Today more than ever, multifamily communities are seeking out the best virtual tour software. Between social distancing, shelter in place, a crowded market, and increasingly stiff competition, we know how critical high-quality virtual tours are. Top-tier virtual tours can help provide prospective renters with what they need in order to make a leasing decision. But only if it’s the right virtual tour software.

For many prospects, making the time or traveling to visit a property just isn’t going to happen even after shelter-in-place constraints loosen. They need to see what they are going to get and build a connection with the community. I don’t know about you, but software alone isn’t going to make that happen. When it comes to building trust, people need people. So, at the end of the day, it turns out that the best virtual tour software is the one that includes an actual human. Here’s what we mean:

How Can Software be Human? 

It can’t be. At least not in the way we think of it. But, the best virtual tour software allows for a personal touch only a human can provide. For example, a 360 virtual tour or the 3D virtual tour created with Realync adds a human in the mix because someone is making that virtual tour. Typically, these tours are places on a property’s website to help prospective renters get a feel for what they community has to offer. Images don’t do pull prospective renters in like virtual tours do. It’s flat and static – and overly produced and doesn’t instill trust and transparency into the process. It gives a view of the community, yes, but not a truly real and authentic view.

If the prospective renter wants more or wants to see an authentic view of what they’ll get, it’s on them. The potential resident must physically come to the property for a tour. And, more and more often, that’s either not an option or just not the most desired option. However, what are leasing teams for? Selling the property! With the right virtual tour software, that human element can make all the difference.

Leasing Teams Are the Human Factor 

Now more than ever leasing teams understand how much they are involved in the decision making process for prospective residents. In fact, the best virtual tour software is virtual leasing software. It allows leasing teams to integrate into the process in a new and impactful way. Virtual Tour Pro or even the best 360 tour creator can still get prospects interested.

Once a prospective renter has begun to show interest, rather than rely on them to make all the moves and the eventual decision to come visit the property, the leasing agent can be proactive and a key part of the process. They can use virtual tour technology to give them a live video tour, showing them exactly what they want to see. Or they can create a pre-recorded video tour for the prospect to watch on their own but is personalized to that prospect. Are they more interested in lots of storage space or a chef’s kitchen? Natural light or outdoor space? Whatever it is, great! Show them exactly what they want to see. At the end of the day, it’s the leasing agent providing the human element that will get the deal done. Why? Because humans, more than virtual technology, can build trust.

Humans Can Build Trust 

Regardless of the virtual tour software you buy, humans are what ultimately finalize deals. And the right virtual tour software allows humans, the leasing team, to really shine. They are what instills trust in the leasing process. Whether it’s a live tour or a personalized DIY video tour, those are the experiences that instill trust and transparency. How? Because they show the prospective renters the real deal. There’s no space for overly produced or photoshopped experiences. Virtual leasing needs to be a real, trust building process. Trust is what will bring a prospect from lead to lease. And the number one thing that can build that trust is the human element, personalization, and transparency.

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While you can have the best virtual tour software on the market in terms of bells and whistles, unless there is a human factor alongside, it isn’t the best. Your virtual leasing technology needs to be one that puts your leasing team front and center in all prospect interactions. They’re the ones that know how to sell your space, build relationships with prospective renters, and, ultimately, get deals done.

Live virtual tours are the only virtual leasing solution that allows leasing agents to stay central to the process. You can’t photoshop live video, meaning those experiences are innately trust building. On top of that, your leasing team is the real-time guide on live video tours, thereby building trust and transparency with the prospect while walking them through the community. That’s why virtual touring software with a live element is the best out there for lead-to-lease conversion.

If you’d like to learn more about virtual leasing, 360-degree tours or live video tours, we at Realync are here to help!

Until next time…keep it real!