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The multifamily industry is constantly evolving, and as multifamily professionals, it’s important to stay up to date on marketing and leasing trends and the latest technology innovation (e.g. centralized leasing!). Get today’s best video practices from industry leaders.

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Multifamily News

The real estate sector, specifically the multifamily housing industry, is continually evolving. Today, the modern customer is more discerning and savvier than ever before. Also, economic times are changing, investors are looking for better returns on their investments, and owners / managers are increasingly using technology to achieve better results. This has made it necessary for leasing agents and apartment community managers to find effective ways to get more residents faster and to help communities stay engaged with residents. With the numerous emerging trends, it is important to stay up-to-date with multifamily news.

There is no doubt that every real estate investor and leasing agent will want to get the most out of their investment. However, to ensure that your multifamily investments continue giving you a strong return, you should be aware of the changes to stay updated on. Some of the topics you will want to watch over time when keeping up with apartment news include rent growth, capping on interest rates as well as new supply and absorption. Real estate news will also contain pertinent information such as the overall performance of the national economy, comparisons between the cost to own and rent as well as vacancy rates.

Commercial real estate news can help you acquire knowledge on real estate market conditions, resident defaults, what customers demand, and competition from other multifamily properties. This will go a long way in helping you make the right decisions both in terms of investments and the services you offer customers. For instance, you will be in a better position to determine the specific locations in which to invest, the right time to make your investment, special amenities to include in the property as well as how to attract more residents. Before investing in multifamily properties, go through real estate news today to ensure you are updated on the latest trends.

Multifamily News by State

The growth in sales numbers has been a result of low-priced segments, making the real estate industry in California attractive to investors.

However, this has also led to increased supply, a factor that has contributed to the throttling of sales numbers. Although mortgage rates are dropping, experts predict an overall rise in rent prices.

The multifamily market in Arizona has been characterized by increased investment activity as well as active sales. Prices have also spiked as more expensive projects changed hands. If Arizona real estate news is anything to go by, vacancy rose 50 basis points due to an increase in the completion of new developments. The market segment has also seen a rise in asking rents, with construction expected to remain active.

Although the demand for apartments in Florida remains strong, there was a significant decrease in multifamily deliveries. Demand is generally attributed to a high population, continued employment gains, and rising cost of homeownership. Based on Florida real estate news, annual absorption surpassed inventory growth. This has pushed occupancy higher by up to 30 basis points, making Florida an attractive real estate investment destination.

Multifamily development in New Jersey is changing rapidly. Today, municipalities are softening their anti-apartment stances in a bid to have their workforce housed near downtown. Some of the challenges that investors are likely to face in the near future are slow rent growth and troublesome real estate taxes. Reports by real estate news NJ indicate that municipalities are keen on incentivizing development. This means that the rush to build a multifamily unit in New Jersey is expected to continue, more widespread than in the past.

Before venturing into Los Angeles multifamily development, it is necessary to analyze the different factors that affect the market. A clear understanding of the ever-changing dynamics and emerging trends will help investors and leasing agents alike to make informed decisions.

Multifamily Associations

The growth of multifamily development has made it necessary to have multifamily associations. These associations benefit not only builders, managers, developers, and housing providers but also ensure quality rental housing for the benefit of tenants.

These are member organizations that make it possible for dedicated members to use each other for their business needs. The associations also collaborate with other industry partners to organize luncheons, classes, and conferences. An example would be the National Apartment Association’s Apartmentalize multifamily conference 2018 and 2019 that sought to bring awareness about opportunities in the industry.

A multifamily executive conference plays a vital role in educating and informing multifamily professionals on ways to promote quality rental housing and how to stay at the top of their game. Part of the training will involve courses on legal responsibilities, fair housing, marketing, property maintenance as well as fiscal and risk management. Members can also benefit from training on issues such as how to run an effective maintenance program and handle the latest in smart home tech. Multifamily owners who manage their personally-held multifamily properties will learn how to balance their different roles, including being the financial officer, public relations specialist, administrator, operations manager, and marketing director. A multifamily executive leadership summit can help leasing professionals improve their marketing strategies and skills in closing sales, preparing lease agreements, lease renewal, and understanding resident issues.

There are many more ways in which members can benefit from these associations and conferences. Apart from educating and training members on various issues, multifamily associations are also platforms through which professionals can stay updated on the latest industry trends. For instance, multifamily housing conferences 2019 are designed to provide information on the growth of the industry, multifamily lending rates, rent growth, demand for apartments as well as supply and absorption. This information makes it easier for developers, investors, and property owners to identify the opportunities available, prepare to take advantage of these opportunities, and determine the right time to invest their money.

Multifamily for Sale

When getting started with multifamily real estate investing, you will want to learn the basics of the real estate investing trade. Compared to single-family properties, multifamily real estate makes for a unique investing experience. Here is how to evaluate properties when it comes to multifamily for sale.

The location of the property is of the utmost importance when it comes to multifamily properties. If you are to get the most from your investment, you should consider multifamily homes for sale in high-yield, high-growth areas that are not only in high demand but also feature well-maintained neighborhoods.

Once you have established that the property is in the right location, you should evaluate the property as a whole. This means looking at the total number of units on the property as well as the number of rooms in each unit. When beginners are evaluating multifamily houses for sale, it is advisable that they focus on the duplex, triplex, and four-plex. This is because these types of properties are generally more affordable and present minimal risk.

Every investor will want to get some form of return on their investment. This is why you should take the time to calculate the potential income the property can accrue. While there are several helpful sources that you can rely on to verify rental prices and income, it is important to do due diligence. This will require that you take all the important factors into consideration – density, demand, rent rates, job growth, and more.

Multifamily Investing

There is no doubt that real estate is a good place to invest your money. However, you must familiarize yourself with how to analyze multifamily investment opportunities to establish whether the property will deliver favorable returns. Some of the benefits of investing in real estate are that it makes for a great source of passive income, it is a good way to diversify investments for stability, and it is associated with several tax advantages. Real estate investment is a renewable source of capital, an effective hedge against inflation, and ensures increased cash flow for the investor.

With the boom in multifamily development in urban areas, this is a great place to invest your money. One of the benefits of multifamily investing is that the properties come in all shapes and sizes. This offers flexibility, allowing you to live in one unit and rent out the others, a factor that makes it easier for you to access financing. In terms of cost, multifamily properties will generally cost less per unit compared to single family homes. This means that the amount of money required to invest in the property can actually be significantly lower than other real estate investments. These properties also let you enjoy efficiencies of scale since it is possible to operate up to 100 units with less time and money.

Multifamily Investing News

You can take an investing in multifamily properties home study course or join a multifamily association to learn the best multifamily investment strategy. However, you will still need to be aware of the latest emerging trends. Some of the best ways to ensure you are updated include reading property magazines, using online resources, and joining a network of builders and investors.

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