The slight chill in the air can make us excited for the crisp Fall air. But, it can also send you scrambling for some fun, but very effective, apartment marketing ideas for Fall as well. Fall means leasing is likely slowing down and true slow season is right around the corner.  

Fall is notorious for bringing a slight chill to the hot leasing you probably saw in the Spring and Summer months. For many of us, that means leasing teams are looking for ways to increase leasing traffic at your apartment community. Rather than let the Fall season negatively impact your bottom line, why not work WITH the season and find success. So, let’s get into the Fall spirit with our favorite great apartment marketing ideas for Fall! 

Fall Themed Promotions

Apartment promotions or giveaways are a great way to engage prospective residents. In fact, it can be as simple as a drawing for a Fall gift basket or gift card if someone tours the community. You can also make things a little more motivating, such as a certain amount off of their rent the month of October with a “Fall Off Rent” promotion. Or, find a way to partner with another organization, like a local restaurant or shop, for a Fall themed promo offer. It’s a win/win for you both! 

Fall Fitness Related Event 

Fall is a great time of year for being outside. Take advantage of the Fall weather and encourage being outside for some physical activity. Show off the neighborhood your community is in with a 5k or mile “fun run” with residents. And, of course, have some prizes for winners or get sponsors to join on to add to the festivities. Or, if you have some space limitations, host an outdoor yoga or boot-camp class. Top it off with some healthy Fall treats. These can all be very effective, yet fun, marketing ideas for apartments

Pumpkin Carving

You can’t have a good list of apartment marketing ideas for Fall without this one! As you know, pumpkin carving is a great activity for everyone of all ages in the community. Depending on budget, you can provide pumpkins and decorating tools to make it as easy as possible for residents. Or, make it a BYOP (bring-your-own-pumpkin) and provide hot cider and other treats. Come up with some catchy apartment slogans for Fall and use them to promote the event. The best way to promote it and get engagement with residents? Send out videos promoting your Fall-themed event!

Trick-or-Treat Event 

Halloween can be a great time for everyone to get out of their units and spend some time in the community. So, that makes it a perfect time to invite the younger residents out for a safe trick or treat style party with plenty of candy and games. You can also consider advertising with local youth organizations or schools and inviting those families from around the neighborhood as well. You never know if someone is looking to move and this is an easy outreach marketing idea for apartments in any location. 

Costume Parade 

This could be a great add-on to your trick-or-treat event or even your pumpkin carving event. A costume parade is a fantastic apartment marketing idea for Fall though as it gives all of your residents (of any age) a chance to show off a bit and have fun. You can have giveaways for “most creative costume” or “spookiest costume” – whatever works for you! If that isn’t your apartment demographic, but you have a pet friendly apartment community – consider a pet costume parade instead! And definitely record a video of that to post and share after the fact.  

Apple “fest” 

It seems simple, but take advantage of the delicious fruit of Fall with an apple themed fest! When it comes to apartment marketing ideas for Fall, why not use what nature gives you. You can supply the food or give residents an opportunity to show off their best apple recipes. Applesauce, apple cider, apple pie…you name it! Decorate your community accordingly and have apple themed games to keep everyone in the spirit. 

Fall Mixer

When you think about it, the goal of any of these apartment marketing ideas is to promote the property and bring residents together. The more a resident feels like they belong, the more of a long-term resident they are likely to be. So, just invite everyone to get together in a common area for a harvest or Fall themed party. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Some music, some snacks and beverages and voila. There’s always a reason to party!

Social Media

Finally, one thing you shouldn’t skip is social media. Creative apartment social media ideas can be a great way to spread the word beyond your current reach. This can be a stand alone initiative, or incorporate social media into any and all of the above ideas. Have a hashtag, encourage residents documenting and sharing and have your residents be your marketing arm. Also, make sure you are using both live and recorded video to document, share, and store these great marketing activities. Use them now, or use them to promote the camaraderie of the community later! 

When it comes to apartment marketing ideas for Fall, one of the most important things to consider is who your residents are. Are they young families or older, retirees? Are they busy professionals or families with sports, school, and other demands? Knowing your audience will help dictate which of these ideas will really succeed and pay the most dividends for your community. 

Don’t waste any time kicking these off though. Before you know it, we’ll be posting about top multifamily marketing ideas for Winter! 

Until next time…keep it real!