By now, most of us know virtual tour software for real estate, particularly multifamily real estate, is a necessity. Virtual tours and virtual leasing are more prevalent now than ever before. And, even without COVID-19 restrictions to consider, the convenience factor has people hooked.

And why wouldn’t it?

Prospective renters can have a full leasing experience virtually. From initial interest to tours to paperwork, leasing agents can offer clients exactly what they need on their time frame no matter where they are located like never before.

But, with that change comes choices…many, many choices. There are so many property virtual tour software providers in the space, it’s hard to find the one that is right for your community. Some provide 360 virtual tours or 3d virtual tours, these are all great real estate virtual tour services. All claim to be the best virtual tour software for real estate.

Before you choose, take a step back and consider what’s best for your community or communities. Making those decisions not only saves time and money, but will help increase interest and conversions as well. Are you looking for how to make a 360 virtual tour for free? Or do you need a virtual tour real estate app that will let you record live tours? Or, perhaps you want the whole suite of products from 3D to live open house capabilities to self-guided tour integration. Maybe you just aren’t sure yet. And that’s okay, too.

If you’re looking for some guidance on selecting the right virtual tour software for real estate, virtual tour video is the exact space we live in. Here are some of the top things to consider.

What is it for and who is it for?

The best virtual tour software will market your property the way you want to your prospective renters in an effective and efficient way. It goes back to the basics of marketing any product — how does the target audience take in information? Where are your prospective renters looking? What matters to them? What sort of content are they engaging with the most and what rich media is converting them from a browser to an active lead? This key information will provide guidance for what will be the best virtual tour software for real estate for YOUR community.

It’s also important to look at the type of community you have. Is it a luxury apartment building or something more affordable? Is it located in a student center? Is it in a suburban setting or a city highrise? These answers will, of course, guide you towards the right virtual tour software for real estate for your property. But, they will also guide you when you’re looking for how to make a virtual tour for real estate that will resonate with your audience.

Consider Your Available Resources 

While this may not be the most interesting or fun thing to consider when looking for virtual tour software for real estate, it’s one of the most important.

  1. What is your budget?
  2. What sort of technology does your team have available?
  3. What level of virtual tour video expertise exists on your team?
  4. Will you need to know how to make a virtual tour with an iPhone?
  5. Or will you require tons of extra equipment?

Knowing what is available is one of the most important first steps for a few reasons.

Real estate virtual tour pricing can run the gamut. Consider what you and your audience of prospective residents are looking for (see above) before blowing far too much money on the wrong thing. Look for a virtual tour software for real estate that provides the technical capabilities that you desire along with the coverage that you desire. Be sure to ask how many units, amenities, and features you can showcase. Create your wish list and use some of these criteria, and consult this list of things to avoid. There is sure to be a virtual tour creator that works within your budget.

After reviewing the above considerations, you should be able to narrow down and find the best virtual tour software for your property. The main point? Your virtual tour for real estate needs are specific to your prospective residents, your property, and your available resources.

From simple, one-use case solutions to the full suite –at the end of the day, the experience that gives the prospective resident a true and authentic view of your property and delivers what they are looking for is the one that rises to the top.

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