Spring is finally here! People are putting away snow boots and heavy coats for light jackets and sunglasses. While flowers and plants are beginning to grow again, Spring can also be a time of growing your multifamily community’s bottom line. To do that, start thinking of ways to put a refresh on your apartment marketing ideas this Spring. Seasonal marketing ideas and slogans can be a fun way to bring in new residents and get current ones excited to be in your community. Here are a few of our favorite spring-themed ideas to help you get started:

Think Green

One of the best parts of Spring is the return of nature’s favorite color – green! So, when it comes to apartment marketing ideas for Spring, it’s time to think green. Consider green inspired apartment marketing slogans or activities. For example, consider promoting a recycling event for the community. Distribute green bins around the community with messaging around the importance of “thinking green”.

Another fun Spring marketing idea for multifamily communities could be getting a group of residents together to clean up trash on roads surrounding the community or in a nearby park. Gather the group together for breakfast and a rallying meeting to get everyone excited, then go volunteer and make your community a better place. Don’t forget to take / post lots of pictures and videos! 

Spring Cleaning

Another Spring themed idea that would be an excellent apartment marketing idea for Spring would be a Spring cleaning event. This is particularly relevant as you can totally capitalize on the popularity of Marie Kondo and other organizational specialists. Partner with a local charity to pick up donations from donation boxes around the complex. Using your best apartment digital marketing practices, market this cleaning throughout not just your community and residents, but beyond the community as well. Broadening the reach of this sort of event will help you reach prospective residents as well.

For this event, provide “spring cleaning” checklists and supplies to current residents – and include information about deals if they renew their lease early. Spring is, after all, a prime time for renewals.  If residents feel so inclined, extend the Spring cleaning to the community itself. Spring is a great time to make sure all of the common areas are in tip-top shape, playground equipment and dog parks are cleaned, and everything looks its best for the Summer ahead. 

Take Advantage of the Holidays

Spring brings with it it’s fair share of fun, marketing worthy holidays! There is Easter, St Patrick’s Day, Cinco de Mayo, Mother’s Day, and Memorial Day — all in Spring! Each of these holidays provide ample opportunity for fun marketing ideas for apartments. Host an Easter egg hunt to engage residents and the kids at the community. Want to get people really excited for the hunt? Hide some fun prizes like a gift card to a local restaurant or a percentage off rent the next month. Want to really make the event big? Open it up to the entire community (town community)! Talk about a great way to line up prospective residents!

Turning to other holidays, St. Patrick’s Day and Cinco de Mayo parties are for current residents will be great events to engage your residents and bring them all together. Equally, if you have a pool, Memorial Day is likely the weekend it’ll be opening (in cold weather states). Hold an event celebrating the start of the Summer season with a pool party! Food, prizes, music, games, and more are all perfect incentives to make any party happening. And don’t forget to record video of all of the festivities to post on social media!

Spring Break Theme

Spring is also the time for Spring break! While many residents may be traveling, others may not. So have a week that’s “Spring break” for the apartment community! This is a perfect time to engage existing residents by planning a different theme or event each night for a week. Choose a different destination with food and beverages that play into the theme or choose various game nights with board games one night, card games another, and retro video games another.

While not everyone can go on Spring break, you can bring the Spring break to them. And, as with any good spring break party , tell residents to bring a friend or two. Spring break can also serve as an apartment marketing slogan. Offer a ‘break’ on rent that month for a any submitting a referral or for signing a new lease.

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As you can see, Spring is a great time to make a fun and unique marketing push. Apartment marketing ideas for Spring have plenty of potential. It’s a great time to push marketing slogans that feature a new start or a new beginning with a touch of fun. Make sure to start thinking up Spring marketing ideas early and have them set on your apartment marketing calendar. Not only will it not sneak up on you or your team, but thinking Spring may make the winter cold a little easier to handle.

Until next time…keep it real!