In today’s market, creative real estate videos are a must to set your multifamily property apart from all the rest. But, before you start searching for expensive real estate video marketing services and videography companies, you should know that you can actually easily learn how to make real estate videos on your own.

First of all, there are any number of free real estate video templates and free online videography courses out there to take advantage of. They can help guide you and give you some great ideas. From there, with the right real estate video techniques and platform, you don’t need a ton of pricey video equipment to make fun, stand out, creative videos all on your own.  

To help you get started with making your own creative real estate videos, are a few tips and tricks we stand by. 

Invest in the Foundation 

If a truly creative real estate video is your goal, you should start by planning ahead. That means budgeting for and researching the foundational aspects of video. However, before you start buying expensive cameras, real estate video software or all the real estate listing video makers on the market, take a minute and think about your end goal. What do you really need and, more importantly, what does your audience really want?

Real estate video marketing can be an expensive road to go down. But, it doesn’t have to be. Find a platform that allows for easy filming with a mobile device, easy cloud storage, and easy social media and email sharing. And, if fun real estate videos are the goal, invest in a platform that allows for automated stitching and editing of video clips, adding music and captions, and more. Start with the right tech and you’ll be on your way to making a real estate video that sells.

What You Should Cover 

Part of planning to create real estate videos on your own means outlining what you should cover in said videos. Plan to film your various floor plans, obviously. But also think about real estate promo videos, property overviews showcasing amenities, neighborhood tours, team interviews, and so much more. Video is versatile and tells a story. Use it to do just that — tell the story of what it would be like to live at your community.

The most powerful of those videos? The community overview! These multifamily overview videos are often the centerpiece of your video library. They serve as the real estate welcome video to the property and can live on the homepage of your website or social platform, in your email signature, and be the first video sent to an active prospect. A perfect ending to your community overview? Introduce the team and anyone else the prospective renter may interact with at the property! If you’re struggling with the ideas, read more about our recommended real estate video ideas here

What You Should Avoid

The biggest thing to avoid when creating your own multifamily videos is being fake or inauthentic. Prospective residents are not interested in “photoshopped to perfection” video tours. And those are typically the ones that will cost you the most money. Consumers today want to see the real thing. They want to see their exact unit, their exact view, and the building as it stands (aka not something shot 2 months after it was built, despite the community being 10+ years old now).

So how do you avoid being inauthentic? Avoid the camera tricks and production crews. Before you Google how to shoot real estate video or search for real estate video tips, keep that in mind. Using an iPhone or iPad to shoot your multifamily videos is all that you need. You can add a wide angle lens or anti-shake gimbal, but that’s literally all that you need. Anything more than that and you may lose that DIY authenticity. 

How to Make Your Video Content Fun

No matter how creative your multifamily real estate videos are, the best ones are fun, welcoming, and engaging. They make people want to come visit or, at the very least, find out more information about your community. So, bring out the fun!

A very simple way to make your videos fun and engaging? Include music, rather than stark silence! Select royalty free music that aligns with your property brand identity and let the music do the talking. For example, if you’re going for upscale and sophisticated, maybe leave the hard rock for another day.

Final tidbit for making your multifamily videos fun? Record fun stuff! If your team is hosting a holiday gift wrapping station in the clubhouse for residents, record it! If you’re hosting a resident food truck night or game night, record it! Have a dog park that’s particularly popular at 5p? Record the dogs romping around together! All of these things are innately fun, will engage your audience, and are the perfect type of video to be posting and sharing with regularity. 

Learn more tips and tricks for making creative real estate videos

Video is everywhere. Don’t miss out on better capturing the interest of your audience and, ultimately, converting that interest into leads and leases. Real, transparent video is all you need to establish that connection and win. And don’t be intimidated by it. Shooting your own high-quality, creative real estate videos is completely doable. With just your iPhone and Realync – and our helpful tips, of course –  you can shoot videos that showcase your property, get the right prospects in, and leases signed in no time. 

Until next time…keep it real!