How 3D Virtual Tours Compare to Video Tours

3D tours showcase a space’s depth and are made by piecing together multiple panoramic photos of a space. A video tour is an authentic look into the entire space via video. 3D tours and video tours continue to grow in multifamily as prospective renters demand touring options.

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3D Virtual Tours

People are busier than ever, but that doesn’t mean they won’t take the time to search for their ideal rental or property to buy. Instead, they browse sites online to pinpoint potential properties that promise to exceed their expectations. They look at floor plan diagrams, view photos, and check out the list of amenities as they compare all their options.

But what if you could take their search to the next level, letting them truly settle on their ideal multifamily property without ever having to visit in-person? You can do that by putting them in the center of each apartment for rent or sale using cloud saved and real-time 3D virtual tours. Simply providing an aerial view of a model unitcan get prospects interested and sometimes renting. However, some prospects will want a little more detail. People want to see the exact unit for rent plus get an in-depth look at the onsite amenities.

Thankfully, you can make that happen with the virtual tour creator from Realync. Using the creator, you can walk through each available unit, highlighting everything there is to love about the property. Realync’s platform streamlines the time out of the process without compromising on production value. Plus, Realync now offers Real360, a virtual tour suite. Real360 includes 360 video and 360 click-through tours, making Realync multifamily’s complete virtual solution. All of your 3D virtual tours will look professional and endlessly impressive to help you sell properties and fill your available apartments fast.

Once you complete each video, you can share them on your social media channels and website to drum up interest. All it takes is a few clicks of a button and you’ll have all your loyal followers checking out the available renters in an instant. After leaving them up for a few days, you can see which videos resonate best with your audience. Then, you can use that data to drum up even more compelling tours to create with your virtual tour creator.

If all that sounds like exactly what your multifamily property needs, check out the virtual tour creator from Realync – and make your first video today. You’ll undoubtedly find the tool responsive, intuitive, and fun to use, making you want to make even more tours after completing the first one.

Inspiring 3D Virtual Tours Real Estate and Rental Magic

Advertising your available apartments is not the only way to use the virtual tour creator from Realync.

You can also harness its power and functions to create real-time and video tours that help sell real estate. If you have apartments and condos on the market, you need 3D virtual tours real estate professionals dream of using. Your efforts will undoubtedly go above and beyond what’s currently out there as everyone explores your videos.

With virtual house tours, you can help buyers get around their busy schedules. When they have a moment of downtime, they can check out your social media channels and website to see what’s available. As they check out each property, your videos will put them on location and help them envision themselves in that space. As the virtual tour rolls, they can see all of its potential and imagine what it would be like to rent or own that multifamily property.

3D virtual house tours allow for the ultimate experience in comparing and contrasting properties. Buyers can look at the features and finishes in each property to see which ones speak to them most. Then, they can see if the offerings justify the price and make purchase plans – all without stepping foot on site.

As you put the 3D virtual tours on your site and social media channels, you’ll likely get more calls than ever before from interested parties. You won’t have to waste time trying to explain the details of the property since they’ll already know what’s offered from watching your videos. You can then focus on setting up the meeting to discuss the sale and using the virtual tour creator to make even more videos for your other properties. The sky’s the limit in how you use 3D virtual tours that real estate professionals love, so get creating today to start seeing great results.

Why You Need 3D Virtual Tour Software

Although you could just whip out your phone or video camera and start creating a tour, its quality would definitely pale in comparison to what’s possible with 3d virtual tour software.

By using the best virtual tour software, you can easily create videos that have a high production value in a short amount of time. You can also take your clients on live tours that make it easy to get all their questions answered in the time you have together.

Since the software makes it so quick and easy to share custom tours, you can create videos of each unit and all the onsite amenities at each of your properties. You’ll never again have to only make tours using model units or reuse videos of amenities from similar properties. Instead, you can give all of your prospective residents an in-depth look of every property you have available.

As you use 3D virtual tour software to guide everyone through your multifamily properties, you can show off what makes each one special. You can also preemptively answer your prospective renters’ questions and describe the features in more detail as you move around each room. Your attention to detail helps drive up interest in the properties and increases engagement with your prospects.

With the best virtual tour software on your side, you can create lasting connections with your clients and enjoy better sales than ever before. As prospects use your videos and tours to determine if a property is right for them, they can move through the buying process much faster and easier. If the prospective renter loved the community and experience, they could even send word of mouth referrals your way as they discover just how much you’re willing to go above and beyond as their leasing professional.

A Look at Real Estate Virtual Tour Pricing

If rental and real estate virtual tour pricing felt prohibitive in the past, you’ll like what Realync has to offer. With their software, you get the whole host of real estate virtual tour services at a competitive price. They know that you want to minimize your expenses to keep your revenues in the green with each property you sell or rent out. To support that goal, they’ve set their rental and real estate virtual tour pricing at a fair rate.

You can easily get great returns on whatever you spend on virtual tour pricing. As you drive more prospects to your properties and boost your sales, your investment won’t feel so big in the whole scheme of things. You can simply write it off as the cost of doing business as you get better results than you ever thought possible. You just have to give it a try to see how well creating 3D virtual tours and videos helps you meet your goals.

If you’re still on the fence, compare the price of virtual tour software with what you expect to make on each property. As you explore that comparison, multiply that figure by your target number of property sales or fulfilled leases for the month. Then, put it out across the entire year, while considering the other advertising services you may not need after starting to use 3D video tour software.

If your figures look promising, then just commit to giving the virtual tour software a try for a short while. You’ll undoubtedly see great results as you take prospects on real-time tours and share your videos far and wide. Ask your renters for feedback to see if they think your new advertising methods are working to generate interest and help them find their perfect multifamily properties.

Time to Get Started with Your First 360 Virtual Tour

If you’re ready to see how 360 virtual tours will enhance your community and real estate marketing efforts, look to Realync for help. You can sign up for a demo to see how to make a 360 virtual tour free of any challenges or missteps.

Once a Realync team member reaches out, they’ll then schedule a demo with you. Throughout the demo, you can see just how to make magic happen within the software. You can highlight all the best parts of each apartment, condo, or townhouse to drive buyers and renters your way. By the end of your first video, you’ll want to make 3D house tours one of your top advertising methods for the year.

As you do that, your prospects will see you as a true ally as they look for real estate and rental homes despite their busy schedules. Your efforts will free up hours in their day and assist them in finding their perfect rental without having to work onsite visits into their schedule. You’ll end up with many renters as a result plus plenty of word-of-mouth referrals.

You may end up with more renters than you know what to do with, allowing you to expand your business in leaps and bounds. Your annual revenues are sure to rise as well, as you give people a way to shop around without impacting their busy schedule. Your lead-to-lease times will decrease, and you may even get to sign more sight unseen leases than ever before. Brand awareness will go through the roof as well, even as you lower your net operating experience. It really doesn’t get any better than that.

So, sign up for a Realync member to reach out to you today and see what Realync software can do for you and your clients. Just remember, once you get started, you’ll want to make videos of all your properties and start sharing them far and wide.

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