The main goal for leasing agents is to get leases signed and fill units. Simple, right? While there are many ways to do just that very effectively, one of the more recent ways to lease units that is gaining lots of momentum is using creative real estate videos

The power of video marketing is undisputed. In real estate, the opportunity for fun and creative videos is endless. Used the right way, these videos can help turn your prospects into lease-signed future residents quicker than you thought possible. 

The good news? With a little work and some tips from us, you can learn how to make multifamily videos that will work for you and get leases signed. 

Consider What Your Audience Wants and Needs 

Now, this is the number one must if you want your real estate video marketing plan to work. No matter how good or creative your real estate videos are, they need to appeal to your target audience. Ask yourself, are your ideal residents younger or more mature residents? Do they want an active community or peace and quiet to study or just relax? Will they look for more funny real estate videos or do they want something more dramatic? Are they consuming media online through social media? There’s a lot to consider, to be sure. So, spend some time thinking about your resident profiles and that should help guide your multifamily real estate video ideas.

Plan Your Videos Accordingly 

Next up, while there is something to be said for the creativity of spontaneous video shoots, in this case, planning can be your friend. Think ahead about what you want to record and about how your audience will consume the media. Then, decide how long your multifamily video should be with a little research on multifamily real estate video tips. Real estate videography courses can help with what to include and how to best shoot real estate video. In fact, there are plenty of free, online guides to help with everything from real estate videos for Facebook to general real estate promo videos. Plus, with the right software and guidance, planning can be easy. If you’re looking for specific tips or tricks, feel free to message us at — we’re always here to help!

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Know the Value of Video – and the Right Video Software

Video is one of the most powerful tools in a leasing agent‘s marketing arsenal. Today’s busy schedules, and often geographical obstacles, means a video tour of a space may be the best way for prospects to see it. However, you don’t need expensive real estate video equipment to get the bang for your buck. If you have the right real estate video software, prospects can experience high-quality, creative real estate video that a leasing agent can record simply on their mobile device. A smartphone is all you need, but some enhancements won’t hurt.

The very best way to consume a real estate video tour? A live video tour!

A live walk through of the actual apartment, instead of a 3D, or 360 tour or virtual reality view of the apartment, really shows the audience what they actually want to see. By relying on 3D or 360 tours, there’s a risk of the experience being too much of a production and not instilling enough authenticity. By showing off your property and specific units with authentic, live video, people will be much more likely to sign. Why? You can’t photoshop live. They’re seeing the real thing as it stands and can ask their questions in real-time. The value is real. 

Steer Clear of “Too Perfect”

There are plenty of real estate videography companies out there that will produce and film wonderful videos of a multifamily property. But be cautious. Many of these real estate video productions are overly staged and full of general…fakeness. Don’t be inauthentic with your videos. People want to see what they are getting into. Showcase your property in its best light and don’t try to hide things. Prospective residents can smell the in-authenticity and that will automatically destroy the trust that is a necessary component of getting deals closed. Being able to show them the property live certainly helps take out the element of surprise while also allowing for personalization. Speaking of…

Keep Them Personal 

Finally, your most creative real estate videos will show off what is unique about your property. It will show off the personality of the units, the community, and people who live and work there. Also, a good real estate lifestyle video will showcase all of that. Including real estate video testimonials will give current residents a chance to talk about what they love and future residents to get a feel for who their neighbors could be. While drafting video scripts for leasing agents is helpful to stay on message, make sure they can be personalized for each prospect and for each leasing professional. In addition, this is another area where live video tours really shine. Naturally, live video is personalized to the prospective resident(s) on the other end viewing that tour and seeing what they want to see. 

Make real estate videos that get leases signed

In the end, the most creative multifamily real estate videos should consider the audience, be planned out with the right software, be personal and be authentic. By showing off your property and specific units with authentic video, people will be much more likely to sign on that lease’s dotted line. Why? It all boils down to trust. 

Want to learn more or give video leasing a try? We at Realync know video leasing and are here to help!

Until next time…keep it real!