For property management teams, investing in virtual tour software isn’t a question of if they should have it, it’s a question of what kind. Apartment marketing experts constantly tout the benefits of video marketing for the industry and the benefits of having quality rich media content showcasing your multifamily communities is now abundantly well known. Marketing experts know that finding ways to incorporate video into the marketing and leasing process for successful leasing agents is incredibly valuable for the overall success of their properties. 

Today’s prospective renters lean heavily on video at multiple points in the decision-making process. A solid community overview video on a website or a social media channel can draw them in. An authentic live tour of the floor plan or their exact unit and a neighborhood tour can bring them right to the finish line. To seal the deal, sending personalized videos as follow-up is the differentiating factor. But that’s not where it should end. Sending a video on move-in procedures? That’s setting you up for long-term engagement and success with happy residents. With the right apartment video tour software, all of that, and more, is possible. 

From VR tours to 360 virtual tours to interactive video tours, there are many virtual tour software programs on the market. Google best virtual tour software 2019 and you’ll see what we mean. But, to find the best virtual tour software for you and your audience, there are things to consider and pitfalls to avoid. 

Here are a few common pitfalls we want you to be wary of when choosing virtual tour software for your apartment community: 

Features that Don’t Feature 

When looking at what apartment virtual tour software to invest in, make sure it carries the features, benefits and capabilities you need in order to be successful. And that means? The ability to showcase your property in the best, most authentic light. There are many virtual tour software packages that allow for fancy VR tours or 360 virtual tours. These multifamily tour creators are a great option to get prospective renters interested in your community.  Alongside 360 virtual tours, we’d also recommend DIY virtual tour software to drive leads through your sales funnel. Prospects want touring options and the more in-depth tours you can provide the more likely they are to buy. So make sure you have your prospective renter needs top of mind when looking at your virtual tour software. 

Too High of a Learning Curve

Oftentimes, leasing teams will invest in virtual tour software, only to find the cost of learning how to operate it is far too high. Today’s leasing agents and property management teams are already incredibly busy. And, while they understand the value of virtual tours, if the software is too clunky or too complicated, or takes too much time, they simply can’t invest in it. The good news? The right interactive virtual tour software doesn’t have to be difficult to learn. Spend a little time on the front end and you’ll quickly find that some are not only beneficial, but simple and easy to use and will save time in the long run. One such means? Apartment video tours! The right video leasing solution may take some work initially to create the video content that you need, but once you have it, it’s there and you can use that to streamline marketing, leasing, resident engagement, maintenance and more. Say goodbye to lengthy, arduous virtual tour creators and hello to streamline processes and increased value!

Expensive Equipment and Software Add-Ons 

One would think that buying the virtual tour software ones needs would be, well, the end. But, buyer beware. With some interactive virtual tour software, the software is just the beginning. For 3D or VR tours, as well as some 360 software, you’ll need to purchase quite a bit of additional equipment to get what you need. There are the special 360 and 3D cameras – not to mention all of the special devices that VR tours require simply to actually watch and engage with them. However, you could look into Realync Studios to get a 1-2 punch for all things virtual leasing for an affordable cost. Meaning, you wouldn’t even have to consider purchasing a 360 camera lens. So, with all of that considered, you may immediately start looking up how to create a virtual tour for free. Not so fast…

Free Doesn’t Always Mean Effective 

Using a free virtual tour software may sound like a great value, but that way is not necessarily going to yield more leases signed. There are some free virtual tour apps and free virtual tour hosting sites on the market. And, while open source virtual tour software has lead to some great developments, free, at least in this case, likely will not check the boxes that you think it will. The camera requirement, costs involved to get it launched and hosted, and the time involved in actually making it happen on your own will be exponential compared to going with a purpose-built, paid solution. Don’t compromise your time and the quality of your brand simply to try out a ‘free’ solution. 

Avoid the pitfalls and start making apartment virtual tours that will set you apart

When it comes to virtual tour software that will avoid all of the above pitfalls, plus offer all of the above and more, there’s only one real answer. That answer is, of course, Realync. Realync is the most well-rounded, best apartment video tour solution to effectively and affordably showcase your apartment via video and 360-degree tours. Not only does Realync’s video leasing solution allow onsite teams to host live, personalized, interactive tours without any extra equipment, but it also allows simple, easy creation, hosting, and sharing of pre-recorded videos as well.

Why is Realync the best fit solution? Not only does it offer a type of rich media that is actively desired by today’s consumers (video), but it’s a simple, leasing agent friendly platform that is affordable and does not require extra equipment, and is an integrated solution built for multifamily touring. And the results speak for themselves: increased conversion rates with prospective renters, decreased sales cycles, and increased sight-unseen leasing. What more could you ask for? Increased time on your website? Check. Decreased maintenance tickets? Check. The use cases, success stories, and value propositions are they endless when it comes to video for your apartment community? Check. Check. Check. 

So, while we support shopping around, if you’re looking for the best virtual tour software that avoids all of these pitfalls and will actually get leases signed, look no further than Realync.

Until next time…keep it real!