Why You Should Offer Real Estate Video Tours For Your Community

Prospects today want to see your community quickly and hear more about the deeper meaning of what makes your property so special. Leasing teams can act fast and do this through video. Prospects demands are evolving–you need to keep up!

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Real Estate Video Tours

The world of multifamily building, renting, and leasing is complicated, as it is important to not only attract new residents, but also keep the ones who are already there. Thanks to video, it is possible for site-unseen leasing to happen, removing the requirement that someone come and take a tour of a prospective living area in person. It is possible for residents anywhere in the world to to take advantage of the power of real estate video to showcase a potential living space in a transparent way. While 3D tours and 360-degree photography are great ideas for getting someone initially interested in a living area, real estate video tours have the power to connect with both prospective and current residents on a more personal level, allowing them to see what it would actually be like to live in that space.

In this sense, property video tours serve as a communication tool. In addition to showing what a living area actually looks like, these video tours can also be used to promote resident engagement events, share new ideas, demonstrate what can be done with a certain living space, and even share maintenance how-to videos. These are some of the biggest reasons why real estate video tours have taken over the world of multifamily leasing and community engagement.

While real estate videos are a powerful leasing tool for multifamily communities, it is also important for everyone to know how to leverage these tools effectively across marketing, leasing, resident engagement, maintenance, and more. Because video is timeless and multidimensional, it is critical to take advantage of everything it has to offer. In order to use video tours to break down barriers and develop personal connections with current residents and prospective residents, there are a few key ideas that everyone should keep in mind.

Real Estate Video Ideas

In order to leverage everything that real estate videos have to offer, it is important to first consider what the goal of the video is. It is important to use real estate video ideas to not only share important information about a potential multifamily living area, but also develop a personal connection with the person on the other side.

First, consider the audience. If the prospective resident has children, then it might be a good idea to not only show the living space, but also create a helpful school review video. This is one of the most creative real estate video ideas. This can show footage of some of the nearby schools, explain the bus schedule, talk about sports opportunities, and even review some of the high points of that institution. School zones are always an important topic whenever families are looking for a new living area.

Next, consider creating a video for current residents about helpful maintenance tips. Not everything requires the help of trained professionals and this could cut down on maintenance calls. Think about going through some of the routine tasks that require regular maintenance such as laundry filters, air filters, water filters, and common HVAC or plumbing issues. Of course, try to avoid encouraging residents to do anything that might put them in harm’s way. Finally, think about showing current residents how to change the battery in a smoke detector. D batteries are rather rare today and they might not know how to do this.

Lastly, put together creative real estate videos about community engagement. Think about recording a group outing, a pool party, or even a BBQ. This is a great way to sell the entire community as a place where people love to get together and hang out.

Real Estate Video Marketing

One of the high points of real estate video marketing for a multifamily community is that it can be leveraged to help people at all points of the funnel. For example, there are top of funnel prospective residents who might just be starting the process of looking for a place to live. Free real estate videos for marketing can start general and get more focused, developing a relationship with prospective residents and encouraging them to watch more videos about the multifamily living community without forcing them to commit.

Some of the real estate video marketing ideas for top of funnel viewers might include a helpful overview of the community, hitting some of the high points and biggest features early in the process.

Furthermore, real estate video marketing services can be used to help current residents renew their leases as well. Think about publishing helpful videos on common apartment problems (such as dealing with slow internet and maintenance) and helpful “life hacks” storing items in tight spaces. These videos can be used to help people renew as well. Real estate video tours can go beyond marketing.

Real estate video marketing statistics 2020 show that social media is growing in popularity for real estate videos. This is one of the best real estate video marketing tools. Real estate videos for Facebook can showcase community outings and events.

Real Estate Video Production

This is a great time to work in the real estate industry because video production is completely different today than it was even a few short years ago. In the past, entire production crews might have been needed; however, even an iPhone can act as an effective real estate video creator today.

With the help of Realync, much of the video production work is done automatically. This makes it easier for you to do the rest. If you are wondering how to make real estate videos, there are a few helpful tips to keep in mind. Make sure to walk around the space and make sure that it presents the building in the best light possible. Take down any personal pictures, make sure the toilet seats are down, and remove clutter if possible. Remember that planning your shots is an important part of how to shoot real estate video as well. One of the most common types of real estate videos is called a walk through tour.

Real Estate Walk Through Video

When you are carrying out a real estate walk through video, you need to think about what a prospective resident is looking to get out of the tour. Remember that the person on the other side is going to try to get a feel for what it is going to be like to live in a certain area. One of the most common mistakes that people make while shooting a real estate video is moving too quickly throughout the area. While you have seen this space before, the person on the other side has not. Therefore, take your time and pan slowly. In addition, remember to make sure that what you are saying is lining up with what you are showing on the video screen.

As you walk through the living area, make sure to highlight any new features that might have been added. This could include updated appliances, new faucets, upgraded counters, more space, or even a new internet provider. All of this is going to matter to the person on the other side. Remember that the person on the other side is actively looking for a place to live, so showcase the space in a transparent way. Of course, as you shoot the video, one of the other factors that you are going to care about is video walkthrough real estate pricing. Fortunately, with Realync, your real estate walkthrough video cost is coming down and making it easier than ever to get the video services that your teams need to thrive.

How Much Does Real Estate Video Cost

If you are looking at real estate video packages, you will probably want to see a real estate video price list. There are several components that you need to consider if you are asking, “how much do real estate videos cost?”

While the exact pricing is going to vary from video to video, one of the biggest components is the shooting of the video itself. Real estate photography pricing will depend on the time it takes to shoot the video, the equipment required to make the film, and who is taking the video itself. Commercial real estate video pricing can vary. For example, real estate 360 photography pricing is going to be higher than standard photography.

During the past few years, there has been a rise in virtual tours as well. 3D virtual tour real estate pricing can also vary depending on the cost of the software and whether or not professionals are needed to complete the editing process.

Some of the other factors that will play a role in the price of a real estate video include lighting, editing, and software. Fortunately, there are ways to keep these costs down.

Real Estate Video Tour Software

Real estate virtual tour software can be used to give prospective residents the ability to tour every part of a multifamily building, no matter where they are. As one of the key real estate video tour services today, it is important for those looking for virtual tour real estate to look for real estate video tour companies near me. The various real estate video tour hosting services bear some differences from 3D virtual tours real estate and there are a few components to consider. Some of the factors that should be considered include the real estate video tour pricing, the ability to handle both live and pre-recorded tours, and how easy they are to edit and publish.

Realync is one of the most straightforward options out there, maximizing the time of the user by creating outstanding DIY videos with a mobile device. With the ability to add captions and voiceovers, share cloud-based videos with the touch of a button, send videos over text and social media, Realync can provide the value of an in-person tour. Realync also goes beyond the walls of the property to highlight the local lifestyle as well. With analytics that show the power of Realync videos, real estate videos can be taken to new heights.

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