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Apartment Marketing Ideas For Every Season

No matter what time of year it is, finding the right residents is always a priority. Regardless of the type of multifamily property you manage, keeping up to date with your apartment marketing ideas is crucial for long-term success. Today, we want to share some creative marketing ideas for apartments. We’re also going to break them down by season because the time of year can influence how and why people are searching for a place to live. So, with that in mind, let’s discover some of the best apartment marketing ideas for every season. From apartment marketing slogans and apartment social media ideas, to open house theme ideas, we hope you will find some inspiration to take your multifamily marketing to the next level.

While the time of year can be a significant factor in someone’s moving decision, there are tons of reasons why a person or a family is looking for a new place. We want to highlight apartment complex marketing ideas that can work anytime in addition to the season-specific ideas found below.

The need for filling vacant apartments never takes a vacation, and your advertising shouldn’t either. From apartment blog ideas to an apartment lease-up marketing plan, your strategies should be varied, captivating, and always on. While the seasons may ebb and flow in terms of traffic and occupancy levels, keep the throttle down on your market efforts all year and you’ll see the results you’re looking for.

Mobile Advertising

More and more people are searching for and finding businesses on mobile devices. The best apartment website design is optimized for smaller screens. Text messages, notifications, and mobile-friendly images are going to help prospective residents find you faster as well. Make sure that your marketing efforts are focused on where your prospective residents are at. Reaching them where they are is the key to ensuring your marketing efforts are actually seen, clicked, and pursued.

Highlight Community Living

All too often, apartment communities seem like a random collection of people. However, getting to know the community can be really appealing for prospective residents. Your apartment marketing materials should showcase any social areas, and post a list of upcoming open houses and events that your community is hosting. Hosting events is also an excellent method for marketing apartments to Millennials and Gen Z renters that are seeking community and seeking relationships amongst those they live with (or could be living with).

Provide Virtual Tours

Modern technology has made almost everything so much more convenient. Food delivery, instant communication, and now virtual apartment tours. One of the best apartment marketing ideas for any season is to enable prospective residents to view your units without having to come in. Consider the power of both live and pre-recorded multifamily video tours with Realync. Our DIY video leasing solution empowers onsite teams to create their own tours, personalize them for prospective residents, and even connect live with prospects to walk through their space in real-time.

Focus on Resident Retention

Instead of bringing in new residents, you can utilize fun marketing ideas for apartments to keep residents from vacating and not renewing. Come up with apartment lease renewal ideas that motivate current residents to stay, and that will save you a lot of time and energy later on.

Little things can make the biggest difference. Send cookies to residents over the holidays, invite them to the open house community events, host meet-and-greet events specifically for current residents and foster a sense of community. When people feel appreciated and a part of the community, they are much more likely to stay. Overall, tenant retention is one of the best outreach marketing ideas for apartments.

Apartment Marketing Ideas for Spring

For most people, spring is a time of change and rebirth. The cold winter days are getting warmer, and nature is coming out to play.

When trying to figure out the best apartment marketing ideas for spring, you will want to utilize these emotions and incorporate them into your ads/events/materials. Here are some awesome ideas to include in your spring marketing plan for apartment complexes.

Outdoor Activities

Now that the weather is getting better, your spring apartment marketing campaign should include some outdoor elements. April 23rd is National Picnic Day, so a get-together with residents and prospective residents is a perfect apartment event example. Consider a ‘spring cleaning’ event as well where residents pitch in to clean up the community together, plant flowers, and more. A great way to have everyone chip in and feel ownership within the community.

Kid-Centric Marketing

Spring is the last season before the kids are out for summer break, and chances are that parents are hyper-aware of the situation. When coming up with spring apartment marketing slogans, be sure to highlight that your property is child-friendly.

Hyping up and promoting different elements and amenities of your apartments that can appeal to families. Have a fun playground or indoor clubhouse with kid-focused amenities? Showcase those on social media and in your multifamily ads. Have a great outdoor pool area with a splash park for little kids? Highlight when that will be opening and all of the fun kids have it in as well. Also, add kid-centric activities to your campaign. In addition to having a picnic, a bounce house can be a great apartment advertising idea to garner interest.

Go Green

Another core component of spring is renewal. Plants are coming out of hibernation, and trees are starting to regain their leaves. You can incorporate natural elements into your spring apartment marketing tactics, either with green-themed designs or slogans that highlight any natural spaces on your property.

For example, if you have a courtyard or a community garden, open it up to prospective residents for a spring-themed photo session and showcase these spaces on your apartment marketing websites. When people see that nature is part of the living experience, they are more likely to take notice and certainly more likely to perk up during spring when nature is on their mind.

Apartment Marketing Ideas for Summer

Now that the kids are out of school, summer is all about having fun and taking a break. Even parents with demanding jobs take advantage of this time of year to organize a family vacation and time away from work.

So, when determining apartment marketing ideas for summer, your key elements should include fun, sun, and relaxation. According to apartment marketing companies, up to 80 percent of Americans move between April and September. Since this time of year is peak season for multifamily renters and buyers, now is when your summer apartment marketing needs to be competitive.

Go Where the Action Is

Summertime is festival season for most of the country. Whether it’s music, food, or some mix of the two, people are hitting a variety of outdoor events in droves. This is an opportunity for some guerilla marketing tactics. See about setting up a booth and advertising your property to festival-goers.

Ideally, you should try to incorporate these events into your apartment marketing slogans for summer and any ads that you are running. If you’re at a barbecue festival, highlight outdoor patios where tenants can grill their own food. This way, you can kill two birds with one stone by having physical marketing that is aided by the online advertising or social media marketing to all collectively increase traffic in your apartment community.

Offer Summer-Centric Swag

When hosting an open house at your multifamily community or even hosting individual tours, consider providing some sort of free gifts or swag that are appropriate for the season. Drink koozies, bottle openers, hats, mini fans – all of these are excellent examples of items that prospective residents will appreciate and use. See what other communities around you are offering and try to think differently to provide something that stands out from the crowd.

Make Your Property Staycation-Worthy

Although everyone wants to get away during the summer, not everyone can afford to. Address this problem by hosting open houses for prospective residents or events for existing residents that offer a taste of vacation without the expensive travel costs. For example, if your complex has a pool, have a pool party. If you have a bocce ball court or volleyball courts, host an outdoor game tournament. Even if you don’t have amenities like that, you likely have a parking lot — host a food truck rally open to the entire neighborhood.

As far as outside-of-the-box open house ideas go, a tropical-themed meet and greet can do wonders. Put up some inflatable palm trees, mix a few coconut drinks, and have a luau. These kinds of events provide fun and relaxation, which prospective residents will love.

Apartment Marketing Ideas for Fall

Summer is all about fun in the sun, but autumn is when real life creeps back in.

Students are going back to school, the days are getting colder and shorter, and winter is just around the corner. However, even though the season can feel a bit gloomy, there are plenty of opportunities in autumn. You can incorporate these highlights into your apartment marketing ideas for fall. Now is when we’re entering the holiday season, which can inspire plenty of creative solutions.

Holiday Open Houses

One of the easiest ways to capitalize on fall apartment marketing is to utilize the holidays. Decorating common areas in Halloween and Thanksgiving decor can add a festive spirit to the season, and it will be attractive for both prospects and current residents.

When coming up with apartment open house ideas, you can have themed activities, such as a haunted house, trick or treating, or pumpkin carving. Get creative with it. For example, when it comes to pet-friendly apartment slogans, a pet-themed costume contest can have a considerable impact.

Highlight Families

Both Halloween and Thanksgiving are family-oriented holidays, so your apartment slogans for fall should focus on that. Showcase some of the families currently living in your community and have them provide some testimonials to include in your apartment quotes and sayings.

Additionally, some of your apartment marketing slogans should talk about bringing extended family over to visit. Showcase ways that you can accommodate them, such as shuttles to and from the airport or concierge services for visitors. Highlighting a concierge can also be creative marketing for luxury condos.

Apartment Marketing Ideas for Winter

Unfortunately, winter is typically the slowest time for apartment owners.

Most people hate moving during the colder months and holidays, so it’ll be more challenging to reach out to new prospective residents. That being said, we’ve come up with apartment marketing ideas for winter that can help you out of the yearly slump.

Be Warm and Cozy

Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean that your apartments are too. When creating unique apartment slogans, be sure to highlight as many warm accommodations as possible. These can include a hot chocolate bar, a fireplace, and pumpkin-spiced or peppermint coffee and tea.

Embrace the Holiday Spirit

Fortunately, Christmas and New Year’s are during winter, which makes it easy to incorporate them into your winter apartment marketing campaign. Cover the walls in decorations, and have a massive tree standing on display. Come up with catchy apartment names, slogans, and events that tie into the season.

Another holiday to consider during this time of year is Valentine’s Day. Come up with some Valentine’s Day apartment marketing slogans and make sure to reach out to the lovebirds in the area. A singles’ mixer can also be an excellent way to showcase the spirit of the holiday and bring residents together.

New Year Resolutions

The promise of a new year can be an incredible feeling. January is when people are most inspired to make a change, so you can capitalize on that in your winter apartment marketing slogans. For example, if your complex has a gym, put in your ads that new renters can save on their gym memberships. Consider offering classes to residents that can capitalize on new goals and resolutions that people may have set for themselves. Consider offering cooking classes or painting classes or yoga or other fun classes that can bring your residents together and support their newfound inspirations.

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