More than ever before, multifamily communities need to stand out in the crowd. And that’s not solely due to the COVID pandemic. It’s because there has been such a boom in multifamily living that competition has gotten steep and it’s now easier than ever to position your property in front of your ideal target audience. Because of that though, your target audience is likely being bombarded with relevant apartment marketing everywhere they look. That is why your apartment advertising ideas must be meaningful, personalized, and an efficient use of resources.

If you’re rethinking your recent apartment marketing slogans or the recent multifamily consulting firm that you’ve hired, you aren’t the only one. The market is hyper-competitive and everyone is looking for a way to reach their prospects at each level of the sales funnel. On top of that, budgets are constricted, so you’re likely trying to achieve those apartment marketing and leasing goals more efficiently as well.

That is why we are here to help. If you want to get from lead to lease faster and more efficiently, adding video to your marketing plans is a must. Video is by far one of the best ways to improve your apartment marketing and take it to the next level. Why? Because it’s what consumers are engaging with and it is the single best means for communicating your message and what it could be like to live in your community. Start using video to enhance your apartment marketing or keep reading to learn more!

Apartment Social Media Videos 

Social media reaches prospective residents where they are. In fact, it’s one of the top apartment marketing trends out there. And, luckily, with video, there is no shortage of apartment social media marketing ideas. Getting people interested in knowing more about your community is most easily. achieved on social media through pre-recorded video tours, highlight videos of resident events, team introductions, neighborhood tours, and more. These are great top-of-funnel ways to actually engage with your audience on social media with content that will make them stop scrolling and watch.

As a result of the COVID pandemic, people are using social media more than ever to connect. However, social media audiences from Facebook to TikTok can immediately sniff out fake or overly produced videos and content. Today’s Gen Z audience puts so much emphasis on “real” that they will actually be turned off to your brand if they see content that they feel isn’t truthful, real, and authentic. So, yes, include social media videos in apartment marketing plans. But, make sure they are authentic and real. If not, you’ll risk your apartment videos actually having the adverse effect.

Video in Email  

Based on all of our endlessly full inboxes, email marketing is clearly still one of the best and most popular ways to accelerate your apartment marketing strategy. And one of the best ways to keep those click rates up? Video. An email including a video can increase your email click-through rate by up to 300%.  So, if you’re looking for apartment marketing ideas that will reach your target audience in a personalized way and actually get engagement, include video in your emails.

To be even more effective? Send a personalized, pre-recorded video that will show that individual prospect exactly what they want to see. Call them out by name in the video and showcase that you actually are paying attention to what they care about. Those personalized videos don’t need to be major productions and can take as little as 5 minutes to produce with the right video leasing solution. The impact that those videos can make in converting that prospect to a resident is astounding. A personal tough and high level of service goes a very long way with consumers today.

Video with Websites 

Apartment digital marketing can’t exist without an anchor – your website. If you want to improve your apartment marketing in a meaningful way, make certain that your website is up to par. If not, get that written into your multifamily marketing plan immediately. Your property website is your hub, your gateway, your voice, your conversion tool — it’s the source for consumers. Don’t let your website content slide or be left behind in pursuit of other efforts. All marketing roads should lead back to your apartment website.

Once you are driving traffic to your site, consider pulling people in with video. A well shot pre-recorded video on your homepage can immediately help prospective residents get an authentic look that will, ideally, leave them wanting to see more.  From there, they should be able to dive into your amenities (and watch videos showcasing each one) as well as your floor plans and units (with corresponding videos that give a first look into the space). With the right video tour platform, your team can create polished, professional videos that are amenity and unit specific in no time. And from there, you can funnel that video engagement into offering multiple tour options, allowing people to schedule a video chat with an agent or live video tour at the click of a button. Speaking of live video touring options…

Live Virtual Tours

Finally, if you’re looking to truly better your apartment marketing, look to live virtual tours. Using a built-for-multifamily video leasing solution like Realync, you can connect with inbound leads via live streaming video to give your sales pitch, build the relationship, answer questions, and showcase your community in real-time. Or take your apartment marketing to the next level by hosting live virtual open houses that allow you to walk as many people as possible through your community together in real-time. Virtual open houses put you and your community front and center with your online audience and gives you the perfect, professional space to showcase all that you need to show.

Through the Realync platform,  leasing teams can easily schedule and host both private live video tours for prospects as well as those live virtual open houses for any number of potential clients. And it’s all done with just an iPhone or iPad for the leasing agent and any device for the attendees. Ease of use and seamlessness are key for getting your audience to engage via live video, and nothing has proven more effective for multifamily leasing and management teams than the Realync virtual leasing solution.

Since most in-person tours have slowed in volume, live virtual tours and live virtual open houses have been a main source for how teams are able to build trust with prospects from afar. These video tours give insight on communities without prospects ever having to leave their homes. Prospective residents can see their future home through video and ask leasing consultants questions in real-time or afterward through text, call, email or chatbot. These technologies all work seamlessly with the Realync platform and empower your team to connect with consumers how they desire to be connected with. Easy and impactful. Apartment marketing doesn’t get any simpler or better than that.

If you’re ready to add video and make your apartment marketing materials the best they can be, then you’re ready for Realync!

Until next time…keep it real!