We’ve all had a window shopping experience at some point in our lives. You walk by a store, see something in the window, and head in to check it out. This is particularly true if it’s a brand or store you’re unfamiliar with. You need that initial, eye catching interest when walking by. It’s pretty unlikely you’d walk into a plain brick building you’ve never seen without some idea of what you’re getting. And likewise, it’s rare you’d walk into a store with an impressive window display and walk out with a purchase if the inside experience was poor.

In terms of the multifamily virtual tour software experience, Matterport, as the market leader in 3D virtual tours, or a Matterport alternative, is behind apartment window shopping. Realync gets you to the checkout counter. You need both to make the leasing process as smooth as possible, providing various forms of rich media to connect with customers.

Using both Matterport or a Matterport alternative plus Realync creates a great system for ushering leads through the entire lead-to-lease journey. Here’s how.

What Matterport and Similar Devices Offer

Whether you use Matterport or a Matterport alternative like iGuide app, Cupix 3D tour platform, or Kuula, you’re likely getting a great virtual tour marketing piece. These marketing pieces engage and draw in visitors to websites, listing platforms, or, in some cases, even social media. They are a great and engaging way to create true prospects out of these website visitors. By learning more information on their own, through these self-guided virtual tools, they can qualify themselves. They engage with the content on their own and then decide to move forward to learn more in the way that they choose.

So, looking into Matterport camera rental, Matterport compatible cameras, or a Matterport alternative is a great choice for these early engagements. However, when it comes to the next phase in the resident journey, that next move down the funnel is crucial. So you’ll need something different. You’ll need something that provides more insights, more information, more realness and authenticity into the process. This is where you’ll need Realync.

Where Realync Comes Into Play

Once a prospect is ushered in through a 3D virtual tour or 360 virtual tour software product, the job certainly isn’t done. This is where Realync can step in and shine. It’s the next tick down on the lead-to-lease funnel, providing the experiences necessary to drive the prospect through to a signed lease. Once a prospect knows they are interested in learning more about the property, they are going to want to see their exact unit. They’ll want to see the building and exact amenities available to them. Also, they’ll want their exact questions answered. Personalized pre-recorded videos or live video tours are the way to make that experience happen. Realync offers the real-time connections between leasing teams and prospects. It helps build the necessary trust to help a lead know they’ve found the right place for them.

The future of apartment leasing includes a lot of video, so learn why you should adopt Realync to help

Cupix vs Matterport. iGuide vs Matterport. Metareal vs matterport. Those are decisions your community may need to make in terms of initial virtual tour offerings. What it shouldn’t be is Matterport, or one of those Matterport alternatives, versus Realync. Today’s multifamily communities need to be fully equipped to offer leasing solutions when and where a prospect wants. Whether it is an in person tour, a self-guided 3D or 360 virtual tour, or hopping online and just submitting a lease application, or, more than likely, a combination, teams need to be ready.

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