Keeping up-to-date on current multifamily news can feel overwhelming, if not nearly impossible. The industry is hot! There is so much happening, trends are shifting constantly, plus there are so many outlets for information. Oh, and you are also trying to do your job on top of everything else. It’s a lot! 

All you have to do is look up the many multifamily associations, the multifamily housing conferences in 2020, or multifamily trade publications to see what we mean. The information overload is real. That being said, it’s still important to stay up to speed on the multifamily business arena. Either that or risk being left behind. So, what can you do to streamline your knowledge consumption?

We came up with what we feel are some of the best ways that you can focus in on the right multifamily news for you and where you can find it. Take a read and let us know what you’ve found works best for you! 

Focus on Relevant Trends 

There are a lot of popular topics and trends in being reported on in the multifamily news world. Anything from macro trends impacting social media to economic reports, virus outbreaks, and much, much more. Not all hot topics or trends will be directly relevant to you though. So first, narrow down what topics are most important to you. Are they actually relevant for your market? For your team or property? What will really help in improving your multifamily property operations and finances? If you look specifically for news outlets covering multifamily investing, apartment operations or multifamily marketing trends, you’ll be able to hone in on the sources that are most relevant to your world. Multifamily real estate investing news can shed all sorts of light into what is coming next, whereas multifamily marketing news will focus more on the latest marketing tech or successful lead generation initiatives. If you’re an owner or have mixed use properties, consider broadening your reach to include commercial real estate news as well.  

Social Media 

While we all know that social media is a great way to market our properties, it’s also a great place to stay informed. Make sure you’re following your local apartment associations as well as that National Apartment Association. There are also a plethora of multifamily or apartment specific groups on Facebook and LinkedIn that you can join as well. These groups are incredible places to poise questions to others in our industry as well as see news and hear what is important to others in the space. The key to using social media for your news source is to find the channels that you trust and then invest in those and make sure you’re checking them. Social media is also a place to find professionals you look up to or trust. Follow them and see what they’re covering or talking about. They may also write for topical multifamily blogs, so that’s a great way to discover additional news venues you may not have been following before. Speaking of, don’t forget to check the social channels of any magazines or industry publications that you subscribe to. You may find additional content and conversations going on there. In fact, on digital channels with this type of audience, you’ll actually want to read the comments and can discover a lot there.

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Magazines and Newsletters 

It may seem old school, but apartment magazines and newsletters are still great information sources. Sign up for newsletters from your favorite multifamily organizations and associations. A few great magazines and digital publications to look into include the Units magazine from the National Apartment Association, Multifamily Executive (MFE), Multifamily Insiders, and Multi-Housing News (MHN). Most local associations will have their own publications as well though, so make sure to sign up to receive those. For instance, the Indiana Apartment Association (IAA) releases INsites magazine every month and it’s a great place to go for all things Indiana and Midwest apartment news. Another place to sign up for important alerts is from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). There you can find a lot of updates or changes to the HUD multifamily database, HUD multifamily handbook or any other updates to HUD multifamily housing regulations. Staying informed on HUD related activities is critical to staying compliant with any legislative changes.  


Conferences are a great place to not only hear the latest and greatest multifamily news and reports, it’s also a place to meet others in the industry. That includes some of those social influencers mentioned above. Find conferences that fit your specific multifamily area of interest. Or, find ones close to your area. For example, if you’re in Texas, consider attending TAA’s annual Education Conference & Expo. In the Midwest? The Midwest Multifamily Conference is one not to miss. These localized conferences and events are available all across the US and incredibly valuable for keeping up on the latest and greatest within our industry. If you want to have a broader reach and access to more topics, programming, and exhibiting, consider a national show like NAA’s Apartmentalize. If you want to get focused on what you’re learning, consider NMHC Optech for technology-focused learning or the Multifamily Social Media Summit or AIM for marketing-focused shows. If you’re looking to for development-focus, NMHC Annual is the place to be. If you’re a smaller owner/manager, there are even a variety of Middle Market Multifamily Conferences put on by IMN across the US. You may not find value in every one, so look at the agenda and pick what is best suited to you. Agendas, or at least topical outlines, can usually be found by looking up “multifamily conference 2020” or “National Multifamily Housing Council (NMHC) conference 2020”, etc. 

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Finding time to stay updated on multifamily news takes a concentrated effort, but it isn’t impossible. The key is to prioritize the topics that will truly impact your business. Then,  you can cut through the noise and find the most relevant resources and voices. 

Hopefully you found this roundup helpful! Realync is often a mainstay at many of the conferences mentioned above. If  you have questions about this blog or any of our services, we would love to see you stop by our booth for a chat at the next show!

Until then…keep it real!