The modern multifamily leasing landscape presents some unique challenges.  If you want your community to stand out, you need to know how to shoot real estate videos.

Today’s prospective residents are busier than ever, and, even before a global pandemic, were less inclined to travel from property to property. However, that doesn’t mean they are willing to give up an authentic, transparent experience. As a multifamily leasing agent, you need to be armed with virtual leasing tactics in a market that is more competitive than ever. So, whether you’re shooting unit and floor plan tours, amenity overviews, real estate team videos, personalized follow ups, neighborhood overviews, or resident testimonials, you need your real estate video to stand out.

Realync is here to help! We want to help you create videos that give your prospective residents the real, raw experience. But, we also want them to be professional, complete, and a good use of your time and resources. Here are our top tips to help you learn how to shoot real estate video that will leave a lasting impact.

Take a Moment at the Entrance 

We want you to create some really creative real estate videos. But, we also know your prospects also want the basics. And sometimes the most simple elements have the biggest impact.   For example, if you are filming a unit video tour, start filming outside the door. Start a couple steps outside the front door and record a few seconds of walking through the front door into the space. This will give your prospect an idea of what it feels like to walk into their home. There’s no still real estate photography that can compete with that feeling – the feeling of being home.

Break It Up 

One of our biggest tips for how to shoot real estate video is to break up the video into shorter pieces. Record your video shot by shot by shot. This is important for a few reasons. Recording in smaller clips means you can use great real estate video editing, provided you have the right real estate video software platform. You can add music or captions. Or you can arrange the clips how you want your prospect to view them. You can edit out any mistakes rather than having to start over. Shorter clips mean you can redo any mistakes without wasting time. Plus, this flexibility allows you to edit yourself rather than hiring expensive real estate video companies with their real estate videography packages.

With Realync, once you hit publish, those videos are stitched together creating a more professional virtual tour experience for your prospect, and a more efficient process for you and your team. Oh and If you’re looking for an editing refresher, check out this video.

Act Like It’s In-Person 

The ultimate tip for how to shoot real estate video? Treat your video tour like it’s an in-person tour. Leasing agents know how to give a tour. You know what to do and what to say. You know how to show a space well and answer questions to give the prospect the best experience. Shoot the video like it’s in-person and you’ll nail it.

A Few Quick Additions: 

Stand and pan. Find a corner to stand in and pan the space. Don’t always and definitely don’t spin in a circle. Instead, do a slow pan across the space. Move the shot up and down, and make sure to pan SLOWLY. Allow your prospect to digest what they are seeing and fully see the space.

Make sure the space is prepped for prime time. Make sure the unit is prepped and staged just like if it were an in-person tour. Meaning – make sure the toilet seats are down, the ceiling fans are on, and the lights are on. Do all the pre-showing things you’d do if you were physically walking a prospect through the space.

Some real estate videography equipment can be your best friend. You don’t need a full suite of real estate videography camera equipment, or real estate videography pricing. But using a simple anti-shake gimbal and a wide-angle lens can be a game changer. The wide angle lens will help get a better shot and minimize the need for a ton of panning. The gimbal will, as the name suggests, take out the shake. It smoothes the video out and adds a layer of professionalism.


Virtual leasing and learning how to shoot real estate video really doesn’t have to be that complicated to be impactful. With these tips, and a platform like Realync, you’ll be able to create great videos that make a lasting difference. If you’re looking for more tips, check out our list of 10 things not to do in a Realync video.

Your real estate video tours should be polished, professional, and cloud-based. And with Realync, you can host live video tours that are simple, welcoming, transparent, real, and authentic.