically and get your real estate videos uploaded and online in no time.

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