Today’s multifamily real estate market is crowded. It can be challenging to stand out to prospects. Virtual tours are certainly one of the must-haves; however, it’s tough to produce innovative and new videos even with using them.

You may look to find the biggest and flashiest ways to make creative real estate videos. All the production and lighting – bigger is better right? It’s what will get you noticed? Well, maybe. But that may not be the best way to use video to increase lease conversion rates. Rather than trying to make the next best Netflix movie, it’s important to turn your focus to creative methods and strategies.

Real estate videos can improve your community’s lead-to-lease conversion rate. The question, of course, is how to tap into all of that potential and use video to build brand awareness and drive lead conversions. Luckily, we can steer you in the right direction.

Video Can Drive More Qualified Leads

When you think about the type of prospective resident you would like to see come through your sales funnel, what does that person look like? Are they sort of in the dark about what they are about to see? They may have seen a few catchy real estate ads for your property or seen a 360 or 3D virtual tour but, that doesn’t amount to much.

Prospects need authentic and creative videos of your community that give them a good idea of what it would be like if they lived there.

A more qualified lead can come through the sales funnel and be attributed to your authentic real estate video playlist. As they come into the top of the funnel, your leads are more informed and more qualified than they would be just seeing a highly produced and edited video.

Using creativity and authenticity throughout your videos, you can ensure your lead is coming to you because they want what your property is offering. Take, for example, social media. Your real estate ads on social media should give an accurate, transparent idea of the property. That gives people a better idea of what they are potentially signing up for and gives you a lead who is a bit further down the pipeline than you may typically see.

Check out these ideas on how to get creative with your marketing videos

Video Can Lead to a Streamlined Lead-to-Lease Process

Let’s say you have a highly qualified lead heading down the sales funnel. This is where creative real estate videos can really work their magic. At this point, you and your leasing team should be laser-focused on maximizing each stage of the funnel with real, transparent communication with each prospective resident. Each touchpoint needs to result in:

  • More information about what the prospect is looking for
  • Why the prospect is interested in your community
  • What do they want to see

Then, use that information to make sure you’re getting the most personalized and relevant information in front of that lead. The best way to do that? Use creative and catchy real estate videos.

Videos content is what gets clicks; they increase open rates and views. It’s the type of content your prospective residents will engage with more than plain text. Not convinced?👇

[CASE STUDY] Artistry’s Leasing Manager, Jacob, was on his way to dinner on a Saturday evening, unable to tour a prospect in person. Yet, Jacob sent a Realync pre-recorded video to the prospective resident, and that one video closed the deal in just 22 minutes! This is how simple and effective video can be.

Use pre-recorded video to show exact units, amenities, and the neighborhood as a whole. It’s also a great place for a team introduction video. Hopefully, these leads will become actual residents so it makes sense they meet the team. Bonus – post it on social media! You can also use video to communicate the next steps and expectations – everything from follow-up questions to filling out the lease application.

In the end, creative real estate videos don’t need a degree in real estate videography. For multifamily communities, video is a key way to guide prospects through the lead-to-lease funnel. Ultimately, it’s about providing them with the information they need in an authentic, transparent, personalized, and interesting way.

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