Free Toolkit: How to Make Real Estate Videos for Touring a Property

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  • Learn how to record an apartment video tour that converts.
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About the Toolkit

Just about every apartment available for rent these days offers a virtual tour to prospective tenants. But these impersonal tours often aren’t able to capture the true charm of a unit, and renters may feel as though they still need an in-person visit before they commit.

This downloadable resource will explain exactly how you can use pre-recorded video tours to promote your property. It includes a step-by-step guide to get you started on using video to advertise your properties, as well as some of the market research supporting this approach.

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How to Make Real Estate Videos

Technological advances have impacted almost every area of the economy and this includes the multifamily real estate industry. One of the ways technology has impacted the multifamily real estate industry is the advent of multifamily real estate videos.

While prior decades might have relied on mostly in-person tours and still pictures, videos present an opportunity for a property manager or leasing agent to show potential residents a side of the apartment they might not have previously seen. Therefore, this might make a crucial difference when someone is trying to decide whether or not to lease a unit.

When a real estate leasing professional is trying to make the best multifamily real estate videos 2018, the goal is to present the unit in the best light possible. The video should be used to not only present an apartment but also show aspects of the unit that cannot be seen through any other method. This is the goal of a multifamily real estate video and the value that it brings to the market. Therefore, it’s important for every leasing agent in today’s day and age to understand the importance of real estate videos and how to make them properly. Understanding the process will help every leasing agent deliver top-notch, high-quality real estate videos each and every time. This will go a long way toward showing a prospective resident how much a leasing agent cares about his or her needs.

How To Make A Real Estate Video Tour

When someone is looking to make a real estate video tour, the goal is to show the apartment in a logical sequence.

Remember, the viewer cannot turn his or her head to reorient, so the viewer is relying on the video to keep them focused. Therefore, it makes sense to start with the entryway. Capture the front door and the unit number. Then, proceed through the living room, dining area, kitchen, and any hallways that might be present.

After this, proceed through the master suite with the bedroom, closet, and bathroom. Finally, the video can proceed through any additional bonus rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms before moving to the patio and balcony area. Having a logical progression is important for ensuring the multifamily real estate video tour keeps the viewer engaged and informed.

Following this progression will allow the viewer to keep up with the tour. The goal is to get the viewer to consume a live walkthrough of the actual living area. Therefore, think about this when considering how to make real estate videos or how to shoot real estate video. This is significantly better than making a 3D animated area of the apartment which simply cannot project the same level of detail that a live video can convey. Identifying the small details that set a living area apart is how to make a real estate video that sells. Of course, those who are going through this process for the first time might find it challenging. That’s why there are free real estate video templates available to help guide someone through this process.

The future is now and with our captions and translations, you can reach out to any audience, anywhere in the world. Every experience you create is saved to the cloud instantly so you can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you’ll always have access to the materials you require.

Real Estate Intro Video

It’s important for everyone to have an introduction video for any unit that’s being leased.

Think about the mindset of a potential resident when they visit the homepage of the apartment complex’s website. It’s crucial to play a video that’s going to not only grab the attention of the visitor but also make that person feel welcome.

This will encourage him or her to learn more about the unit, scrolling through some of the other information that might be present regarding the unit and the leasing agent.

In order to make a solid real estate intro video, it’s important to have a real estate leasing agent introduction script. The presence of the leasing agent is critical because it helps to place a name and face of an agent with the unit. There are video scripts for real estate leasing agents that are available that will help not only provide helpful information regarding the unit but also provide a warm feel to the video that will invite the viewer to learn more.

A real estate welcome video should also communicate important information about the living area surrounding the property. This might include the presence of a pool, gathering area, and even some helpful information about the restaurants and shopping in the area. In this sense, many real estate info videos will have the feel of a real estate lifestyle video, which goes a long way toward encouraging the visitor to learn more about the property.

The real estate industry was once reliant on photos and stale, overpriced videos. In a climate where the buyer is going to make a more educated decision than ever before, Realync provides the tools necessary to create the authentic experience today’s market is looking for.

Real Estate Video Software

When making a real estate video, it’s important to take steps that are going to set the video apart from the competition. For this reason, the presence of real estate video software that can easily and lightly edit the video is crucial. Some of the best real estate videos are made with a multifamily real estate listing video maker, but Realync is so much more than that. Realync provides incredible new software for apartment complexes to take advantage of. The goal is to get more residents in a shorter amount of time to keep those units full. This will help the complexes stay in touch and engaged with their residents, even after their units are occupied. While old pictures and videos might have been nice, with Realync, property managers can use live video to show prospective clients what living in an apartment complex is actually like. This might even help people make a decision without an in-person tour, saving time and money.

One way to grab the attention of a potential client is to use creative real estate videos. Some funny real estate videos might include the presence of food or drinks or by shooting the video during an actual party that’s taking place at the property. Real estate video ideas might also include shooting common areas such as the gym, pool, or lobby area. Fun real estate videos can also show the view from the top of the building, demonstrating the outstanding views or nearby skyline. Be sure to work in multiple people, multiple voices, and throw in a few jokes. Dressing up in costumes that fit the time of year is also a great idea. These are only a few of the many ways a leasing agent can show the unit in the best light possible. The goal is to create a warm and welcoming environment that will encourage people to sign up for a lease.

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Real Estate Video Marketing

Multifamily real estate videos are a form of marketing. In the field of multifamily real estate video marketing, it’s important to plan ahead. Think about the objectives and the measurements that will be used to quantify the performance of the video. There are specific key performance indicators (KPIs) that must be identified prior to initiating the marketing plan.

Some of the KPIs that people might use for their multifamily real estate listing video services include the number of people who call for more information, the number of people who take a tour, and, of course, the number of new leases that are signed.

When designing multifamily real estate promo videos or multifamily real estate video marketing scripts, it’s also important to tailor the marketing plan to the exact type of community that’s being marketed to. What’s the age range of the people living in the building? Is there a specific occupation that tends to fill the building? Finally, it’s also a good idea to consider a marketing agency that can help target a specific customer base.

Creating multifamily real estate videos for Facebook, Instagram, and even Snapchat, can play a major role in promoting the property. Real estate video marketing services may already have built-in services that take advantage of social media, helping to expand the potential client base. Take advantage of these professional services for real estate leasing agent marketing videos.

Real Estate Video Tips

Lastly, when designing a real estate video, think about the countless people who are going to visit your website and form an opinion based on the video. It’s important to consider a few real estate video tips to ensure the video presents the property in the best light possible.

One of the tips that everyone should keep in mind comes in the form of a real estate videography course. Learning about real estate video editing services and proper real estate video techniques can significantly improve the quality of the video, leading to more phone calls, more tours, and a higher occupancy rate.

A multifamily real estate video course will provide everyone with a lot of helpful information that can significantly elevate the quality of the video being shot. Some of the information that might be taught includes real estate video packages and real estate videography equipment. Many leasing professionals shooting real estate videos might not have any experience in this process. Therefore, it’s important to learn about the process. Particularly for those who are looking to do a live video, it’s important to plan and execute this video properly. A real estate video course will teach someone how to set up equipment, establish proper lighting, design a script, invest in the right packages, and edit the video properly. Do not underestimate the value of a real estate videography course. This will help a property manager not only fill their apartments but also stay ahead of the competition.