What kind of signals is your virtual tour software sending out to your prospective residents? Is it good? Bad? Neutral? Probably a question you haven’t really considered yet. 

Thinking about technology as signaling something to prospective residents can be a little tricky to wrap our minds around. But, everything on your website, every interaction you have with prospects, all of your marketing – it tells your audience something. It communicates something you inherently believe about them or how they want to be reached. 

It’s no different for virtual touring software. What does a pre-recorded 360 virtual tour signal to your prospects? How does the opportunity for a live virtual tour say something different? It’s important to think about how this software speaks to your prospective residents. Let’s look at what your virtual touring software signals to your prospects – and how to make sure it’s saying what you want it to.

Software Should Provide the Opportunity, Not Dictate it

If you are using an outdated, singular virtual tour software, you’re telling your prospective clients that you know best what they need. By only offering one singular experience for virtual tours and virtual leasing, you aren’t actually listening to your clients. So, let’s dig into that a bit. 

A client of Realync’s summarized this concept perfectly. They said, “It is not up to us as leasing agents to decide what someone can or can’t do or does or doesn’t want to see. It’s up to us to provide the opportunity.”  For example, 3D walk through software or 360 virtual tours don’t provide interactive products and typically only cover a model or a few floor plans versus specific units. In other words, the software assumes the client doesn’t know what they want or what they want to see. Or assumes that they’re ok not seeing their exact unit. Virtual reality tours are the same. Because of that assumption, the software takes it upon itself to make those decisions for the prospective resident.

With that type of software, your prospects know you aren’t equipped to connect with them in a personalized way. Those are likely not signals you want to send to your audience. You aren’t providing the opportunity for a potential resident to see exactly what they want to see when they want to see it and how they want to see it. Even the best virtual tour camera or virtual tour editor can’t change that. So think critically about the virtual leasing options that your team is equipped with and how you can service your clients in a variety of meaningful ways. 

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Signaling the Right Message 

One of the best virtual tour tips we can provide is to send the right signal to prospects from the outset. Offering virtual tour options that include live virtual tours or personalized tours signals to prospective residents that the property is there to listen to them. The right virtual tour creator can empower your team to create the content that each prospective resident wants to see and allows that personalization of the experience as well. The leasing agent is available to answer the prospect’s questions and personalize a tour just for them. 

These personalized types of tours also signal to the resident that their wants and needs are being taken into the highest consideration. You aren’t making the decisions for them through a static, produced, self-guided tour that limits what they can actually see or the human interaction. Live virtual tours allows a prospective resident to see what they want to see and allows the leasing agent to guide them through that process. This also empowers leasing teams to start to build a level of trust and transparency early in the leasing process.  Before the resident even begins to connect with the leasing team, this type of virtual tour software helps bridge the gap. Prospects are more comfortable and confident from the start. You’ve signaled to them that they are worthy of your time and that you are there to help. Therefore, they begin to trust you. 

Showcasing the Property Personality 

The best virtual tour software will also signal to the prospective resident the personality of the property. Each property, even within the same property group, has a distinct personality and vibe that comes with it. In addition, 9 times out of 10, the leasing agent reflects that personality. That is why a live video tour is so impactful. It allows the leasing agent to be integrated in the process and means the personality of the property comes through loud and clear.

Letting prospects feel the property personality early can help save time and resources across the board. Additionally, it helps build trust, showing a prospect that this community is exactly right for them. Moreover, for many prospects, touring a property in person just isn’t going to happen anymore. Live virtual tours may be the only way they can get a true feel for the property personality. 

Send personalized, authentic, trustworthy signals to prospects with the right virtual tour software 

When it comes to multifamily living, there are so many options out there for today’s prospective residents. Knowing how to make a virtual tour for real estate that sends the right signal is how you can stand out. And, frankly, most 360 virtual tour hosting, free virtual tour apps, or free virtual tour hosting just isn’t going to cut through the noise how you need it to. That is why virtual leasing has risen so drastically thus far in 2020 – consumers are demanding it. 

Above all, signaling to prospects early in the process that you are not there to dictate what they want is critical. As is using that signaling to build trust, transparency and showcase the property’s vibe. With the Realync platform, you’re showing prospects from the start that you’re there to help find the right fit for them. You are willing to build the process around their needs and that is how you’ll get more, and better, leads and, ultimately, signed leases.

Until next time…keep it real!