If you’re looking to learn how to shoot multifamily real estate video, there is a ton of advice out there. Sometimes, it’s great advice! But, more often than not, it all just seems…overwhelming. There’s so much out there it’s hard to know where to start. Well, being multifamily’s most trusted video leasing solution, we’re here to help.

Before you sign up for a pricey apartment videography course or buy an expensive real estate video package, take a breath and think. What does your audience really want? What real estate video marketing tactics are going to speak to them? It’s likely not going to be something highly produced and photoshopped.  So, you can cancel your expensive real estate video editing or outsourcing. Real estate video creation doesn’t have to be that hard or that expensive.

Here are a few of our top, simple real estate videography tips that can help you learn how to shoot apartment videos that work. 

1.Be Authentic

Often, today’s multifamily marketers think that they need slick, highly produced videos. That means buying expensive real estate video services and real estate video editing services. Here’s the truth. It doesn’t work. Or at least as effectively as you likely want or need it to. 

Today’s prospective residents want to see a real, authentic look at their potential new home. And, given video walk through pricing and real estate video production costs, that’s good news. Rather than a single-use video, invest in an apartment video software that allows you to create authentic real-time videos. If you are the director and production crew, that means you can cater your videos to your exact needs at the property. The right video leasing solution will even empower you to host a live video tour for one, or multiple, prospects. Thus allowing you to truly make it personal to them, answer their questions, and build a relationship in real-time. And there’s no form of video more authentic than that. 

Learn how to shoot real, authentic real estate video

2. Ditch the Pricey Equipment 

One of the big questions we often hear when considering how to make real estate videos, is around the equipment needed. Well, we’re here to save you time and money. When you’re looking at how to shoot real estate video, you don’t necessarily need to invest in a ton of expensive real estate video equipment. In fact, you can shoot high level apartment video using just an iPhone. That’s right. You don’t need to spend all of your budget on the best lens for real estate video or the best camera for real estate video. All you need is what’s always in your purse or pocket. 

That’s not to say you can’t find a few pieces of real estate photography equipment to enhance your final product. Just do so affordably. A wide angle lens, a microphone, and an anti-shake device can all be added to work in conjunction with you iPhone and greatly improve the quality of your videos. But, the single-most important piece of the puzzle beyond your iPhone is the right multifamily video software. With it, you can create all of the personalized apartment videos, tours, and communications that you’ll need to engage with your prospective residents and with your community. 

3. Remember the Basics 

While recording your video with a mobile devices certainly helps save time and money, it’s still important to keep the basics in mind. When recording, you want your video clips to need as little video editing as possible. And if it’s a live video? You won’t have that opportunity. So, an important tip in how to shoot multifamily video is to make sure to pre-walk your unit or space. Make sure that blinds are open, cabinets are shut, there is adequate lighting, toilet seats are closed, etc. One key with ensuring your space will show well is actually to consider the time of day. If exterior light is available, great! If not, maybe consider an external light source just in case. 

Another basic tip to remember? Don’t walk too much and pan slowly. If you think you are panning slowly, go even slower. Your viewers will thank us. Our top tip here is to actually find your pan points, then plant your feet there and pan from the hip. Obviously certain shots will require some walking to best capture the space, but whenever possible, use slow panning shots to give your viewers ample time to process what they’re seeing.

4. Use People 

One often forgotten tip for creating creative apartment videos that will grab your prospect’s attention? Use people! A community is more than just the physical structure – it is the people inside it. Drone real estate packages can show beautiful views of the entire property and community overview videos are perfect for showcasing all of the incredible amenities that you offer. But, it’s also important for some of your real estate video ideas to include the people your prospective residents will be interacting with. 

These videos don’t need to be fancy or overly scripted. A simple introduction video introducing your team can go a long way to stand out in the apartment marketing process. Take it a step further by having a leasing agent guide a tour through your most popular unit. Calling out all of the great features that may have gone overlooked in the video is a key benefit beyond adding that human factor. Looking further down the resident lifecycle, create a welcome video to send to new residents prior to move-in that outlines what to expect on move-in day, some general community policies, and a personal note welcoming them to the community.

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Unless you’re looking at how to get into real estate photography or for real estate videography jobs, learning how to shoot and edit the expensive apartment videos and purchasing all of the equipment to do so is just not necessary. With the Realync platform, leasing professionals can have it all. Realync allows for high quality, authentic videos that can be personalized and shared…all with a simple mobile device. These tips + Realync mean you can easily create something meaningful and impactful for your property.

Until next time…keep it real!