More than ever, finding the top virtual tour software or virtual leasing software for multifamily communities is a must in today’s market.

But, where to start? There are a myriad of 360 virtual tour creators, 3d virtual tour software, and even free virtual tour software options for real estate. Then, of course, there is virtual tour video software as well. It is enough to make your head spin.

Well, the key to finding the top virtual tour software is discovering what will work best for your unique community. With a little research, you can do just that. Here are a few ideas to begin your search process.

Google It

This one may seem simple. And it is! Search to see who is in the space and what they are saying and offering. While this may not lead you all the way to the virtual tour software of your dreams, it’s a great start. Try Googling, or using the search engine of your choice, to search for “best virtual tour software” or “virtual leasing software”. You’ll be able to see and read about what each of them offers. See if they line up with what you have available in terms of resources and will meet the needs of your target prospective renters. And at the very least, be sure that the software has these key features.


Many times, industry insiders, associations, or vendors host webinars covering top trends or products–including best virtual tour software for real estate. Organizations such as Multifamily Insiders, National Apartment Association (NAA), National Multifamily Housing Council (NMHC), or your local apartment association host these events regularly. Sign up and you’ll learn not only the product features and benefits, but how to use them.

If you’re looking for webinars to join, Realync offers different virtual events (e.g.The Future of Multifamily Leasing). In this webinar, a panel of industry experts covered top industry specific tools, including virtual video tours. It’ll be a great way to learn from industry peers and experts in virtual leasing what are must-haves for top virtual tour software.

Ask Around

Sometimes, the best way to get your question answered is just to ask. Ask other properties within your company or portfolio for their thoughts on virtual tour equipment and software. Are they using a virtual tour creator? How about a virtual tour creator app? Have they found 360 virtual tours useful? More than likely one or more communities are doing something unique so talking to them can help you narrow down on what will work for your community.

Remember to also ask people outside of your own property group. Talk to some of the larger players such as Bozzuto or Greystar. The Multifamily Sharespace on Facebook is also a great way to gather experiences with certain technologies. If all else fails, pick up the phone and call other properties and talk with their teams. Unless it’s a busy leasing time, most are willing to discuss their experiences.

Find Your Fit

The top tour software isn’t necessarily a one-size fits all situation. One property may love the 360 tour features while someone else may swears by free virtual tour apps. Finding what is going to work best for you is, ultimately, how you’re going to be most satisfied. Luckily, we’ve offered a few thoughts on what to look for, key considerations in your search strategy, and general recommendations for how to use virtual video platforms. Not only will this help you narrow down your search, but you’ll know how best to use the tools once you have them.

Ultimately, finding the product to most meet your needs and your prospective resident’s needs is the best virtual tour software for you. What is going to help you move the virtual leasing process along to get from lead to lease faster? Once you can narrow it down, taking the time to research products, learning through webinars and other property’s experiences with the technology is only going to help. It may help you make the decision or help you avoid a potentially pricey mistake.

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