Marketing ideas for apartments cover a wide spectrum. From social media to print to digital display to targeted community outreach – there are truly millions of interesting and creative ideas. However, there is one that easily integrates with multiple mediums on the spectrum and increases engagement. It helps to best showcase the property while also being easily accessible for audiences. What is it? Video marketing!

Whether you need creative marketing ideas for luxury apartments or affordable studios, apartment video marketing works. It has a place in apartment digital marketing, social media marketing for apartments, and just for fun marketing ideas for apartments. The best part? Once you decide to use video, coming up with creative, fun, effective ideas becomes much easier.

Here’s how, using video, you can come up with creative marketing ideas for your property that will help you stand out from the crowd.

The Power of Testimonials

By now, you probably already leverage people (to build human connection, of course) in your apartment marketing materials already. Consider using individuals in your apartment video marketing as well. While buildings and amenities are important, people want to hear from those who live in the community — day in and day out. Video testimonials are a great way to share an authentic view of a day-in-the-life of a current resident.

Your current, happy residents are your best marketing tool. If you’re looking for creative ideas, talking to your current residents and getting them on camera is likely to spark plenty of ideas. Create short testimonials starring your residents. And, these videos also turn into Pulling those together are great apartment social media marketing ideas. Help list out questions for the resident to answer and to guide them along the way. For instance, what is their favorite part of living in the community? Ask residents to show their favorite amenity. , Always encourage and strive for honesty and transparency in these videos. These videos are supposed to begin to create trust with prospective residents and too much coaching or editing could take that away.

Introduce Your Team

Again, finding ways to build relationships is key when looking at marketing ideas for apartments. So, use team introduction videos as part of your marketing plan for the apartment community. From the front leasing office to the maintenance team, it’s great for prospective residents to start getting to know who they’ll see on a regular basis if they lease in your community. These videos provide a great opportunity to get creative or funny with your real estate videos. Let your teams’ personalities shine through.

Involve the Surrounding Community

Another way to come up with creative marketing ideas for apartments is to involve the community around the property. Examples of community outreach marketing ideas? Go on a walk and showcase the area or interview a local restaurant or shop owner. r They’ll show more of the local community vibe, giving prospective residents more insight into the surrounding area. Involving the local business community in outreach marketing ideas for apartments could also lead to great partnerships and creative collaboration in the future.

Seasonal Ideas

Integrate the seasons into your video marketing efforts. There are no shortages of creative fall marketing ideas for apartments or winter marketing ideas for apartments. Are you hosting a pumpkin carving contest? Or a socially distanced trick-or-treat for the kids? Capture highlights on video and share to your channels. If you want creative ideas for instagram posts for apartments, this is a gold mine. No matter if the idea is cute or kitschy, there’s definitely room for some seasonal spirit in advertising in apartment complexes.

No matter what creative video marketing ideas for apartments you come up with, remember the most important thing. They should be authentic and real. And at the end of the day, that realness, transparency, and authenticity is what will welcome residents home.