Multifamily marketing ideas must include video in today’s market. From capturing the attention of prospects, to accelerating the sales cycle, to general brand building, video helps every step of the way.

In real estate, there is no shortage of great community outreach marketing ideas. However, few have the same breadth and impact as video. There are so many multifamily marketing ideas that include video, it’s hard to know where to begin. So, to give you a jump start, we pulled a few of our favorites:


What’s the first step in how to market apartment communities? Get your leads in the door (figuratively and literally)! Top-of-the-funnel marketing is critical. The more qualified leads, the easier it will be to find the right people for your community. This is a great place to incorporate video into apartment marketing ideas. An overview video of the community works well on websites, on apartment marketing materials, or with any other broad apartment advertising ideas. Make sure these videos are  high quality with all the bells and whistles that really showcase your property. These are particularly effective when developing an apartment lease up strategy. To get prospects interested, you’ll want to show what the community WILL be alongside construction updates.

It is important to remember, however, that these overview videos are meant to simply get prospective residents interested early on. You will need to incorporate more personalized video content to convert leases, but you will have already done the hard part of getting your prospect in the door and amplifying your brand.

Social Media

One of the easiest and impactful ways to use video in your multifamily marketing ideas is with social media. In fact, a Facebook executive predicted that their platform will be all video and no text by 2021. Why? Social media posts with video are shared 1200% times more than text and images combined.

Social media marketing for apartments is a great place to incorporate videos that will really connect with prospects. Those videos are often the more real, raw, transparent versions many of us have seen on the best apartment Facebook pages. They don’t leverage an agency. Instead, these are often DIY videos of leasing agents showing the audience a community highlight in an authentic way. Speaking of, if you’re looking for social media post ideas for apartment communities, use people in your videos as it will further humanize your community.

Go Beyond the Units 

Don’t get us wrong. You need videos that show the actual apartment units. People want to see exactly where they’ll be living from the lighting to the storage and more. But, people also want to see the rest of the community story. Outreach marketing ideas for apartments that feature lifestyle videos help show just that. Show off the bars, restaurants or coffee shops in the area. Show the community events you host for current residents. Even better?  Film a few testimonials from your current residents?

Seasonal Marketing Campaigns 

Take advantage of the seasons in multifamily marketing ideas. Develop videos using fun seasonal apartment marketing slogans.  In many areas of the country, fall marketing ideas for apartments include videos of fall activities or just the  changing leaves in the neighborhood. Or, if there is a certain time of year when you offer apartment move in incentives, use video to share them with prospects. If you’re still a little skeptical on how video can work for every season, we can help you. Check out this post for plenty more season-specific apartment marketing ideas.

Take it Live 

Finally, incorporate live video into your  apartment marketing ideas. While live video is often used for one-on-one virtual leasing, it can be used in a greater multifamily outreach marketing campaign. Virtual open houses are one of the best ways to get a group of interested prospects to see the property in a real, transparent way.  You can also use video marketing to invite people to the event.  With a fully integrated platform like Realync, you can create a seamless, live video tour experience. Virtual open houses allow leasing agents to be at the center, creating a human-to-human experience in a virtual environment. Plus, they can follow up to answer any specific questions from prospects.

No matter where your prospect is in the leasing funnel, multifamily marketing ideas that use video can help. From brand building to achieving lease up goals to showing your prospects a truly authentic video experience, video helps every step of the way. And, if you want to make it even more effective, the Realync platform brings it all together in an easy-to-use system that seamlessly integrates with your current leasing technology.

Learn how Realync can seamlessly integrate into your multifamily marketing ideas