An apartment walk through video is simple, right? A few walls, windows and floor plan and you’re done! Well, not so fast. 

Yes, a walk through video should show the basics of the unit. However, if you aren’t also using it to show off the property personality, then you aren’t using that real estate video to its full advantage. 

A real estate walk through video, more than real estate photography or a standard real estate video package, gives your community an opportunity to shine. How? By having your team front and center as videographer, director, cast, and crew. Having your onsite team creating these apartment videos will let the true personality of the community and team shine. 

To help make that happen, let’s take a look at how you can help foster that and let your property personality shine through in a real estate walk through video!

Use Your People 

At the heart of any multifamily community is the people. For that reason, don’t be afraid of featuring them in a multifamily walk through video. That’s how prospective residents will learn the most about the property personality. They know the property is about more than just the structure. Consider doing some funny real estate videos featuring current residents or staff if that’s the vibe that you want to go for. Otherwise, keep it serious with light, elegant music in the background and a polished production produced by your team to showcase what they know residents want to see. Featuring the personality of your people is one of the best real estate video ideas for helping prospects to experience the vibe of the community.

Show Community Spaces 

The inside of a unit is important, but so is the rest of the property. It seems like your apartment walk through video is a great time to show it off. If you look up how to shoot real estate video or how to make a real estate video tour, nearly every tip sheet recommends thinking beyond the unit. While the inside of an apartment can vary based on each individual resident’s style and furnishings, the true property personality is most felt in common areas. So, make sure your videos are showing them off! 

Get Creative 

Real estate walk through videos don’t have to be, and should NOT be boring or drab. With that in mind, get creative with your real estate videos. Multifamily video marketing gives properties a ton of flexibility and freedom to create and show off what makes their space unique and special. If you’re looking at how to shoot real estate for your walk through video, think about what you love about the property and what your residents seem to love most. What makes you excited will likely be what show’s your community’s brand and personality. Before worrying about the best lighting for real estate video or top apartment video scripts, focus on how you can bring to life the true vibe of the community. This can be as simple as interviewing residents and asking them what they like most about the property or a specific amenity. 

Consistency in Personality 

Your property personality should be consistent throughout all of your marketing and outreach methods. Whether posting your real estate videos on Facebook, adding them to the website, or sending them to individual leads and prospects, the vibe of your property should feel the same throughout all of that content. And not just throughout all videos, but throughout all apartment marketing collateral and content. Real estate video production should not be done in a vacuum. It should flow with the rest of your marketing tactics. Your real estate walk through video should fall in line with what people see on social media, on, on your property website…everywhere. 

Keep it Real 

No matter the property, the biggest real estate video tip we can offer is to be authentic and real. Today’s prospective residents want an apartment walk through video that gives them a real view of the property – no surprises. Plus, if you’re thinking about your property personality, realness, authenticity and honesty should be qualities you’re looking to promote. Building that trust between prospect and community is key to converting a prospect to resident and maintaining a highly engaged and long term resident relationship. 

And one of the best ways to build trust? Live videos! While these will differ from the apartment video tours we have been discussing above, there literally is nothing more real and transparent outside of a prospect physically standing in your property. Having live video tours as an option for your real estate walk throughs is a huge plus. Prospective residents can see the property personality, and really FEEL it, in real-time because they are actively touring it with one of your actual onsite leasing team members.

While are a lot of real estate video businesses out there with all manner of real estate video price lists, unless you have the option of doing live video and the option for your team to be the front and center professionals deciding how to showcase your property’s personality in its best light, the cost is likely not worth it. With the right real estate video software and real estate video techniques, these apartment videos are simple to make and extremely effective. 

Above all, we know that video is one of the best ways to make a property shine. And when used correctly with the right platform, training, tips and techniques, it can also bring the property personality to life.  

If you have questions about getting started with DIY apartment video, message Realync today! We’re multifamily’s leading video leasing solution and have helped teams across the country make video work for them. And you could be next!

Until next time…keep it real!