Apartment marketing is a tricky beast. There are an enormous number of marketing tactics at your disposal. So, how do you know which ones will work? Which will attract the most qualified prospects into the welcoming arms of your leasing team?

Those questions get a little trickier when you’re working to get those leases signed sight-unseen. Today’s prospective residents are all over the place. Whether it is time, distance, personal preference, or a global pandemic, there are a growing number of reasons why consumers may no longer tour your property in person.  

And that it where apartment videos can be your leasing team’s best friends. Using effective, impactful apartment marketing videos brings qualified leads right to the leasing team’s door — virtually. Then following that up with a leasing experience catered to sight-unseen leasing will help your team take those leads to leases in a streamlined manner. Let’s take a closer look at how. 

Bring in the Qualified Leads

Ultimately the job of apartment marketing videos is to fill the top of the funnel with highly qualified leads. Creative and fun marketing ideas for apartments and delivering the content that consumers are looking to engage with is key to driving interest. But, if you can narrow down those leads to the most interested before they get to the leasing agent, the likelihood of success is much higher. Seems obvious, right? You certainly didn’t need us or a multifamily management consultant, or even multifamily marketing analytics to figure that out. The question is how do apartment marketing videos help do that? The right ones can find success, particularly with sight-unseen leasing, in a few different ways.

Build Transparency and Trust

Authenticity is key in any sort of leasing situation. And building trust through authenticity and transparency should be the goal. From an in person visit to marketing ideas for apartment lease up, the marketing tactics should work to that end.  However, in sight-unseen leasing that trust is the MOST important thing. No matter what outreach marketing ideas for apartments are implemented, the goal should be to create an atmosphere of trust. A real, true video experience can do that more than any other apartment marketing tactic. And the best part? It likely fits into your existing apartment digital marketing and apartment social media marketing plans and budgets. 

Today’s prospects aren’t about to sign a lease sight-unseen if they haven’t been able to see what they want / need to see and if they don’t trust that they are seeing what they are truly getting. Having apartment videos that are amenity specific, floor plan and unit specific, and personalized to a prospective resident is what will instill that trust and transparency better than any highly produced marketing video that’s staged with actors and paints an inaccurate picture of the lifestyle and community will. 

Equip Your Leasing Team 

If your apartment community marketing ideas and tactics have done their job, it’s time for the leasing team to grab the baton. It’s up to that team to take that highly qualified lead and bring them the rest of the way. They are the ones who must follow up with the prospective resident in a timely, personalized manner, answer their questions, build the relationship, and get them seeing themselves living in your community. The good news? The video tours they viewed have already shown them the property in a real, authentic way. Now, the leasing agent can build the relationship and answer their specific questions to bring the deal to the finish line. This is where the power of a live video tour comes into play. 

The power of live video tours is that they can show people what they need to see when they want to see it in a raw and transparent way. These videos serve to show the lead exactly what they want to see, capitalizing on the excitement and initial timeline. Furthermore, nothing is more powerful at instilling trust than a human-to-human connection. Live videos preserve the power of the human connection, allow relationships to be built, and instill the trust necessary to get those leased signed sight-unseen.  

In terms of multifamily marketing solutions, apartment marketing videos can be a major piece of the puzzle. If used correctly, these videos can be a key driver of highly qualified leads into the funnel as well as a driver of lead-to-lease conversion. Apartment videos and virtual leasing via live video tours allow prospective residents to see the property in a transparent and real way, and get to know the team to let the community’s personality shine through.

A qualified top of the funnel lead is matched with a leasing agent armed with a tech-enabled video leasing process to follow up and convert. That combination is how you win using apartment marketing videos to drive sight-unseen leasing. 

Until next time…keep it real!