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Free Toolkit: How to Use Video for Marketing and Leasing Apartments

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About This Resource

Next time you go to purchase an item or lease a car, think about the entire experience. Experiencing firsthand the number of options throughout a purchasing decision will help you see the value in providing an array of touring options for your community! Not sure how to get started with virtual tours? This toolkit is for you!

This downloadable resource will explain exactly how you can use pre-recorded video tours to promote your property. It includes a step-by-step guide to get you started on using video to advertise your properties, as well as some of the market research supporting this approach.

Apartment Marketing Ideas

It seems like everyday new apartment buildings are being constructed all across the US. It’s an exciting time with such a boom in multifamily development! But while the construction phase of new apartments holds great importance, it also brings with it ample stress and pressure with such an emphasis on filling these units quickly. Given that leasing kicks off before these buildings are even constructed, leasing units can be a tough mountain to climb. You may be asking yourself, why are we focusing on construction and pre-leasing so much? Because the lease-up phase of your community will literally build the foundation for all of your apartment marketing and leasing success thereafter (construction pun intended). Building creative apartment marketing ideas into your plan from the beginning and creating the appropriate apartment marketing materials is the best way to set your team and your community up for success to fill your units quickly and keep them filled for the long haul. Don’t think that creating apartment complex marketing ideas stops once the apartments are filled, it’s important to keep these tenants engaged and informed after they’ve signed their lease.

Apartment Website Ideas

When leasing up an apartment complex, it’s vital to have a user-friendly website in place. A good multifamily property website is a resource for your prospective residents and existing residents alike. It should be a place where you drive traffic to for inbound leads, touring, ‘experiencing’ your community, and more.

Residents should be encouraged to use your website to pay rent, stay up-to-date on events, submit maintenance requests, and much more. You want your new residents to enjoy every aspect of their new home and building a sleek, user-friendly community website is one of those aspects. When thinking about apartment website ideas, we recommend looking at competitors’ apartment websites for inspiration. See what your comps have created and how their residents are or aren’t interacting with their site. Research best practices across the industry as well. Other sites can help you kickstart the process, which is extremely important when developing marketing ideas for your apartment lease-up as well. During the lease-up phase, it’s best to follow a lease-up checklist to ensure you’re leaving no stone unturned and almost all of your marketing efforts should be focused on driving initial leads to your website for further vetting and, ideally, conversion. The process for establishing multifamily marketing ideas is critical to finding residents and filling your available units. And if you want to be as efficient with your marketing spend as possible, driving leads to your owned website and channels will be the absolute best bang for your buck versus leads funneling through an ILS first. If you’re looking for creative apartment website CTAs (call to actions) and the best ways to convert multifamily website visitors, check out PERQ!

Apartment Advertising Ideas

When developing a marketing plan, you’ll have to come up with a wide variety of apartment advertising ideas. No one channel will do it in terms of reaching your target audience of prospective residents.

From social media to apartment-finder websites, it’s best to sit down with your team to discuss each and every resource you could possibly use for advertising. Be sure to also research multiple examples of apartment ads to help you design effective advertising materials before launching any apartment advertising plans. When you’re thinking about advertising your amazing community, you should consider all of the avenues available to you that weren’t available 5-10 years ago. In fact, you should focus on these resources, as they are used by millions when searching for apartments. Some of these advertising outlets include:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • Networking Groups
  • Apartment Listing Sites
  • Google My Business Listings
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Youtube
  • Retargeting

Having high-quality photography, creative graphic design, and, most importantly, video in place for your apartment advertising efforts is an absolute must these days. It’s all about being real in your ads and simply showing your space as it stands. Prospective residents can see through fluff and fake, photoshopped ads. Keep your efforts real and the results will speak for themselves. If you haven’t heard of retargeting or remarking for apartment community ads, it is absolutely a strategy that you should investigate this multifamily budget season. Retargeting allows your apartment advertisement to literally follow prospective residents from your website over to other channels and other sites, keeping your brand and community front and center with them. These are just a few of the many advertising ideas that are up-and-coming for apartment complexes everywhere. You should utilize as many of these outlets as possible and ensure you have a consistent voice and strategy across all of your advertising channels.

Apartment Slogan Ideas

While it’s vital to have an effective website and creative, professional advertising ideas, you’ll also want to incorporate a catchy slogan into your apartment marketing efforts.

When trying to think of apartment slogan ideas, it’s best to gather your whole marketing team to help come up with creative recommendations as this is typically a tough one. Apartment marketing slogans are so crucial, it might give you a competitive edge over other complexes. It may not seem like they are that important, but if it’s the first thing a prospective resident will see in regards to your community, then there is a lot riding on that one liner apartment slogan. During this creative process, be sure to research apartment quotes and sayings, and think about the many aspects of your community. You might actually consider making a few different slogans based on the time of year and different factors that make your complex great. Think about apartment slogans for Fall, pet-friendly apartment slogans, or slogans about your location and neighborhood. Brainstorming these different elements can help you create unique apartment slogans that your competitors don’t have.

Here are a couple ideas to get the creative juices flowing for your apartment slogan ideas:

  • “Find Your Autumn Paradise”
  • “Live in Pet-Friendly Luxury”
  • “Live Who You Are”
  • “When Minutes Matter, Live in Convenience”
  • “Here for You, And Them” (with a pet picture)
  • “ET Tried to Call Home, Then Called Us”
  • “Home is Our Favorite Four Letter Word”

Apartment Name Ideas

While it’s important to think about the many marketing tactics we’ve talked about in this post, if your community doesn’t have a great apartment community name, your marketing tactics may ultimately fall flat. The name on the building may seem rather trivial, but at the end of the day, it’s how people will know you, find you, identify you, talk to their friends about you. Your name will ultimately become your community’s identifying factor. In order to grab the attention of apartment-seekers, it’s vital to brainstorm professional and catchy apartment names. Another factor to consider is you’ll most likely be marketing apartments to Millennials, so you’ll have to ensure your name meshes well with that type of audience. What do we mean by that? Think beyond “500 N Street” for your name. Is there something you want your community to be known for? Is it a luxury community that stands out above the others in the area? Then so should your name. When deciding on apartment name ideas with your team, be sure to research other names and jot these down to use for inspiration. Names like “360 Apartments” and “Lakeshore Apartments” are good examples because they sound professional, have a catchy tone, and convey something. Don’t be afraid to spend time finding the right name given just how important it is. Try to think about what’s unique about your area and think of names that aren’t similar to other communities too. The last thing you would want is for someone to get your apartments mixed up with others.

Outreach Marketing Ideas For Apartments

When it comes to marketing tactics for leasing multifamily apartments, you can’t forget about multifamily outreach marketing. This type of marketing involves being very proactive and going out and finding residents yourself. While having a good website and writing blogs might spread the word effectively, deciding on outreach marketing ideas for apartments can help bring in new residents quicker than any other method. One way to do this involves hosting events. Once your property is built, it’s a very good idea to throw an event to kick-off the launch of your new community. Holding a ribbon-cutting event and inviting area dignitaries, local businesses, and others from the community is a great way to kick things off. In addition to creating advocates out of local leaders and businesses, this event could also be used to bring in new prospective residents. We have seen communities go as far as having a live band or DJ, catered food, giveaways, and other fun ideas that actually drive people to come and stick around. Don’t miss out on providing ‘first look’ tours of the community while people there for this event as well. It’s the perfect time to showcase your new space. Already have residents? Encourage them to bring their friends, and offer a discount off rent or referral fee if they refer a friend to the property. Don’t miss out on also posting flyers and flags around the neighborhood for apartment community events as walk-in traffic is a very real thing.

Apartment Marketing Companies

Being apartment owners or apartment managers, we understand that you might have a lot on your plate. So while you want to spend the time and resources finding new tenants, you just simply might not have the time. And while the lease-up phase is a time with a lot of scrambling around, adding apartment building marketing to the mix can be outright overwhelming for many people. That being said, sometimes it’s a very good idea to use apartment marketing companies that specialize in how to market apartments. From writing eye-catching Craigslist headlines to ensuring apartment-seekers can find you on Google search, these companies can help bring the new residents in while you focus on other areas of the business. Especially in the lease-up phase, closing leases and managing the abundant flow of move-ins is a very important yet time-consuming task. So don’t be afraid to seek the help you need to help the process run a lot more smoothly.

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