Is it your goal for your community to maximize occupancy rates and have robust lead generation? As we’re sure it is — you’re going to need the right multifamily marketing ideas top of mind. These are ideas that will get you noticed and send a strong message to prospective residents that you are open, welcoming and ready to provide a new home for those looking for one. But where should you start?

To find multifamily marketing ideas that will succeed for every leasing team, think critically about your approach to marketing. How does marketing work today? Not just in multifamily real estate but with any type of company looking to get in front of consumers. Here are three key marketing ideas to consider.

Channel Marketing

One of the best multifamily marketing ideas out there is channel analysis. That includes paid, owned and earned marketing channels. Multifamily outreach marketing should not be limited to a single channel. Using multiple channels helps reach different prospective residents in meaningful and impactful ways. Look at different marketing channels where you and your leasing team can post content, engage with your target audience, or receive press coverage.

Channel marketing may seem out of the box for multifamily, when in reality, it can work great for multifamily marketing. It’s a multichannel marketing approach which produces the right content for those channels and audiences at the right moment. It includes retargeting and staying in front of consumers as much as possible with a consistent and targeted message.

You can target that message based on where your core audience is and what content they are, or are not, engaging with. You may have some smart and fun marketing ideas for apartments that are great for social media. However, that same content won’t play as well in different channels, email for example. And yet some of your prospects don’t use social media. They only use email. So, you’ll need email content as well as social media content.

In the end, one of the most well received best practices in marketing is to not rely on a single channel, single form of content or ad strategy. By diversifying your channels, but maintaining the same core themes / messages, you’re allowing for multiple pieces of content through multiple channels. Then you can follow those prospects within those channels, ensuring you’re getting the right content and call-to-action in front of them.

In-Person Events

GASP! We know. In. Person. Events. They are closer than we think to being a reality once more. Your multifamily marketing plan should absolutely look at how you’ll re-enter the world of in person multifamily marketing ideas. There is a pent-up energy around getting back to in-person events, once, of course, it’s safe to do so.

People want to be together again. Depending on your corporate policies, state and county regulations, and ensure safety guidelines are met, they can be one of the best outreach marketing ideas for apartments. If there are safe and socially distant marketing events or open houses you can look into hosting, do it! If you can get people physically out of their current homes and in person with a reason to gather safely, that would go over extremely well with today’s audience. And while we, obviously, love a live virtual video tour, sometimes it’s nice to see a place in person. Particularly as you’re thinking of marketing ideas for luxury apartments, showing off those gorgeous floor-to-ceiling views at sunset in living color? Plus allowing for a little bit of safe socializing with others? It’s a winning combination.

Set Yourself Apart

What’s our third multifamily marketing idea? Differentiate! Set yourself apart from the crowded multifamily real estate market. This is also where video can be your lifesaver. Leaning into video can help make your team, your community, and your property stand out.

This works at nearly all phases from marketing ideas for apartment lease up to finding marketing apartment move-in special ideas. And it doesn’t have to feel sales-y or gimmicky. Do a quick video where you and your team have discussion with residents about things outside of just how much they love their 24-hour gym. It doesn’t have to be completely about the property at all. Have them talk about something going on in the neighborhood, a current event or a new restaurant opening or a community service project they are excited about. Bonus points if your property is helping out with that project as well. Or just have them share their predictions for a sporting event going on. Don’t overthink it.

The goal is to use video to get creative in how you invite prospective residents into your property. You can use it to introduce them to the lifestyle and vibe of the community. And in terms of where to use that video? Well, refer to the first of our multifamily marketing ideas. Find the best channels and use your video content there!

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When it comes to multifamily marketing ideas for every leasing team, think about how to broaden and best use your channels, think about how you’re going to re-engage at in-person events, and, finally, how you stand apart. Taking into account those three things will make your leasing team a marketing machine in no time.

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