There is never a shortage of need for apartment marketing ideas to improve resident engagement. Now, perhaps more than ever, multifamily communities need to keep their residents engaged and happy.

Between social distancing and quarantine related to the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are working, sitting…and just being…at home. For your residents, that can mean increased anxiety or loneliness in their apartments. Community is critical right now. Luckily, a multifamily community, even without visiting each other can still be just that – a community.

Even in the era of COVID-19, there are plenty of apartment marketing ideas to help boost resident engagement. Here are a few ideas for multifamily marketers.

Use Video 

Video, time and again, proves its worth. And in terms of resident engagement, it is one of your strongest tools. It’s likely already a part of most marketing plans for apartment communities, particularly if you’re reading this blog. So, use it with your current residents as well.

Pre-recorded video is a crucial tool to stay engaged with residents. You can use pre-recorded video to share updates and anything needing to be communicated. Anything from changes in policies or procedures, to new apartment leasing specials your community may be offering to engage residents for referrals. For example, with increased safety regulations around group gatherings, maybe you’ve had to close or restrict access to common areas like pools. Most people will understand that only if they are communicated effectively. Same thing with operational items like move-in videos, maintenance how-to videos, and more. Video allows for that human-to-human connection and humanizes a message even if you can’t actually be in the same place. With the click through rates of video versus just text copy, think of it as a highly effective apartment marketing idea for your current residents. For engagement marketing ideas from luxury apartments to cozy studios, pre-recorded video is the way to go.

Live videos offer a great opportunity for engagement as well. You can use live video to check-in with residents and make sure they are doing well. Do they need anything? Is there something they need or is something broken in their unit? Have them use live video to show your maintenance team things in their unit they may have questions about. For newer residents in particular, this is an excellent way to stay engaged. They won’t have as much opportunity to get to know you person to person. This gives the chance for connection in a new place. It’s also a smart way to answer maintenance questions without always having a person need to enter the unit.

Live tours can also serve to host live events for residents. These events can also become outreach marketing ideas for apartments if you want to involve prospective new residents. Host an in-home live trivia event. Or a senior living facility used live video to host their BINGO night to huge success. As we said, community and engagement are so important. Even in virtual settings, these events can pull people together.

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Creative Generosity 

Who doesn’t love a little bit of generosity? If you’re looking to increase resident engagement, this apartment marketing idea is at the top. Leave them gifts or notes on their door. Or create games they can play in their homes, like a photo scavenger hunt. If many of your residents have children, offer kid-friendly games. For example, if you’re looking for social media post ideas for apartment communities, have residents create a piece of art with common themes. Then post on social media with a hashtag. It will connect residents with the apartment staff and residents in a virtual way, something we are all looking for right now.

Involve Them in Marketing 

One of the best apartment digital marketing tools you have is your own residents! For an apartment marketing idea that wins every time, involve current residents in your marketing. Engage them through testimonials and apartment social media marketing ideas. Most residents want to help. All you have to do is ask. And, maybe toss in an apartment referral incentive if one of their videos or testimonials gets a lease signed.

Keeping your residents engaged and happy – feeling like they are part of a larger community – is always important. But now? Even more so. Use these apartment marketing ideas to continue marketing your community to current residents. They’ll always remember what you did during this time. Make it good.

Until next time…keep it real!