You may have Googled something along the lines of how to make video tours for multifamily real estate. Unit-level video tours, 3D and 360 virtual tours for real estate are all types of tours that pop up on Google. But how do you create them?

Your tours should stand out and drive prospects toward a signed lease. But also, they should be easy to manage for an already taxed leasing team. If you’re looking to make a video tour or a 360 virtual tour for real estate, we have some great tips and tricks to help you get started.

Keep it Simple

When you decide how to make a virtual tour for real estate that will really make a difference in your lead-to-lease journey, keep it simple.

Both 3D virtual tours and 360 virtual tours can be highly produced, complex videos. They often require high-tech equipment or expensive virtual tour service. Then, teams have to learn how to actual use the equipment—they don’t have time for that. Instead, you can have Realync Studios record your 360-degree tours, saving you time and money. 360 virtual tours for real estate or 3D virtual tours real estate can (and will) garner prospective renters’ attention.

Now, what about unit-level video tours (also known as “virtual tours”)? We have a tool that will allow you to create virtual tours for real estate. Realync allows teams to create a simple DIY video tour that keeps things real, authentic, and transparent across the renter journey. The difference with teams learning this tech rather than creating a 360-degree tour is that it’s way more user-friendly. So much so, teams can create, edit, and lease apartments through video tours in 5-7 minutes. Yup. It’s that quick.

This allows prospects to see the property that they’ll actually live in, rather than still unrealistic images of apartments. From the actual unit to any amenities to the surrounding neighborhood, showing residents exactly what they will get means they can make a decision based on trust and transparency. That will mean not only a more satisfied resident on move-in day but also one more likely to stay long-term.

Personalize Your Videos

Another critical component of taking a virtual tour is making the tour personal to the prospective renter.

You’ll need a virtual tour creator that allows you to personalize the tour to the prospect. That means showing them the exact unit they will be moving into. That means giving them a tour of the amenities that are most important to them. If they want to see each and every cabinet in their hopefully new kitchen, you need to be able to give them that access. Or, if they are a huge fitness fanatic, use the opportunity to showcase your property’s top-of-the-line gym and pool. Now, this doesn’t have to be one long video.

With the right technology, you can take prospects on a live video tour or create multiple pre-recorded videos for your playlist. Send prospects the playlist of videos, and they can click through them on a self-guided tour of sorts. Either way, they can ask specific questions and get the exact tour they want and need to see. Creating this personalized experience makes your virtual tour as close to the in-person experience as you can create virtually.

The How-To

If you’re looking at how to shoot a virtual tour of real estate, there are a couple of options. As we mentioned before, if you’re looking to create a 360 virtual tour for real estate, you’ll need to purchase special software and equipment or look into Real360 (we’d choose this option!). Another option is to simply learn how to make a virtual tour with an iPhone. That’s right, just pull out your phone and shoot. Now, that’s probably not the best way to do it. But, it’s certainly one way.

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The recommended way, and the way to get you the best results in the most efficient fashion, is to have an actual video leasing solution. These virtual leasing solutions often come with virtual apartment tour apps. These apps and their accompanying software allow leasing agents to quickly film personalized tours. Then, teams can piece those individual clips together in a cohesive playlist personalized for the prospect. They keep it simple. Additionally, you’ll want a Fair Housing and WCAG compliant and cloud-based solution so that you can access the clips anywhere.

In the end, most leasing agents want to know how to make a video tour for real estate that is real and effective like unit-level video tours and 360 virtual real estate tours. With the right video leasing platform, you can have all of that and more with just unlocking your iPhone or Android.

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